Station Overview Station Location
Station Number NY-MR-21 Latitude 43.03498
Station Name Pittsford 4.0 SSE Longitude -77.49449
County Monroe Elevation (ft) 557

Month 30 Yr Avg by PRISM Total Prcp Sum Days Covered By All Observations Daily Prcp Sum Daily Observation Count Multiday Prcp Sum Days Covered by Multiday Observations Multiday Observation Count Days With Prcp Days With Trace Total Snowfall Days With Snowfall Days With Snow On Ground
Oct 11 2.92 5.74 27 5.74 27 0.00 0 0 18 0 0.0 0 0
Nov 11 2.82 2.59 28 2.59 28 0.00 0 0 9 3 0.4 1 1
Dec 11 2.48 2.09 29 2.09 23 0.00 6 0 11 3 0.5 3 0
Jan 12 2.20 3.30 32 2.92 31 0.38 1 1 17 6 15.0 14 16
Feb 12 1.76 1.51 26 1.51 26 0.00 0 0 14 2 17.8 12 13
March 12 2.44 1.71 28 1.71 28 0.00 0 0 16 3 5.1 6 3
April 12 2.75 0.14 4 0.14 4 0.00 0 0 3 0 0.0 0 0
May 12 2.79 0.83 1 0.83 1 0.00 0 0 1 0 0.0 0 0
June 12 3.19 0.00 0 0.00 0 0.00 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0
July 12 3.40 3.20 4 3.20 4 0.00 0 0 4 0 0.0 0 0
Aug 12 3.13 0.00 0 0.00 0 0.00 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0
Sept 12 3.33 0.10 1 0.10 1 0.00 0 0 1 0 0.0 0 0
Water Year Totals: 33.21" 21.21" 180 days 20.83" 173 0.38" 7 days 1 94 days 17 days 38.8" 36 days 33 days

Days in Water Year Cell Color Key
        Daily Observation with Prcp         Missing Day
        Multiday Observation         Daily/Multiday Observation Conflict

Day of Year Daily Prcp Multiday Prcp
10/1/2011 0.21
10/2/2011 0.56
10/3/2011 0.87
10/4/2011 0.26
10/5/2011 0.06
10/6/2011 0.00
10/7/2011 0.00
10/10/2011 0.00
10/13/2011 0.37
10/14/2011 0.03
10/15/2011 0.58
10/16/2011 0.33
10/17/2011 0.10
10/18/2011 0.00
10/19/2011 0.17
10/20/2011 0.69
10/21/2011 0.04
10/22/2011 0.04
10/23/2011 0.00
10/24/2011 0.00
10/25/2011 0.03
10/26/2011 0.48
10/27/2011 0.46
10/28/2011 0.46
10/29/2011 0.00
10/30/2011 0.00
10/31/2011 0.00
11/1/2011 0.00
11/2/2011 0.00
11/3/2011 0.00
11/4/2011 0.02
11/5/2011 0.00
11/6/2011 0.00
11/7/2011 0.00
11/8/2011 0.00
11/9/2011 0.00
11/10/2011 0.02
11/11/2011 T
11/12/2011 0.00
11/13/2011 0.00
11/14/2011 0.00
11/15/2011 0.49
11/17/2011 T
11/18/2011 T
11/19/2011 0.00
11/21/2011 0.01
11/22/2011 0.00
11/23/2011 1.50
11/24/2011 0.04
11/25/2011 0.00
11/26/2011 0.00
11/27/2011 0.00
11/28/2011 0.19
11/29/2011 0.02
11/30/2011 0.30
12/1/2011 0.02
12/3/2011 0.04
12/4/2011 0.00
12/5/2011 T
12/6/2011 0.62
12/7/2011 0.02
12/8/2011 0.00
12/9/2011 0.00
12/10/2011 0.03
12/12/2011 0.00
12/13/2011 0.00
12/14/2011 0.00
12/15/2011 0.14
12/16/2011 0.52
12/17/2011 0.01
12/18/2011 T
12/19/2011 0.00
12/20/2011 0.01
12/21/2011 0.00
12/22/2011 0.29
12/23/2011 0.39
12/24/2011 T
12/25/2011 0.00
12/26/2011 **
12/27/2011 **
12/28/2011 **
12/29/2011 **
12/30/2011 **
12/31/2011 **
Day of YearDaily PrcpMultiday Prcp
1/1/2012 0.00 0.38
1/2/2012 0.05
1/3/2012 T
1/4/2012 T
1/5/2012 T
1/6/2012 0.00
1/7/2012 0.00
1/8/2012 0.01
1/9/2012 T
1/10/2012 0.00
1/11/2012 0.00
1/12/2012 0.68
1/13/2012 0.23
1/14/2012 0.21
1/15/2012 0.02
1/16/2012 0.00
1/17/2012 0.17
1/18/2012 0.30
1/19/2012 0.00
1/20/2012 0.01
1/21/2012 0.12
1/22/2012 T
1/23/2012 0.00
1/24/2012 0.01
1/25/2012 T
1/26/2012 0.02
1/27/2012 0.59
1/28/2012 0.02
1/29/2012 0.02
1/30/2012 0.41
1/31/2012 0.05
2/1/2012 0.10
2/2/2012 0.00
2/3/2012 0.02
2/4/2012 0.00
2/5/2012 0.00
2/7/2012 0.00
2/8/2012 0.02
2/11/2012 0.05
2/12/2012 0.28
2/13/2012 0.07
2/14/2012 0.00
2/15/2012 0.03
2/16/2012 0.00
2/17/2012 0.06
2/18/2012 0.15
2/19/2012 T
2/20/2012 T
2/21/2012 0.00
2/22/2012 0.01
2/23/2012 0.23
2/24/2012 0.06
2/25/2012 0.21
2/26/2012 0.22
2/27/2012 0.00
2/28/2012 0.00
2/29/2012 0.00
3/1/2012 0.31
3/2/2012 0.02
3/3/2012 0.09
3/4/2012 T
3/5/2012 0.03
3/6/2012 T
3/7/2012 0.00
3/8/2012 0.00
3/9/2012 0.39
3/10/2012 0.02
3/11/2012 T
3/12/2012 0.00
3/13/2012 0.14
3/14/2012 0.02
3/16/2012 0.07
3/17/2012 0.00
3/18/2012 0.00
3/19/2012 0.09
3/20/2012 0.00
3/21/2012 0.00
3/22/2012 0.00
3/25/2012 0.09
3/26/2012 0.01
3/27/2012 0.00
3/28/2012 0.03
3/29/2012 0.15
3/30/2012 0.03
3/31/2012 0.22
Day of YearDaily PrcpMultiday Prcp
4/1/2012 0.01
4/8/2012 0.00
4/11/2012 0.05
4/12/2012 0.08
5/4/2012 0.83
Day of YearDaily PrcpMultiday Prcp
7/26/2012 0.81
7/27/2012 1.50
7/28/2012 0.45
7/29/2012 0.44
9/8/2012 0.10

Observation Date Observation Time Precipitation Snowfall Snowfall SWE Snow Depth Snow SWE Notes
10/1/2011 9:00 AM 0.21 M M M M Temp range 64/46. Morning clouds early Friday yielded to some sunshine sprinkled with Cu and towering Cu clouds. By early afternoon though, skies clouded back over with the approaching shortwave and secondary cold front. Gloomy by 15:00 with interior lighting on. Overnight, a breeze out of the N to NE commenced, and light drizzle and rain broke out before dawn. At obs, NE breeze with light R (R-). Temps hitting their low of 46 and still holding there at obs time.
10/2/2011 9:00 AM 0.56 M M M M Miserable weekend continues. Low overcast; NE wind of 7 to 15 knots with periods of rain and drizzle. Temp range 46/42. At obs Sunday, a steady rain, 43 w NE to E breeze.
10/3/2011 8:00 AM 0.87 0.0 0.00 M M Temp range 55/43. Moderate rain passed over station Sunday morning...from east to a rainband rotated westbound..the main upper low centered over mid-Atlantic region. Partial clearing with some sun occurred in the afternoon. Overnight, another intense band worked in from the east. At obs, mainly sunny, temp at 50. First event brought us .30" and second event from overnight dumped another .57"..milder temps compared to previous daily report.
10/4/2011 8:00 AM 0.26 M M M M Most of Monday was rain free, with the return of rain noted Monday night after 2045, banded precipitation oriented NE-SW just affecting SE Monroe and NW Ontario Counties. Temp range 59/51. At obs today, at 0756, overcast skies with spotty drizzle.
10/5/2011 6:30 AM 0.06 M M M M Rainfall was limited to a brief period after 08:00 Tuesday. Skies remained overcast and gloomy until late afternoon...then, partial clearing from the our extended stretch of clouds and showers finally ends. By Tuesday night, moon visible w patch Ac seen, then mainly clear after. Thick dew noted as minimums this morning are at dewpoint. An extra .01 in raingauge was disregarded *read .07, but yesterday read .06 after last shower ended. Be aware of this problem in the fall with clear nights and strong radiational cooling. Temp range 61/upper 40s.
10/6/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M M M Our first decent day weather-wise in over a week. No more upper low pressure circulations lurking nearby. The end result...a mainly sunny day, as high temp reached an unofficial 64, and 63 at the MADIS station 2 mi west of here. Of note was the passage of a weak back-door cold front. This occurred during the 11am hour and was marked by a band of mid-level clouds. Along with that, a drop in the dewpoint...from mid 50s to upper 30s towards midnight, and a windshift from NW to NE. Following fropa, a sunny afternoon...and no clouds. Overnight, patchy frost seen by morning, as lows hit 36 here at station. No rain, for a change during this period!
10/7/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M M M No rainfall this period. A beautiful stretch of weather is now underway. Thursday featured CAVU conditions, light breezes under 10 knots from the N-NE. Overnight, clear with thick dew noted this morning. Temp range of 66/39. Pittsford station 2 nmi west recorded 63 max.
10/10/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M M M Temp range 80/47. Day number 3 of wall to wall blue skies, with not a cloud in sight. High pressure, sfc and aloft keeping conditions tranquil. More typical of California in October, atypical for western NY. Wide diurnal temp range, and with virtually no wind, ideal radiational cooling. At obs this morning, clear sky with temps near 60. Midnight EDT reading was 54.
