Station Overview Station Location
Station Number MA-SF-2 Latitude 42.384222
Station Name Winthrop 0.2 N Longitude -70.979692
County Suffolk Elevation (ft) 43

Month 30 Yr Avg by PRISM Total Prcp Sum Days Covered By All Observations Daily Prcp Sum Daily Observation Count Multiday Prcp Sum Days Covered by Multiday Observations Multiday Observation Count Days With Prcp Days With Trace Total Snowfall Days With Snowfall Days With Snow On Ground
Oct 17 4.01 8.88 31 4.56 14 4.32 17 2 5 1 0.0 0 0
Nov 17 4.17 1.85 30 1.85 30 0.00 0 0 10 1 0.0 0 0
Dec 17 3.98 2.40 31 2.40 31 0.00 0 0 9 4 9.2 4 9
Jan 18 3.45 4.39 31 4.39 31 0.00 0 0 11 4 17.8 8 18
Feb 18 3.40 3.92 28 3.92 28 0.00 0 0 12 3 8.3 4 3
March 18 4.38 4.78 31 4.78 31 0.00 0 0 14 6 23.3 8 16
April 18 4.02 5.31 30 5.31 28 0.00 2 0 13 2 1.3 2 0
May 18 3.52 1.92 31 0.00 0 1.92 31 1 0 0 0.0 0 0
June 18 3.84 3.51 30 0.00 0 3.51 30 3 0 0 0.0 0 0
July 18 3.53 0.00 4 0.00 2 0.00 2 1 0 0 0.0 0 0
Aug 18 3.48 0.00 0 0.00 0 0.00 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0
Sept 18 3.55 0.00 0 0.00 0 0.00 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0
Water Year Totals: 45.33" 36.96" 277 days 27.21" 195 9.75" 82 days 7 74 days 21 days 59.9" 26 days 46 days

Days in Water Year Cell Color Key
        Daily Observation with Prcp         Missing Day
        Multiday Observation         Daily/Multiday Observation Conflict

Day of Year Daily Prcp Multiday Prcp
10/1/2017 **
10/2/2017 **
10/3/2017 3.91
10/4/2017 **
10/5/2017 **
10/6/2017 **
10/7/2017 **
10/8/2017 **
10/9/2017 **
10/10/2017 **
10/11/2017 **
10/12/2017 **
10/13/2017 **
10/14/2017 **
10/15/2017 **
10/16/2017 **
10/17/2017 0.41
10/18/2017 0.00
10/19/2017 0.00
10/20/2017 0.00
10/21/2017 0.00
10/22/2017 0.00
10/23/2017 0.00
10/24/2017 0.02
10/25/2017 1.18
10/26/2017 0.62
10/27/2017 0.14
10/28/2017 0.00
10/29/2017 0.00
10/30/2017 2.60
10/31/2017 T
11/1/2017 0.00
11/2/2017 0.00
11/3/2017 0.00
11/4/2017 0.00
11/5/2017 0.00
11/6/2017 0.01
11/7/2017 0.06
11/8/2017 0.15
11/9/2017 0.00
11/10/2017 0.03
11/11/2017 0.00
11/12/2017 0.00
11/13/2017 0.00
11/14/2017 0.12
11/15/2017 0.00
11/16/2017 T
11/17/2017 0.21
11/18/2017 0.00
11/19/2017 0.27
11/20/2017 0.07
11/21/2017 0.00
11/22/2017 0.11
11/23/2017 0.82
11/24/2017 0.00
11/25/2017 0.00
11/26/2017 0.00
11/27/2017 0.00
11/28/2017 0.00
11/29/2017 0.00
11/30/2017 0.00
12/1/2017 0.07
12/2/2017 0.00
12/3/2017 0.00
12/4/2017 0.00
12/5/2017 0.00
12/6/2017 0.40
12/7/2017 0.00
12/8/2017 0.00
12/9/2017 0.00
12/10/2017 0.65
12/11/2017 0.00
12/12/2017 0.00
12/13/2017 0.06
12/14/2017 T
12/15/2017 0.00
12/16/2017 T
12/17/2017 0.00
12/18/2017 0.00
12/19/2017 T
12/20/2017 0.00
12/21/2017 0.00
12/22/2017 T
12/23/2017 0.13
12/24/2017 0.59
12/25/2017 0.28
12/26/2017 0.21
12/27/2017 0.00
12/28/2017 0.00
12/29/2017 0.00
12/30/2017 0.00
12/31/2017 0.01
Day of YearDaily PrcpMultiday Prcp
1/1/2018 0.00
1/2/2018 0.00
1/3/2018 0.00
1/4/2018 0.01
1/5/2018 1.14
1/6/2018 0.00
1/7/2018 0.00
1/8/2018 0.00
1/9/2018 T
1/10/2018 0.00
1/11/2018 0.00
1/12/2018 0.00
1/13/2018 1.71
1/14/2018 T
1/15/2018 T
1/16/2018 0.01
1/17/2018 0.04
1/18/2018 0.16
1/19/2018 0.00
1/20/2018 0.00
1/21/2018 0.00
1/22/2018 T
1/23/2018 0.08
1/24/2018 1.08
1/25/2018 0.00
1/26/2018 0.00
1/27/2018 0.00
1/28/2018 0.02
1/29/2018 0.00
1/30/2018 0.06
1/31/2018 0.08
2/1/2018 0.00
2/2/2018 0.28
2/3/2018 T
2/4/2018 0.00
2/5/2018 0.58
2/6/2018 0.00
2/7/2018 T
2/8/2018 0.71
2/9/2018 0.00
2/10/2018 0.00
2/11/2018 0.45
2/12/2018 0.46
2/13/2018 0.00
2/14/2018 0.00
2/15/2018 0.00
2/16/2018 0.02
2/17/2018 T
2/18/2018 0.57
2/19/2018 0.00
2/20/2018 0.04
2/21/2018 0.00
2/22/2018 0.00
2/