10/13/2011 8:00 AM 0.37 M M M M Mild weather. Overcast skies that thickened and lowered during day, with light rain breaking out after 1300. Tapered off to showers overnight.
10/14/2011 6:35 AM 0.03 M M M M A mild period along with mainly overcast skies. Some light rainshowers between 19:45 and 20:30, otherwise remainder of period dry. Temp range 67/62.
10/15/2011 9:30 AM 0.58 M M M M Overcast skies accompanied by mild temps early part of period, with temps maxing out at 68 by midday. First round of rain showers arriving midday, and continuing on and off overnight. Advertised high wind warning...never materialized. Temp range 68/46.
10/16/2011 9:00 AM 0.33 M M M M Saturday featured boiling clouds; periods of showers throughout the day. In between, rapidly moving Cu/Sc/As with ocnl patches of blue sky visible to the NW and N of station. Winds W at 12-25knots, though wind speeds did pick up after 15:45...but no gust over 30-35knots observed. ROC airport reported higher wind speeds over the flatter terrain there. Overnight, mainly overcast but no real rainfall noted. Temps remained in mid 40s during Saturday, but rose to lower 50s after 22:00 with more mixing going on...warmer air aloft mixing down. At obs, partly sunny, SW breeze...but dry. Temp range 52/45.
10/17/2011 8:30 AM 0.10 M M M M Another dark day with scattered showers mainly in the afternoon and again in the evening. Brief morning sunshine self-destructed quickly with meager daytime heating. WSW winds 10-20 knots, nothing too terribly strong despite airport wind speeds notably higher with gusts to 35 knots. Overnight, some partial clearing and light to no wind...temps dropped to a min of 40.5 with the max Sunday of 57.
10/18/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M M M Temp range 58/M. Another day of mainly overcast skies of the Sc/Cu nature. After 15:000, skies opened up to yield plenty of sun, while a stubborn cloud deck remained to the north towards the big lake. Overnight, Sc cloud cover returned to area. Evening readings during evening walk were in lower 50s at 22:00 hour. At obs today, some sun, some Sc cloud, temp in low 50s as of 10:00am hour, but no precip observed in gage, cutoff time for that at 09:00.
10/19/2011 9:00 AM 0.17 M M M M Some mixed cloud and sunshine prevailed up until 14:00, then significant overcast assembled after that time frame. The daytime hours were rain-free. At night-time, the first showers arrived after 23:30, accompanied by lightning and thunder before midnight. More thunder was heard after the 3am hour, accompanied by more showers. At obs today, overcast skies with thin spots in overcast noted. Temp range 61/48.
10/20/2011 8:00 AM 0.69 M M M M Temp range 63/52. Mainly overcast skies with a higher clouds visible and even a spot of sunshine Wednesday. Thru 21:00 only .05 of rain had fallen. Lightning and thunder returned at 22:37 thru 23:00, followed by a nearly all night rain after until predawn hours. At obs, mid level clouds and some sun..temp in mid 50s.
10/21/2011 6:30 AM 0.04 M M M M Temp range 58/45. Overcast skies again, but a mainly dry day. Overnight, another round of showers with a westerly breeze, as the last slug of energy rounds the upper trof and starts lifting out today, Friday. At early obs time of 06:30, light rain showers and 47.
10/22/2011 8:30 AM 0.04 M M M M Friday featured clearing skies at dawn. But as the morning progressed, Sc clouds re-formed and soon some showers and drizzle developed by midday. This continued into the evening hours, no doubt due to some lake-effect. Temp range 64/44. At obs today, partly sunny, some Sc clouds, 46.
10/23/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M M M Saturday morning partial sun quickly replaced by more lake clouds..Sc type...that lingered for the remainder of the day. Late afternoon saw some blue patches of sky punched through the Sc deck. Strong temp inversion above 4k feet, typical for this time of high pressure ridge was nearby...a 'dirty high' for us. Overcast skies lingered past midnight...then clearing set in...with lowest temps of season by dawn...scattered frost. Sunday morning bright and sunny, though high clouds are assembling to the west of here. Temp range 53/34.5.
10/24/2011 6:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M M M Temp range 58/39. Sunday featured our finest day in nearly a week. Started out chilly but ended with a mild finish, as the mercury soared into the upper 50s. Light SW breezes, but many times wind was non existent. Overnight, increasing clouds that lowered after midnite, mins occurred around 39, then rose to 46 by early obs time of 06:30. No precip.
10/25/2011 6:20 AM 0.03 M M M M Monday morning featured a bonus of sunshine. By 11:00, thicker mid-level clouds arrived from west, with showers breaking out after 12:15. Temps hit their max of 62 shortly before noon, then slid back into the 50s in PM. Showers ended by 14:00, with partial clearing later in day. Another brief shower in the early evening, then clearing overnight. At early obs today, mainly clear with a brisk W breeze and 41.
10/26/2011 8:30 AM 0.48 0.0 M 0.0 M Tuesday dawned sunny with deep blue skies. Mid level clouds arrived by midday. Afternoon hours saw rapid thickening of clouds, with first showers on scene by 16:45. During the night, a steady rain that tapered off to drizzle after 03:00. At obs today, low overcast with spotty drizzle. Temp range 60/45.
10/27/2011 8:00 AM 0.46 0.0 M 0.0 M Autumn '11 is quickly becoming a drag. Rainfall for the month is now more than double of normal. Wednesday into obs time today featured drizzle all day Wednesday, which turned into a steady rain Wednesday night. At obs today, a light drizzle, as upslope flow and NE flow off Lake Ontario provided the moisture and lift. Dark day as well with deep layered clouds in place...and fog over higher terrain. Temp range 49/39. At obs time, 39 degrees. ##
10/28/2011 8:00 AM 0.46 0.0 M 0.0 M
10/29/2011 6:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M
10/30/2011 9:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M An overcast and dreary day...with not one drop of rain or flake of snow. Precip shield from Atlantic seaboard storm just grazed our area. Nearest snow was seen to our south over higher terrain of Ontario County. Overnight, skies began to clear with a slight N breeze. By dawn, a thick frost again seen, second in 2 days. Temps hitting their lowest for the season. Temp range of 42/26. At obs, CAVU conditions and 35 deg.
10/31/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M A very nice Sunday, with plenty of sun...along with some fair wx Cu/Sc. Later in day, high Cs clouds started assembling from the west. A gentle NW-W breeze, but under 10knts. Overnight, partly cloudy with high cirroform clouds present. At obs today, a thin veil of high cirroform clouds. No precip. Temp range 50/29.
11/1/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 53/31. Mainly mid-high overcast for most of Halloween Day. Sun dimly visible most of day, then more of a partial clearing noted by evening. Temps near normal, and again the noteworthy feature for the final day of October...very light breeze, this period out of the S/SSE. The entire month has seen few truly windy days...unusual compared to other Octobers. Final day of the month was also rain-free.
11/2/2011 6:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 57/31. At early obs time, 37...temps rising since 3am. First full day of November...beautiful. Entire day featured full sun. Some fair wx Cu in the early to mid afternoon, mainly to north of station. Overnight, mainly clear, warm advection getting underway as side door cold front arrives late tonight...warming today in advance of it.
11/3/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Unusually nice for early November. Sunny all day, filtered through strands of high cirroform clouds in the afternoon. Even a few Ac lenticular clouds noted. Gentle S-SW breezes, under 13 knots..and plenty of leaf shedding noted again. Trees are half bare now. Max temp of 66 (65 ROC AP). Overnight, patchy clouds but dry. An evening min of 43 by 2000, but by 2100, temps rose to 51. Midnight and 0100 reading 51...held steady at that value all night. At obs time, mid level overcast has glow noted towards SE...temp at 54. We await arrival of side-door cold front and its attendant anafront showers behind it by midday. Temp range again 66/43.
11/4/2011 6:30 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Skies were overcast for most of day, with sun dimly visible at times in the morning. Wind shift and side door cold frontal passage (cfp)occurred around 12:40. This began the sequence of a wind shift and increase in wind speed...from SW to NW; 10-15knts. More leaves started flying at that time. A secondary front arrived at 15:05, marked by the wind turning to a northerly-NE component and a drop in temp..from near 58 to 52 by 16:00. Cloud deck continued to thicken behind the secondary front. After 20:45 a thick drizzle started falling. This was estimated to end before midnight. Partial clearing set in after 05:00, as temps continue to settle to their overnight low. Temp range 61/39.
11/5/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 49/23. CAVU conditions Friday morning, followed by sct'd to bkn Cu clouds in the afternoon. Gentle NE to NW breezes, under 10knts. No wind after 17:30 and calm overnight. Lowest temp min of season overnight with thick frost noted this morning. Many more leaves dropping this Saturday morning.
11/6/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Saturday featured CAVU conditions, with nary a cloud in sight. Wall to wall sunshine. Day started out with a deep chill, ended up with temps near 51 for a max. Gentle SE breezes, other times light S at less than 10 knots. Leaf shedding rate slowing that the bulk of the leaves are now on the ground. Overnight, clear moonlit skies...temps again down into the 20s after midnight. Temp range 51/24.
11/7/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Wall to wall sunshine, very light SSW breezes during the day. Contrails visible in afternoon as high Ci clouds arrive. Sct to bkn ci overnight, but a lower deck arrives before dawn. At obs, 4,000ft overcast, temps in mid 50s at 0900 EST. Temp range 62/28.
11/8/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Periods of cloud and sunshine Monday. But most of the day was bright, with sunny intervals. After 15:30, a solid cloud deck moved in, remaining that way through sundown. Overnight, moon visible with partial clearing. But at dawn this morning, another solid stratus deck had arrived. Unusually warm minimum temp reading of only 50. At midnight it was 52, and at 0645, still at 52. Impressive for this time of year. Temp range of 65/50.
11/9/2011 6:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Wednesday featured near record warmth. Morning started out with a solid stratus deck. By noon hour, stratus deck was thinning rapidly and lifting northward. Afternoon featured full sun and no clouds..not even contrails, with a light S breeze. Overnight, clear moonlit skies. Temp range 75/39.
11/10/2011 8:30 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Wednesday featured deep blue skies with sct'd cirrus in the morning. Thicker Cs clouds and As deck arrived by early to mid afternoon. Temperatures once again soared to the upper 60s-to near 70...but a tad cooler than Tuesday. At night, remained mild...61 at 2100, 58 by 01:30. Rain showers arrived around 23:00 but ended by midnight. Cooler air behind first cold front along with low clouds and mixed sun the story at obs hour. Temp range 71/43.
11/11/2011 8:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Much colder wx arrived for Thursday, following predawn cold fropa early Thursday (01:50 Thursday). Gray skies with a few peeks of sun, along with a busy breeze from the SW. A spot sprinkle noted late in the day. Overnight, partial clearing with a steady breeze. Temp range 41/32.
11/12/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 42/33. Previous 24h a cold period, with below normal temps. No measurable precip. W to WNW breezes, active at 10-20 knts.
11/13/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Mostly sunny conditions prevailed Saturday. W to SW breezes at 10-20knts, blowing what leaves around. Winds cut down considerably after dusk. Overnight, thin sct'd to brkn mid level clouds. Temp hit high of 56, dropped to a 42 early evening low, then rose overnight to 51 by predawn hours.
11/14/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 63/60. Limited morning sunshine replaced by sheets of gray clouds remainder of day. Back to unusually mild weather again, after the cold blast of Thursday-Saturday morning. Light S-SW breezes, under 12knts. Overnight, way above normal temps,but dry. Temp at 21:30 was 62, midnight 61. Overnight temps remained pretty steady, and were 62 at obs time today.
11/15/2011 8:00 AM 0.49 0.0 M 0.0 M Another dank, dreary day with a sheet of gray overhead. After 14:35, light rain broke out. After sundown till about 18:30, vivid lightning flashes were seen and thunder heard. Rain ended before 22:00. At obs, overcast and 49. Temp range 66/48.
11/17/2011 8:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 57/34.
11/18/2011 8:00 AM T 0.4 M 0.5 M Temp range 41/29. A truly winter-like day. Cloud cover was highly variable, with intervals of sun at times. Lake Erie band of clouds and Lake Ontario band of clouds seen. Shortly after 18:00, a snowsquall came whipping through, from Lake Ontario. A quick half inch of snow coated the grass, and outside structures. Streets remained wet. Clearing noted following the departure of the snowsquall. Our first significant snow since last March. Big warmup gets underway following this latest shot of cold air.
11/19/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 42/35. Friday was mainly sunny with morning Sc clouds, breezy and cold. Overnight, mainly clear with rising temps after 20:00. By midnight, around 41 deg. Stronger winds noted from SW, 15-25knts. At obs Saturday, bright sunny skies, temps in mid 40s at 9am hour. All traces of snow on ground GONE. For now.
11/21/2011 7:00 AM 0.01 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 63/38. Mainly overcast Sunday with temps continuing to rise through midday. Cold fropa put a stop to that rise, with temps sinking into the lower 50s by late afternoon. Overnight, some partial clearing earlier at night..then re-clouded over. A rain shower, time unknown..took place before dawn. At obs, overcast and 38.
11/22/2011 7:45 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 42/21. Monday AM Sc cloud deck gradually burned off from south to north during day..yielding to total sunshine by 13:30 into sundown, though the lower Sc deck was clearly visible to the SE to NE at 16:00. Overnight, clear and calm...dense frost covered everything. At obs time, still clear...sunny..temps near 23. No precip previous 24H.
11/23/2011 7:00 AM 1.50 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 39/34. Tuesday morning sunshine quickly became filtered by high cirroform overcast by mid morning. Mid level As clouds arrived by lunchhour, with sun dimly visible. Sun gone during PM, and by 17:00, rainfall started in ernest. Rain fell a good portion of the night. First 25 minutes of rainfall missed. Gauge placed outside at 17:22. At obs, overcast, 39. Daytime max yesterday was 38.
11/24/2011 8:00 AM 0.04 0.0 M 0.0 M Previous 24H featured low overcast skies with another round of light rain redeveloping after 07:45, just minutes after rain gauge was emptied. The rain event was short-lived though and was over by 0930. Overcast skies and cold conditions prevailed the remainder of the day. Higher clouds moved out quickly as the lower overcast layer showed some blueness towards 16:00 hour. Rapid clearing set in after 1930. A clear sky with no wind followed..along with some patchy fog and thick frost noted by daybreak on this Thanksgiving morning. Temp range of 39 deg max from daytime yesterday to 26 for the overnight low this morning. Wall to wall sunshine concludes this latest 24H recording period.
11/25/2011 9:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 52/32. Mostly sunny conditions with a brisk west-northwest breeze, 10-20knts. Atmosphere appeared hazy/smokey Thanksgiving, with horizontal visibility somewhat restricted when viewing to the horizon. Overnight, mainly clear. An early night low of 32, then temps rose after 21:30 to 39 by 23:00. At obs this morning at a late 09:30am, high cirroform broken to overcast..sun visible,temps already at 50. No precip.
11/26/2011 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 63/42. Previous 24H, namely Friday daytime, provided the finest weather of the entire week. Mainly sunny, with patches of high cirrus present. Light SW breeze, to near calm at other times. Leaf raking a breeze...without the breeze. Temps crested to 62 for the official ROC airport locale. Overnight, clear skies with more clouds assembling later at night. Min temps failed to drop below 42...and full 10 degrees warmer than the previous night. At 9am obs today, overcast, temps in upper 40s. No measureable precip.
11/27/2011 8:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 58/45. Saturday dawned overcast and it remained gray the remainder of the day. Sun dimly visible late morning as high overcast thinned out, otherwise a mid-level overcast. A light SW breeze, but under 10knts. At times no breeze. Thick smell of firewood burning in evening in lower part of subdivision, telling me an inversion is in place. Overnight, mainly overcast, with slowly rising temps after 21:30 At midnight, it was 52. After 02:00, temps resumed dropping to 45 by 03:30...then leveled off. After 07:00 sharp temp rise to 55 as this is being written, with sun dimly visible. Last really mild and dry period. No precip this period.
11/28/2011 8:00 AM 0.19 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 64/43. Midnight temp 58. Min temp at obs time. Sunday was characterized by some limited morning sun through a mid/high overcast layer with breaks, into early afternoon. After 14:00, a thicker, grayer, gloomier sky took over. Unusual mildness, with temps residing in lower-mid 60s. Light breezes from S-SE, under 8 knts. With approaching showers, wind picked up after 15:00, and first drops appeared shortly after 16:00..with on and off light showers into the night. Activity picked up after midnight. At obs, wet ground, no rain or drizzle falling..and the low for the period of 43.
11/29/2011 8:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 45/42. Drab, gray skies were the prevailing theme for the previous 24H. Little diurnal temperature of the smallest seen this year. Light NW to N breeze to calm for most of the period. Light rain early in day Monday, remainder of day dry...but another round of drizzle noted by 20:45 Monday night. Temps rising to above 45 beyond today's cutoff of 08:00 hour. Grey skies and calm air at obs time. Grass wet, streets damp.
11/30/2011 8:00 AM 0.30 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 57/38. Overcast skies Tuesday. Temps warmed back into the upper 50s by mid afternoon. Rain arrived by 16:00 and falling moderately afterwards. Precip let up by 18:00. After 19:00, skies partially cleared with no wind...dense ground fog formed. After center of circulation..cyclone went by, stiffer NW wind noted by 21:30..fog long gone by then. Another round of showers overnight added an add'l .05 to rain gauge. At obs, partly sunny, 39.
12/1/2011 7:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 44/26. Much colder period with mostly cloudy skies, a brisk W to NW wind. Max occurred around 11:30, then steadily dropped during afternoon, with readings hovering around 33 to 34 deg by 15:00 into dusk. Light rain showers developed early afternoon, then changed over to flurries for a short duration. No accumulation, melted on ground upon contact. Overnight, clearing skies after 18:30, temps reaching their low towards 23:00 hour. Temps leveled off, then clouds returned after 02:30 with temps starting to rise. At obs, partly cloudy and 35 degrees.
12/3/2011 7:00 AM 0.04 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 38/21. Friday featured mainly overcast skies with partial clearing and the return of limited sun by sundown. In between, a round of light rain showers that mixed with snow, then back to rain showers before shutting down. Max temp occurred around 10am, followed by a drop in temp to 34 within the hour, as the rain/snow moved in. Event ended by 13:15, but clouds remained. Wind shift noted around 10am from SW to W and then to NW after 13:15. Overnight, clear and calm with heavy frost. Min temp of 21 and skies clear at early 7am obs time.
12/4/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 47/33. Sunshine veiled through a high cirroform cloud deck for most of the day. At night, mainly clear, a bit of a light breeze...keeping the lower atmosphere "stirred, not shaken." Thus the high of 47 on Saturday descended to a modest low of only 33 at predawn Sunday. At obs, partly cloudy..mid and high clouds...upper 30s. No precip during this period.
12/5/2011 7:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 61/48. A surprisingly very nice Sunday. A mix of sun along with mid and high level clouds...and a steady S to SSW wind of 5-17 knots...provided the region a nicer than predicted day. A few sprinkles noted with a passing cloud at 17:45. Another round of sprinkles at 21:05...and then quickly shutoff. Remainder of night overcast but mild for December standards. Last nice day to do outside work jackets, no gloves to wear. At obs, overcast and 48...which is the overnight low. Pittsford station to west had identical temps. Official ROC max was 60 on Sunday. Dep from normal for midnight to midnight day Sunday...+16 deg. This is probably a colder pattern starts to take hold from this period forward.
12/6/2011 8:00 AM 0.62 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 51/39. Rain broke out shortly after 08:30 Monday. Stopped by late morning. Overcast skies with higher clouds visible during early to mid Monday afternoon. Round 2 of rain arrived before 17:00, and it continued into the midnight hour as drizzle. High temp occurred Monday PM...our last mild day. At obs, low overcast skies, a chilly NE breeze...barely 40.
12/7/2011 7:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 39/35. Overcast skies, periods of drizzle and a NE breeze kept temps in mid-upper 30s thruout the entire period. At night, very little, if any breeze noted. At obs, overcast and mid 30s.
12/8/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 37/30. A solid gray sky, a N-NW light breeze, and some spotty drizzle Wednes.(12-7)morning. Late in day, higher clouds visible to the W-NW. During the night, stronger winds noted after 22:45, and a drop in dewpoint noted. At obs today, partly sunny skies with a stiff W breeze...temp at 31.
12/9/2011 6:45 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 40/32. At obs time, overcast and 35. No snow or other precip observed. Plenty of sun along with a stiff W wind on Thursday. Temps reaching a max of 40. Overnight low occurred early, then rose slightly and remained at 34 much of the night.
12/10/2011 8:00 AM 0.03 0.3 M T M Temp range 41/23. Wet snow started during school rush hour...7am approx, shut down by 08:15. A coating on grassy sfc's. Rest of day featured mainly cloudy skies, a brisk breeze and some limited sun. Friday night, light snow flakes/needles started falling again, but ended before 23:00...skies cleared prior to dawn and thats when temps bottomed out at 23. At obs today, full sunshine mode...wall to wall...and 24. A bit of a gusty wind noted after 23:00 overnight.
12/12/2011 6:50 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 39/17. Day number 2 of wall to wall sunshine, blue clouds visible at all. Gentle S breeze. Massive high pressure over region...barometers above 30.60"...overnight, clear and moonlit...temps in upper teens at early obs time. Dry period, traces of powdered snow on ground in shadow areas and north exposure roofs.
12/13/2011 6:45 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 43/20. Our third day in a row of wall to wall sunshine, and little to no wind. Overnight, mostly clear and frosty again. No precip. Traces of snow still on north exposed surfaces.
12/14/2011 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 46/27. Skies featured mostly sunny conditions, but a mid level deck of Ac/Sc arrived for the afternoon hours, interspersed with sunshine. Overnight, mostly overcast, low to mid deck that was shallow in depth. At dawn and up to obs, skies cleared out with more sunshine..unbelievable stretch for December. Traces of snow on north facing surfaces are now gone.
12/15/2011 7:30 AM 0.14 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 50/41. Max temp daytime Wednesday was 49. Sunny skies Wednesday morning rapidly replaced by a mid level cloud deck by 12:30. Light rain moved in during mid to late afternoon...ended...then another wave of rain and stronger S wind arrived after 22:30. A very mild night as temps hovered in the upper 40s, with 50 after 07:00 hour. At obs, very light rain, temp 50.
12/16/2011 7:00 AM 0.52 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 59/34.
12/17/2011 8:00 AM 0.01 0.1 M T M Temp range 41/26. Overcast skies along with gusty NW winds early Friday, which gradually subsided during the day. Secondary cold front or trof swung thru at 13:00, the max temp of 41 occurred at that time...temps dropped into mid 30s by later afternoon. Overnight, periods of light snowshowers, leaving a coating on the ground. Meltdown was barely .01 and snowcover very slight. At obs, overcast with sunny breaks...mid 20s.
12/18/2011 8:00 AM T T M 0.0 M Temp range 28/14. Day featured mainly cloudy skies with sunny breaks. Flurries seen in afternoon. Further south, in Canandaigua-Farmington area, snow accumulated to about a half inch on grass. Temps dropped quickly at dusk, with readings near 19 at 18:00. Overnight, mostly clear with patch Sc clouds. At obs today, CAVU conds, a very cold start at 14 at dawn, making this the coldest night of the winter season.
12/19/2011 7:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 38/32. Sunday featured plenty of sun and blue skies. By 13:30, patchy Sc/Ac started filtering the sun, and by 15:00, it had turned to overcast. Gentle S breeze developed. The extreme chill from early in this period replaced by moderate temps by afternoon. Overnight, skies cleared, southerly to SW winds picked up in speed..resulting in rising temps and up to 37 at obs time. No precip, no traces of any sugar coating on N facing surfaces.
12/20/2011 7:30 AM 0.01 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 49/31. A very mild but windy day was the story on Monday. Accompanied by some morning sunshine, clouds quickly raced in by midday, with the day finishing out in breezy conditions and overcast. Brief showers noted by 21:00, but ended before 22:30. Max temp occurred late early afternoon, as the clouds blotted out sun. At obs today, partially clear, light W breeze, temp back in the low 30s..with not much movement upward expected as this new day progresses...and start of the recording period.
12/21/2011 7:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 42/30. Sunny skies Tuesday began to slowly cloud over as a mix of Sc and higher cirroform overcast arrived in the afternoon. N breeze shifted to E by mid morning, then to S breeze at 13:00. Overnight, mainly overcast with temps slowly rising to 42 by obs time this morning. Thick dew noted on car, pavement is 'sweating." But no rain noted. Daytime high Tuesday was only 37. Bubble high to our north Tuesday quickly pulled away overnight...and a large area of rain to our SW is approaching as of press time.
12/22/2011 8:30 AM 0.29 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 53/42. Overcast skies until just before sundown, then some partial clearing at dusk. Rain arrived just before 08:00 Wednesday, and fell continuously until about 13:45. Total amount to ending of main rain event was .27"...the remaining amount of .02"fell with a new batch of pia rain showers that fired up post 07:00 this morning. Strong winds noted Wednesday night from the west, gusting to 30-35knots. At obs today, little wind noted with a few sprinkles, gray skies and 42 deg.
12/23/2011 9:00 AM 0.39 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 43/35. Another day featuring overcast skies. Another round of rain started by 17:45, and continued into the night (not the "overnight,"as local weathercasters like to term it!). No snow observed, though there were reports of it over higher terrain south of here. At obs, brisk NW wind, drizzle and 35.
12/24/2011 8:00 AM T 0.1 M 0.0 M Temp range 35/18. Mainly overcast skies with persistent N winds allowed for continuous cold air advection (CAA) during the day. Temps were 35 at 9a, 34 at 10a, 32 at 11a, 30 at noon...and into the upper to mid 20s as the afternoon progressed. Sharp clearing fron the NW, as back edge of mid and high clouds retreated, but soon, lake clouds took over and lingering into part of the night, before real clearing set in with frost. Saturday morning, snowshower developed, giving us a slight association with a shortwave and sfc trof. Temps at 8a at 22.
12/25/2011 7:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 33/20. Variable amounts of clouds and sun Christmas Eve Day. Light snowshowers continued from yesterday's ob, with the activity very light and shutting down by midday. No additional accumulation, amounted to a trace...but didn't stop road crews putting on an "overkill" amount of salt on secondary roads and commercial parking lots. Afternoon was dry and progressively sunnier towards sundown. Clear early into the night, temps hitting their min after midnight...then temps rose the rest of the night, with the mercury at 33 at obs time. No measureable precip. Ground bare this Christmas morning.
1/1/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range...max unknown. Min was 35.
1/2/2012 9:00 AM 0.05 0.4 M 0.5 M Temp range 52/30. Early in the period, Sunday, sunny skies in the morning. By midday, mid-level clouds rapidly advanced, with mainly overcast conditions in the afternoon. High of 52 established prior to overcast arrival. Temps dropped into the mid-upper 40s in the afternoon. Rain showers arrive after 17:30, along with high winds after 19:30. After midnight, light snowshowers broke out, time unknown. At morning obs, partly sunny, brisk W wind 15-25 knots, and 31.
1/3/2012 8:00 AM T 0.3 M 0.5 M Temp range 36/12. A mix of sun and lake effect clouds on holiday Monday, as temps rose to a high of 36. Arctic front pushed through Monday night, temps dropped steadily. A brief burst of snow noted after 20:15, but amounts were under half inch. Overnight was partly cloudy with occasional flakes of snow. At obs today, mostly sunny, windy from NW (same overnight), temp at 12. Snow meltdown was a trace.
1/4/2012 9:00 AM T T M 0.5 M Temp range 16/05. First back to work day of new year featured a mainly sunny day, but breezy and bitterly cold. Cu cloud streets visible, and to the north of this locale, towering walls of Cu visible. A few stray flurries did fall in the morning, but duration was short. Afternoon was dry. More sustained snowsqualls noted along and north of NY 31...Penfield, Webster areas..but even there, grass still visible with snow cover...little difference compared to NY-MR-21 station. Tuesday night featured clear skies...except for lake effect band visible to the north. Temps reached a min of 5 by 20:00 and remained there thru 22:00, then a slow rise to 7, as clouds spilled in. Then, by 01:00, temps hit their absolute min of 4.6 deg. Temp rise began in earnest by 04:00. NW winds early in the period slowly backed to W by Tuesday night and velocities dropped to under 5 knots by then. After midnight, wind shifted to SW/S. At obs, partly cloudy with Sc clouds...and 14.
1/5/2012 8:30 AM T 0.0 M 0.5 M Temp range 32/28. Daytime max Wednesday was 30. A mix of limited morning sun soon replace by a mid deck of Sc at 6,000 feet...was not Ac. Winds blowing gently out of the WSW at 7-17 knots, but at times was a knifing wind in terms of wind chills. Later in afternoon, a lower deck arrived, sky aloft was obscured...due to snow aloft that didn't reach ground. Overnight, overcast skies, temps steady at 28 thru midnight, then slowly rising to freezing by 0700-0800 hour today. Snow grains observed on ground at 08:30obs time.
1/6/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 33/30. No precip.
1/7/2012 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 52/39. Previous 24h period featured a mix of interesting middle and high cloud formations. A fair amount of sun noted as well. Winds brisk out of the SW at 12-30knts, as temps soared to above forecasted values. Cloud formations were more notable for their rarity of the cloud type/species...Ac were higher in altitude, a distinct herringbone pattern to them, as well as Ccu clouds at even higher jet levels. Solar halo noted in mid to late afternoon. Max temp of 52, ROC official was 53...a far cry from the 15-16 daylight high from this past Tuesday. Any residual traces of snow on ground were gone by mid to late afternoon...on those northern facing angled topography. Overnight, mainly overcast with temps no cooler than 39. At obs today, mainly sunny, patchy mid-upper level clouds...and mid 40s. A dry, mild and windy/breezy precip this period.
1/8/2012 9:00 AM 0.01 0.2 M 0.0 M Temp range 50/30. Saturday featured morning sun with a rapid warmup to 50 by midday. First cold front crossed WNY airspace by 12:30, temps began to drop back to the 40s, along with a windshift to NW and windy as winds picked up markedly. By Sat. evening, winds subsided, with temps falling slowly into mid 30s. A secondary cold fropa occurred before 07:00 Sunday, resulting in a burst of snowshowers that coated the ground quickly by 07:45 and continued thru 9am cutoff, but very light by that time. Snow was measureable to the .2" mark. This truly is "winter-light,"and lovin' it.
1/9/2012 9:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 34/18. Flurries ended by 10:30am Sunday, followed by clouds that retreated, yielding sunshine for most of Sunday afternoon. Temps dropped rapidly after sundown, reached an early low of 18. Thin Sc clouds returned by 21:00, allowing for temps to level off and then rise to 21 by 23:00. Temps rose to 35 by 9am, with a fair amount of Monday morning sun at obs cutoff time. Still a slight coating of snow on north facing surfaces.
1/10/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 43/34. No precip.
1/11/2012 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 40/24. Mainly overcast skies with a stiff W breeze. A few binovc (breaks in overcast)noted with this stubborn 5k foot Sc deck. Overnight, gradual clearing allowed for temps to drop to the mid 20s. At obs time today, full wall to wall sun, temps rising past 30.
1/12/2012 6:50 AM 0.68 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 49/36. This 24h period concluding now will certainly be the last day of this extended autumn w/o any snowpack. Big changes are a coming. Backing up, Wednesday featured wall to wall sun up until about 14:00. Gentle S to SE breezes and ample unfiltered sun allowed temps to reach near 50. Autumn activities returned, such as cleaning out garage. After 1400, high cirroform deck advanced rapidly from SW. By 1600, mid level As overcast was in place...sun dimly visible. After 2130, the first sprinkles arrived, but the true steady rain started just minutes before 2200. Rain continued thru the night, tapering to a drizzle during the 6am hour. At obs, overcast and 36.
1/13/2012 8:00 AM 0.23 2.3 M 2.0 M Temp range 43/23. Thursday featured overcast skies with spotty drizzle. Temps continued to moderate, reaching highs of 43-44 towards 17:00 hour. Light to moderate rain returned after 16:30 only to end again by 21:00. Colder air arrives after midnight. First accumulating snows arrived before 5am. At obs, 2.3"snow on ground. Snow still falling as of obs time. AMENDED to include meltdown of snow and earlier drizzle/rain.
1/14/2012 8:15 AM 0.21 3.0 M 5.5 M Temp range 23/18. Steady snow from synoptic system ended by 14:00 Friday. Light snow showers returned by 17:45 Friday night with light snow on and off thru Saturday morning. At obs, sun dimly visible, and flurries. Nearly calm wind, flakes falling vertically.
1/15/2012 9:00 AM 0.02 0.8 M 5.5 M Temp range 21/9. Mainly overcast skies Saturday. Frigid conditions with temps hovering near 20, then falling into mid teens 15:00 and later. Sun visible through parting clouds in PM. Lingering flurries in morning, only a trace amount. Overnight, remained mainly cloudy. A band of lake effect arrived by 05:45 into 06:30 time frame, dumping almost an inch of powder. Flakes closely spaced together, restricted visibilities. At obs, mainly sunny, Scattered flat Sc clouds...deep blue skies..and 11 degrees at 09:00.
1/16/2012 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 5.0 M Temp range 18/-1. Coldest day/night of winter, but wind was light N-NW at under 10knts. Morning lake-effect clouds mixed with sun. By 13:30, a marked decrease of Sc clouds with ridge axis approaching and very dry air in place at all levels of atmosphere. This set the stage for ideal radiational cooling Sunday night. Temps hit their minimums after 21:30 and hovered in the 1 below to 1 above range thru 01:45..before temps began to rise. By daybreak, temps already nearing 9 degrees. Snowpack remained the same, and fluffy. Increasing mid and high level clouds noted for 9am obs time. As an added notation, other Pittsford wx station, 2 miles west of this locale,recorded a 4 below zero. Some spots south of Syracuse recorded 8 below zero.
1/17/2012 8:15 AM 0.17 0.0 M 2.0 M Temp range 39/36. Increasing clouds with a rapid warmup in temps MLK Monday. Light rain then broke out after 21:00 and continued lightly through the night. At obs time, light rain and 38. Snowpack is wet and ripe, and less than half of what it was yesterday morning.
1/18/2012 9:00 AM 0.30 0.2 M T M Temp range 50/24. Overcast with rain which ended midday. Afternoon saw brightening of skies, then partial clearing as region got into the core of the warm sector. This started to unfold around 15:30-16:30, with light S breeze. Should be noted pressures were very low, under 29.30" with lowest altimeter of 29.28". Fropa at 19:10, sharp veering windshft to WNW...winds gusting to 50knts. Max temp occurred just minutes befor fropa, with 50 deg..but 51 at Pittsford station west of here. Strong CAA with strong winds gusting to 40s during night, temp at 32 by midnight, to a low of 22 at obs time. Snowshowers arrived by 08:00...a mere .2"by 09:00...and activity has shut off but bright overcast remains..sun peeking. Wind speeds much lower now.
1/19/2012 7:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M T M Temp range 24/12. Mostly sunny skies Wednesday with some patchy Sc as Arctic air once again prevails...but not quite as cold as the Arctic air from Sunday into Monday. Breezy in morning Wednesday, but near calm by afternoon and overnight. Frost noted this AM at obs. Nonetheless, airmass very dry. Overnight clear to partly cloudy conditions. No precip. Snow on ground is just a dusting or snow piles from recent plowing/shoveling from this past weekend event.
1/20/2012 8:30 AM 0.01 0.5 M 0.5 M Temp range 30/13. Sunny to start early in period. A sharp mid to high cloud deck arrived rapidly from the west after 09:00, and skies were overcast by 10am, as the clear skies retreated to the east. Becoming windy, S-SW 15-30knts. In afternoon, temps rise to near 30, sun dimly visible. A sharp cold front arrived, marked a strong line of intense snow, by 19:00 hour. A quick half inch is dumped. Skies then cleared, temps slowly drop to low teens by midnight. Lake clouds return late at night, temps level off to 13-14, winds lighten...and lake effect snow is falling at 08:30 today..with sun dimly visible at times, and 16 deg at obs.
1/21/2012 8:00 AM 0.12 1.5 M 2.0 M Temp range 23/17. Friday morning experienced a bit of lake effect flurries that ended before 10am, with just a trace. A Sc/Cu deck lingered, with light NW-NE breezes. About 13:45, significant breaks in thin Sc deck...then became mostly sunny as this deck rapidly melted away. Within a half hour of that low level clearing, a high cirroform overcast advanced rapidly from WSW/SW as the next system..a wave over KY/TN...continued advancing towards ENE. The cloud deck lowered and thickened rapidly, though sun was dimly visible at 16:20, low to the SW sky. At night, overcast, upper teens...light snow broke out around 22:45...a 'dandruff' type snow, followed by bigger flakes after midnight. Snow shut down by 06:00 hour. At obs, dead clouds...low overcast, that is. Temp at 17. Light ENE drift of a breeze.
1/22/2012 8:00 AM T T M 1.5 M Temp range 29/8. Sunshine returned after 09:00 Saturday, before another lake deck of Sc began to build and cloud over our skies Sat. afternoon, with a few light flurries. Overnight, skies cleared. Dawn today featured clear skies.
1/23/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.0 M Temp range 34/26. At obs, 39. A mostly sunny Sunday with rapid moderation of temps. Increasing SE winds allowed for downsloping..and a positive temp response. Further south, toward PA...Atlantic moisture allowed for Sc clouds to build in...but our region was spared that action. Overnight, increase in mid to high level clouds. Showers seen on wx radar,and are approaching the region from the SW as of obs time. Snowpack still present, 1 to 1.5" deep. No precip of a measureable type noted.
1/24/2012 9:00 AM 0.01 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 49/35. A few showers under a mainly overcast day. Big story was the big thaw...our second one in the past week. Deep cyclone crossing the upper Grt. Lakes placed us in the warm sector...temps approaching 50 by 15:00 with a stiff S to SSW breeze. Cooler air returned after 19:00..into the low to mid 40s at 21:00, mins today in the mid 30s. No arctic air incursion this time. Also, no strong winds noted, except briefly late last night. Snowpack...GONE.
1/25/2012 9:00 AM T 0.1 M 0.0 M Temp range 37/30. Low to mid level overcast layers the entire day...deep gray skies making it a dark day as well, especially w/o snowcover anymore. Periods of drizzle during day gave way to snowgrains later in day and into the evening as cold air deepened. Brisk WNW breeze, a steady 7 to 15 knts. At obs today, still a thick gray sky, no precip...31 deg.
1/26/2012 7:00 AM 0.02 0.5 M 0.5 M Temp range 32/27. Another dank, gray day with no sun. Light W breeze under 10knts, temps maxed only to 32. After 23:00, light snow broke out and continued past 5a hour, due to a jet streak lifting over western NY. At obs, gray skies, no wind...29 deg.
1/27/2012 9:00 AM 0.59 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range lopsided: daytime high Thursday 34. Temps steadily rose overnight to 45 at obs time, 9am Friday. Thursday started with a fresh coating of light snow from the previous reporting period. Some sunlight was lighting up the southeast sky at sunrise..though the remainder of the skydome was overcast. Day was cold, with the first raindrops arriving after 14:30. On and off rain showers through the night as temps started to rise after 21:00..into the mid 30s and then to 40 towards dawn on Friday. Max of 45 occurred just at cutoff on obs...lopsided, compared to the usual diurnal range. Cyclone center passed over southern tier of NY and heading rapidly towards Gulf of Maine.
1/28/2012 7:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 46/32. Grey skies once again and a repeat performance with the passage of another wave or compact sfc cyclone placing us briefly in the warm sector...highs zooming up to 46 by 10:00..then dropping into the mid 30s in the afternoon with snowshowers returning at times. Winds got busy again, following cold fropa (after 10:15am), westerly 15=30knts. Overnight, overcast and some rain/snow mixed with temps staying just at or above freezing most of the night. At obs time, overcast, some binovc at SE horizone, 32 deg.
1/29/2012 9:00 AM 0.02 0.1 M T M Temp range 41/26. Another mainly overcast day, and variable in wx conditions. An approaching vigorous short wave and vort max arrived by 13:50. It produced a round of rain and sleet, duration about 20 minutes. Prior to that, temps crested to 40 to 41 deg. Following this feature, temps started tumbling into the mid 30s by 1600 hour...and for the first time in a week, clouds parted way...allowing us to see the sunshine in full glory up until 10 minutes before sundown. Winds increased out of the W, 15 gusting to 30 knots. Those winds continued to howl into the night. Shortly after 20:00, a round of snowshowers moved through, whitening the ground. Remainder of night snow-free and wind started to diminish slightly. At obs time, partly sunny temp at 31.
1/30/2012 6:15 AM 0.41 4.0 M 4.0 M Temp range 37/23. Intervals of cloud and sun Sunday with breezy conditions in the morning part of Sunday. Shortly after 19:00, moderate to heavy snow broke out, then ended. A second burst moved through after 22:10, with a flash of lightning vividly seen, and then the clap of thunder heard about 10 seconds later...this occurred at 22:13-18. All the result of a vigorous small synoptic scale short wave and associated sfc wave of low pressure. A punch of colder air now follows in its wake. At the early obs time, skies partly clear...the ISS and stars visible, temps in lower 20s with a light W breeze. Amended meltdown of snow to .41 due to slow melt at earlier report time. Also added the mention of thundersnow in these observation notes on 1.31.12.
1/31/2012 6:45 AM 0.05 1.1 M 4.5 M Temp range 42/28. Daytime high Monday was 33. Mostly sunny skies Monday morning with Arctic cold in place...briefly. By 13:00, high cirroform deck rapidly started advancing in from NW. By 16:00, overcast deck in place which lowered..light snow broke out after 18:30...but was over before 20:30. Temps in upper 20s for a min...then started rising. At obs, it was 42, skies were partially clear, stars wind. Snowfall measured at conclusion of event Monday night at around 22:30.
2/1/2012 8:00 AM 0.10 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 56/49. The warmest temperatures in nearly a month close out the month of January. Intervals of clouds and sun, along with a mild S flow allowed temps to soar to the mid 50s. Any remaining snowpack gone by the end of daylight hours. What remains are snowpiles. After 05:00, light rain arrives associated with an advancing cool front. At obs time, very light rain, and 49 deg.
2/2/2012 7:15 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 51/34. A few breaks of sun mid-morning to noon hour, then a solid Sc deck the remainder of day following passage of cool front. Max temp around noon; cool fropa then occurred. Temps slowly sank into the lower 40s later in day. Night-time temps slowly dropped into the 30s, but remained above freezing, under the Sc cloud deck. At obs, overcast, 34.
2/3/2012 8:00 AM 0.02 0.1 M 0.0 M Temp range 34/29. A gray day from SR to SS. NNW veering NNE breeze 5-12knts during day. Periods of very light snow which melted on most surfaces, except cold rocks and on leaves. Consistency of drizzle, but in snow form. Overnight, overcast skies thinned out to partially clear skies at obs time...with some sun noted. Little temperature range during the past 24h.
2/4/2012 9:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 37/33. Another day of wall to wall gray skies. A few spits of very light rain showers wet the car windshield during the afternoon, but not enough to wet the ground. Overnight, overcast skies that gave way to partial clearing and some sun Saturday morning.
2/5/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 39/23. After nearly another week of gray skies, Saturday greeted us with partly sunny conditions. After 15:00, skies opened up as the last vestiges of Sc clouds melted away. Light breeze from WNW, that shifted to ESE after 14:00. Overnight, mainly clear skies, with the minimum occurring by 20:30...then rising and holding into upper 20s remainder of night as low cloud cover moved back in from the north. At obs time, mainly overcast and 30. No precip, ground bare.
2/7/2012 8:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 48/36. Best day we've seen in weeks. Wall to wall sunshine, from SR to SS. Not a cloud to be seen. Brisk SW winds 20-35knts. Temps reaching 50 or slightly higher in a number of spots. Skies clouded up after 2200, and remain overcast up to obs time. Temps leveled off in mid 30s much of the night. Cloud deck was of the low cloud..Sc type. No precip as of yet, though radar is showing a band of rw/sw approaching form due north as Arctic front is bearing down from Ontario.
2/8/2012 8:00 AM 0.02 0.1 M 0.0 M Temp range 36/17. Gray skies with periods of light snowshowers on Tuesday. N to NW breeze. A sugar coating of snow noted on grassy surfaces, rocks, leaves, mulch. Clearing from the north seen towards north horizon late in the afternoon, with mainly clear skies overnight. Thick frost noted at dawn on cars, with no breeze...ideal radiational cooling. At obs today, advancing high clouds temp in lower 20s.
2/11/2012 7:30 AM 0.05 1.0 M 1.0 M Temp range 36/26. Mainly overcast skies but with sun dimly visible at times Friday. A brief light snowshower at 19:00, then skies partially clear with stars visible. Before dawn, snow broke out, but pretty much over by 07:30. Wind direction E to NE, but light. Stable wave of low pressure to our SW...over SW NY state. Arctic air banked up to the N and W of this wave. Ground now has its snowcover back.
2/12/2012 7:00 AM 0.28 5.8 M 6.0 M Temp range 29/12. All day snow that tapered off by 17:00. Partial clearing after 18:00 allowed temps to reach their minimum by 19:30. Temps then rose the remainder of the night, with another round of snow that developed after 03:00. This second event gave us the bulk of the snowfall, an additional 3.8" on top of the 2.0" that fell daytime.
2/13/2012 6:45 AM 0.07 2.0 M 7.5 M Temp range 27/19. Periods of snow Sunday morning, which became moderate to heavy after 11:10. By 13:00, accumulating snow ended. Remainder of afternoon overcast with W winds 15-25knts. Overnight, partly cloudy skies then overcast with a warming trend. Temps rose from the upper teens late Sunday afternoon to 26 at obs time. Deepest snow depth of this delayed snow season. Storm total since late Friday night at about 9 inches. No accumulating snow since early Sunday afternoon.
2/14/2012 6:30 AM 0.00 0.0 M 4.5 M Temp range 37/27. Wall to wall sunshine Monday, with brisk WSW winds at speeds of 15-25knts. Overnight, increasing and thickening clouds, temps in upper 20s and holding steady through the night. At obs, 30 and overcast. No precip during period. Snowpack shrunk considerably during period.
2/15/2012 7:00 AM 0.03 T M 1.5 M Temp range 38/32. Overcast skies with periods of mixed precip that started as very light snow and transitioned over to drizzle during the afternoon into early evening. During mid afternoon, sun was dimly visible. Overnight, overcast skies that lingered into early today..Wed. Wind direction light, under 4 knts from WSW all day Tuesday.
2/16/2012 7:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.5 M Temp range 39/23. Overcast skies of the Sc variety. Binovc indicated during afternoon. By sundown, skies were clearing and remained clear through 3am hour before clouding up again. Allowed for good radiational cooling as the mercury dropped to the lower 20s. At obs time today, low to mid overcast in place, 30. Snowpack what little is left, showing large spots of bare grass. (binovc=breaks in overcast)
2/17/2012 8:00 AM 0.06 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 42/32, Overcast skies Thursday with periods of light rain and drizzle. After 16:00, precip was largely over. A few more intervals of very light rain redeveloped after dusk up until 20:30. Later at night, skies cleared. At obs today, wall to wall sunshine, temps in mid 30s. Ground bare of snow, however trace of snow on northside facing landscaping and hilly sections...and of course snow piles outside driveways.
2/18/2012 8:45 AM 0.15 1.8 M 2.0 M Temp range 42/26. Limited sunshine Friday morning, followed by Sc clouds remainder of day. Several episodes of snowshowers and light snow. At 16:00, snowflakes seen falling, but no accumulation. Next episode was around 18:00, dumping a quick .3" of wet snow on grassy surfaces. Then, partial clearing overnight as temps dipped to 26. Before dawn, clouds returned with steady light snow commencing around 7am hour. In one hour, a quick inch fell, then remainder of time nearly a half inch fell till it stopped at 08:30. Latter event associated with warm front and warm advection. At obs, overcast and 32. Meltdown of snow is estimated, due to gauge being knocked over by deer or small varmint.
2/19/2012 9:00 AM T 0.1 M 0.0 M Temp range 41/25. Some sun then mostly cloudy and turning quite mild by early afternoon. A brisk breeze from the west along with mild air helped to destroy the 2" snowpack that was deposited from the day before. Late in day a few flurries giving us a coating going into the night. At obs today, morning sunrise was seen, then mid level clouds quickly built in by 9am, and a colder air mass in place. Temp at 29 at 9am obs. Only a trace of snow on grass, and some black crunchy ice on driveways and untreated road surfaces.
2/20/2012 9:00 AM T 0.1 M 0.0 M Temp range 31/20. A colder day than most this month. Gray skies with flurries for part of the day, especially north of the Thruway. A dusting on grassy surfaces and north exposure walkways. Late in day and evening a binovc. Persistant N to NW breeze all day but near calm by 21:00. True clearing arrived after midnight. At obs today, wall to wall sunshine...deep blue skies and in mid 20s at 9am obs.
2/21/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 37/20. President's Day featured unlimited sunshine, CAVU conditions from SR to SS. Light NW breeze entire day. Into the night, remained mainly clear. Min temps occurred shortly after 01:30, then slow leveled off and rose to mid 20s after 04:30. Wind shift to SE and some patchy mid level clouds helped that happen. At obs at 08:00, mainly sunny, patchy clouds, mid 20s. Traces of snow on ground on north exposure surfaces. But ground is bare of any snowpack.
2/22/2012 8:00 AM 0.01 M M M M Temp range 40/35. After a cold start, temps moderated to about 40 during afternoon. Busy SE-S breezes took over during day. Overnight, mild readings as temps remained above freezing with a period of light drizzle. Temps near 40 dropped to a 35 low by daybreak today. At obs, overcast skies. Submitted late by 1 day.
2/23/2012 8:00 AM 0.23 1.6 M 1.0 M Temp range 47/27. Wednesday briefly saw a sunrise with clouds rapidly advancing inbound. Temps, with a busy SW breeze quickly rose to upper 40s by 11:45, then leveled off before falling into lower 40s in pm. Light drizzle moved in towards late afternoon, which changed over to a gloppy wet snow by 21:00 accumulating to 1.6" before shutting down by midnight-01:00. Changeover to snow occurred much earlier to our west in the Buffalo-Niagara region, by 15:00 there. At obs time, overcast, temp up to 32.
2/24/2012 7:00 AM 0.06 0.6 M 0.5 M Temp range 42/28. Partly cloudy conditions Thursday, with skies becoming mostly clear by late in day and into the first half of the night. After 21:00, high thin cirroform clouds began to dim the starlight. Late at night, after 02:00, light snow broke out..but changed to liquid before dawn. At early 07 hour obs, light rain and 33.
2/25/2012 7:30 AM 0.21 0.4 M 0.5 M Temp range 45/31. Previous 24hours very changeable and stormy. Mid to late morning rain and drizzle tapered off, followed by binovc as region was flooded by mild air and S-SE breezes. After 15:45 till 17:00, what appeared to be a squall line and cold front ripped through. A burst of rain and then sleet/snow grains pelted station around 16:20-35, giving us a quick .1 of snow/sleet on ground. After 17:25, sun broke out with rainbow visible in parts of district. High winds entered district after 18:30 with more rain showers, with very high winds reaching area after 19:45 and into the 04:00 hour...gusts to 45 knots from the west. At morning obs light snow shower in progress, a NW breeze, temp at 31. An additional .3" snow noted.
2/26/2012 6:50 AM 0.22 4.2 M 3.5 M Temp range 31/20. A significant dumping of lake effect snow Saturday morning as snowfall rates picked up markedly especially before noontime. Afternoon featured brightening of skies with residual flurries. West of station by only 12 miles, in Rush, very little fell, about an inch at most. Wind was still very evident, NW at 15 to 30 knts, with drifting snow noted, scouring sections of land bare. Blowing snow as well when winds were high. Overnight, pressure gradient relaxed enough for radiational cooling to take over. Skies were partly cloudy, with flat Sc clouds. At obs today, partly cloudy, 20, little wind.
2/27/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 2.0 M Temp range 24/18. Morning low lake clouds lingered Sunday morning, with sun dimly visible. Clouds parted in afternoon, to partly sunny conditions. Sc deck visible as a sharp line over station, with some higher clouds visible. By sundown, mainly clear with patchy Ac visible to the west. Overnight, mainly clear and that resulted in radiational cooling with little or no breeze. At obs this morning, rapid temp rise noted between 7 and 8am hour...mid to high level overcast in place with strong WAA and increasing SW breezes to 10knts. Snowpack still in place, but some areas now seeing bare ground. No precip this period.
2/28/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.5 M Temp range 51/29. Variably cloudy alternating with deep blue skies. Morning and midday experienced a rapid increase in temps under WAA and SW winds. Cold fropa took place in early afternoon...wind speeds increased along with a wind shift to W and then NW. After dusk, winds started howling with gusts to 35-40 knots under partly cloudy skies. Very strong again around 01:00. At obs today, overcast Sc clouds lighter wind speedss, 29. Snowpack showing large gaps of snow free ground especially in sunny areas. Considerable amounts remaining in shade.
2/29/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 36/26. Partly to mostly cloudy (Sc)most of day, with some clearing noted towards sundown. High clouds lowered and thickened overnight. Sky obscured at obs time, as snow is falling aloft as indicated by BGM/BUF wx radar. Ground bare except for slight amounts on north exposure/shadow areas. Winds light NW that shifted to east overnight, at under 10knts.
3/1/2012 7:00 AM 0.31 0.5 M 0.0 M Temp range 41/30. High temp occurring at obs time. Mainly a rain event, though for the first 4 hours of event, it was wet snow and sleet that fell, with changeover to rain early afternoon. Then, a significant break to precip. Second round arrived after 23:30 at night. At obs a light rain/drizzle in progress. Ground bare of any new snow or sleet.
3/2/2012 8:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 41/35. Mainly overcast skies...Sc variety with small binovc. Stiff W breeze much of day. A bit of drizzle noted at times, especially in evening. Temp range rather limited with daytime values 37-41, with overnight temps hovering near 35-36 deg entire night. At obs, Sc ovcst and 36.
3/3/2012 7:00 AM 0.09 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 51/41. Mainly sunny through high clouds into early afternoon. Mild S-SW breezes and advection of mild air helped to raise our temps above 50 for first time in nearly a month. Clouds lowered and thickened in mid to late afternoon. Rain arrived at 20:15, and was over by 21:30. Higher wind speeds noted from SSW at 23:34 and picked up during night, but frequent periods of little wind noise outside windows, though region was placed under high wind warning by NWS. Cold fropa and minimum altimeter of 29.25 occurred around 04:35. Sudden drop in temps and dewpoint and a wind shift then along with a likely shower. At obs, mostly sunny, sct Sc clouds, brisk WNW wind..and 42.
3/4/2012 8:00 AM T 0.2 M 0.0 M Temp range 45/28. Variably cloudy skies...all Sc with strong W-SW gales much of the day to about 20:30, then winds slowly diminished to lower speeds after then. Gusts to 45-55 kts noted throughout entire region, some trees blown down and many branches and twigs littered the ground. This is the second or third bad windstorm of similar magnitude in the past month. But this particular one was a long-lived event, lasting over 20 hours. At midnight, a bit of snow fell and then another light snow broke out just prior to 8am obs. Ground is whitened with .2 on ground...more than a trace but not meeting the half inch threshold that cocorahs requires for depth of snow value. Temps hit their max late morning Saturday, and slowly dropped into the mid-upper 30s in afternoon. Min of 28 at obs time, with coldest wx occurring.
3/5/2012 8:00 AM 0.03 1.5 M 1.0 M Temp range 29/12. Among one of the coldest periods in recent weeks. Daytime temps fell from near 30 in the morning, to the lower 20s by 17:00. Overcast with periods of light snow or snowshowers for much of the day. While wind speeds were much lower...NW 10-20kts, snow was powdery and did blow around. Meltdown of snow to liquid was likely affected..airport reported .17 and 2.6" of snow. During day there was melting of snow due to warm ground and higher sun angle, so streets were wet...until after sundown, when a thin coating of ice formed on most walking and road surfaces. Flurries shut down after 21:00. By midnight, temp at 19 with skies partially clear. Rapid drop in temp after midnight..radiational cooling allowed temps to bottom out to 11.8 by 07:20, before starting to rise again...with bright blue sky and full sun. Sc'd Sc clouds noted with a few flakes noted at obs time, and 13 degrees. More like a January day.
3/6/2012 8:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 25/15. Sunshine mixed with Sc clouds mid morning to early afternoon. Stiff NW breeze 7-17knts. A few flurries noted mid to late morning, but no accumulation. Felt like a day out of January or February. At sundown, skies clear and remained mostly clear overnight. Temps dipped to 15 by 22:00, then rose to 19, then back to 15 before dawn. At obs time today, sunny, low 20s with a SW breeze as high pressure ridge axis is now moving past us.
3/7/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 45/35. Intervals of clouds and sun as early day arctic airmass rapidly retreated. South-SW breezes allowed for very mild conditions by mid afternoon, as highs approached 45. After sundown, fair skies...moonlight dimmed by high clouds and contrails, temps reached mid 30s...then rose after 23:30 to the mid 40s by dawn today. At obs, mainly sunny, breezy and 46.
3/8/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 67/55. Record warmth Wednesday. Moderate to strong SW breezes advected unseasonably warm air into the district. ROC, SYR, BUF all established new daily record temps. Mostly sunny day, SW wind 15-25knts. At night, mainly clear thru some high cloudiness. Temps reached their low at 21:00 hour...55, then slowly rose to 60 at daybreak, with 61 and mid level clouds covering sky at obs time. Very mild night, heat was not needed. No precip.
3/9/2012 8:00 AM 0.39 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 61/27. A mild day Thursday despite a bright overcast day. At 16:45, cold fropa occurred, and temps dropped 9 degrees in a 15 minute time frame. Rain showers arrived after 16:30 and ended before 22:00. Winds which had been from the SW abruptly shifted to NW with wind gusts reaching 30-35knts following cold fropa. Later at night, skies partially cleared with moon visible and winds subsiding. At obs, partly sunny, lake effect cloud street visible to north, and 29..some frost on car wind.
3/10/2012 6:55 AM 0.02 1.0 M 0.5 M Temp range 37/20. Extremely variable conditions. Intervals of sunshine, clouds and snowsqualls, which at times brought horizontal visibility down to one quarter mile in S+. W winds 15-25kts during daytime. In the evening, a secondary cold front passed through. More snowsquall activity after 20:00, along with a marked increase in winds past midnight...squall winds maxing out to 35kts. Wind speeds began to diminish after 01:30 as active cold air advection ceased. Rapid pressure rises also noted Friday evening... following passage of secondary front...which was associated with a clipper low that sailed by to our north. At early Sat. am obs...light snow with a light W breeze and 19 deg.
3/11/2012 8:00 AM T 0.1 M 0.0 M Temp range 39/34. Ending of snowshowers occurred first hour of recording period Saturday, 07-08 hour, then skies partially cleared. A fair amount of sunshine mixed with Sc and higher clouds in the afternoon. A cold day, as temps climbed from the 20s early in period to a late day high of 39. Winds were W to SW but under 20kts. Temps hit an early low of 34 Sat. evening but then rose into the 40s after midnight. At obs today, full sunny skies...mid 40s.
3/12/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 62/37. A warm and sunny day on the first nearly full period of DST...temps running +18 degs from normal. Brisk SW breezes 10-20kts. Overnight, patchy clouds with a rapid temp drop after sundown. Into the mid-upper 30s by 2100 (20:00EST). At obs today, thin cirroform overcast, temps in the 40s.
3/13/2012 7:45 AM 0.14 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 69/55. Middle and high clouds dominated skies on Monday. Near record maximum readings, with most areas within a degree or two of 69. Overnight, minimum of 55..but temps rose to 61 by dawn...then, an intense band of convective showers arrived at 07:00 (06:00EST) and then quickly tapered to light rain at obs time. Temp at obs 57, WSW breeze 5-7kts.
3/14/2012 7:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 64/36. Showers ended very beginning of period. Skies became partly to mostly sunny, fair wx cumulus along with brisk westerly winds 12-25kts. Temps rose into the mid 60s, but dropped into the 40s after midnight (23:00EST). At early obs, mainly clear 36.
3/16/2012 7:30 AM 0.07 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range MM/MM. Mostly Cloudy skies Thursday gave way to full sunny skies after 14:00. Warm air surged in after the clearing, with temps reaching into the lower 70s. Overnight, high thin clouds gave way to a thunderstorm heard about 02:30 (01:30 EST). At obs, overcast skies, temps in the mid 50s est.
3/17/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 66/48. Mostly sunny skies. Lake breeze front crossed station at 12:25 (11:25 EST)resulting in a marked temperature drop from 66 to 59 by 14:00. Wind shift noted as well to NE. Overnight, fog formed before daybreak...didn't burn off until after 8am obs.
3/18/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 76/48. Mainly sunny conditions Saturday and mainly clear Saturday night to Sunday morning. Record to near record warmth, with gentle SW breezes. Overnight lows did barely get 50. No precip.
3/19/2012 7:00 AM 0.09 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 78/53. Sunshine till about 13:30 (12:30EST), then mid level Ac rolled in from west in response to mid level disturbance. Showers and thunder arrived shortly around 17:00 (16:00). Overnight, partly cloudy and cooling down to the lower 50s. High temp records shattered during this 24 hour period. ROC, SYR, BGM. Syracuse reached 80...breaking old record by 8 degrees.
3/20/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 77/54. Mainly sunny skies Tuesday. Forsythia popping out, lawns suddenly turning green in the past 24-36 hours. Plants popping out of soil. Forget breaking maximum records. Think of it this way...this might not be so unusual for mid to late April. But for mid March?
3/21/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 78/46. Sunny skies, as upper high dominates with strong subsidence. Grass continues to green rapidly, pear tree buds have popped and leaves are coming out of that one. Forsythia in full bloom in some neighborhoods. Overnight, clear and cool.
3/22/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 82/54. Another day of wall to wall sunshine. Few Cu clouds noted by early afternoon. Light and variable breezes. Flora continues to come out, some dandelion coming out of ground...but no yellow flowers seen yet. Overnight, clear and cool. Temp in upper 50s by 21:00 (20:00 EST). No precip as expansive upper high keeps region dry. At obs today, again sunny and in mid 50s.
3/25/2012 8:00 AM 0.09 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 62/49. Overcast skies with an easterly breeze much of the day. Mid-level clouds were the rule. After dusk, a few spots of drizzle noted,which turned into a light rain after 24:00 (23:00EST). At obs, very light rain falling, 49.
3/26/2012 8:00 AM 0.01 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 59/31. Morning drizzle ended quickly Sunday, followed by overcast skies and slowly rising temps. After 15:30 (14:30EST), skies brightened and then cleared, allowing for the max temp attained very late into the afternoon hours. Overnight, clear and then turned windy after 02:30 (01:30EST), following Arctic cold fropa. Winds N 15-30knts. At obs, sunshine with lake induced Sc clouds...sct v bkn, and 31.
3/27/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 37/19. cA air mass settled into the district with gusty NNE to NW winds most of day. Skies featured periods of flat topped Sc clouds in the morning, then mainly sunny in the afternoon. Airmass exceptionally dry, with dewpoints near 6 degrees by dusk. Overnight, breeze continued but finally went to near calm by 3am (2am EST). Temps dropped from 31 at midnight to 19 by dawn. Some bud damage noted on dogwood tree, but low lying daffodils appear to be okay. At obs, sunny and 24 degrees.
3/28/2012 7:00 AM 0.03 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 47/38. Plenty of sunshine Tuesday with a light east-ne breeze that shifted to the south after 12:00 (11:30EST). Patchy mid-level Ac clouds noted to the west by 15:30, but otherwise a full sunny day. Overnight, partly cloudy with rising temps after 22:30. Heavy showers arrived at dawn, but were over by obs time. At obs time mostly cloudy and 53. Daytime high Tuesday 47.
3/29/2012 7:00 AM 0.15 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 70/37. Variably cloudy skies with a short-lived warmup as we resided in the warm sector Wednesday. Cold fropa occurred by 14:45(13:45EST). WSW breezes shifted to WNW then to N with colder air pouring in. By overnight, temps quickly got into the lower 40s by evening. Instability rain showers were underway by 20:30. At early obs, drizzle with temps in upper 30s.
3/30/2012 7:00 AM 0.03 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 40/26. Sc overcast with associated cyclonic flow all day. WNW breezes and a few morning rain showers with dry conditions the remainder of the day. Temps mainly in the upper 30s, but felt colder with wind. Overnight clearing allowed for temps to drop into the mid 20s...second hard freeze this week. At obs, clear and in mid 20s.
3/31/2012 7:00 AM 0.22 1.8 M 1.0 M Temp range 47/32. Sunny skies ruled into early afternoon Friday. Then, rapid increase and lowering of overcast by 15:30 and thereafter. Around 20:00 (19:00EST), a mix of light rain and snow broke out. For the next 3-4 hours, wet snow fell. By midnight, the snow went back to liquid...light rain...then to drizzle the remainder of the night. Snowfall measured twice during snow phase. Temps reached their minimum by 21:00 at 32, then slow rose to 34 by dawn. At early obs, drizzle and 34. Snow covers trees and grass only; not roads nor driveways. First snow event since March 10th.
4/1/2012 7:00 AM 0.01 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 43/26. Overcast skies with rain showers Saturday morning, ending by 11:45 (10:45EST). Afternoon featured a continuation of gray skies. At 19:45, the Sc cloud deck retreated from N to S, allowing for clear skies overnight, and temps dropped to below freezing. At daybreak Sunday the 1st...low clouds returned. Rainfall catch compromised, amounts suspiciously low, compared to a station 2 mi west. They reported .24" of liquid that fell between 9a-11:30a.
4/8/2012 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 57/27. Azure blue skies the entire day, not a cloud in sight. Persistent NW breezes entire day, 10-17knts. After 21:00 (20:00EST), winds out of W and light. Overnight, clear skies as well. At obs, sky not as blue as previous days, with sctd cirrus visible to SW and W.
4/11/2012 8:00 AM 0.05 0.0 M 0.0 M Temp range 50/36.
4/12/2012 8:00 AM 0.08 0.0 M 0.0 M No temp data avbl. A very brief interval of snow was seen mixed with rain Wednesday AM; early in this 24h observation cycle.
5/4/2012 6:30 AM 0.83 0.0 M 0.0 M HAIL observed during severe thunderstorm at 22:46-22:50, Thursday night. Pea sized to marble sized HAIL.
7/26/2012 7:00 AM 0.81 M M M M First "soaking" rain since mid-late June. Sunshine and dry air in place at beginning of period...Wednesday. Sct to bkn Cu clouds were soon accompanied by and then replaced by high cirroform clouds. Then, mid-level Ac/As deck arrived by 18:30 from the west. First showers arrived during dusk..but significant rain got underway by 21:50 and continued into a good portion of night. At obs, partial
7/27/2012 7:00 AM 1.50 M M M M An impressive rainfall has fallen and ended. Most of the day Thursday was rain-free. Mainly overcast skies from the cluster and lines of storms to our south. Blue sky patches visible to our west and north during the day. Beginning at 22:50, rain started falling and was pretty steady and heavy until about 03:30. Only a trace of rain fell in the previous mid afternoon period from 15:30-16:15, but were right on the northern edge of the afternoon event. Temp range 82/64 for the period just ending this morning.
7/28/2012 8:00 AM 0.45 M M M M Temp range 80/61. Intervals of clouds and sun Friday, with more sun than clouds by mid to late afternoon. Clouds returned Friday night...with rain and lightning returning to station just after 03:30, tapering off by 08:00EDT. At obs, low overcast, temp at 65, some light drizzle at times.
7/29/2012 8:00 AM 0.44 M M M M Some limited morning sun gave way to dark convective clouds and heavy downpours for about an hour or less in the early to mid afternoon period. Skies cleared by late afternoon and into the night. Temp range of 79/56.
9/8/2012 9:00 AM 0.10 M M M M Temp range 82/67. Friday featured a sunny morning, followed by increasing middle and high clouds from mid afternoon on. Showers and some thunderstorms developed during the 6p-7p hour, invof pre-frontal trof line. Amounts were very light, but heavier downpours noted in other areas. Overnight, overcast and unseasonably mild with lows in upper 60s. At obs, overcast and breezy...but no rain yet through 9am EDT obs. Rain though is on our doorstep, with downdrafts producing busy breezes, up to 20knots. Lots of leaves falling.

Start Date End Date & Time Duration in Days Precipitation Snow Depth Snow Depth SWE Notes
12/26/2011 1/01/2012 7:45 AM 7 0.38 0.0 0.00 Gauge and last obs taken Christmas morning prior to 8am. Christmas Day after leaving area was dry. Melted precip was measured in gauge on New Years Day at 08:30am, approximately. No snow on ground upon return to area. Dry weather in progress New Years morning with some sunshine.

Observation Date Observation Time Notes Largest Stone Size Average Stone Size Smallest Stone Size Stone Consistency Duration Minutes Durration Accuracy Damage Timing More Rain than Hail Hail Started Largest Hail Started Angle of Impact Number of Stones on Pad Distance Between Stones on Pad Depth of Stones on Ground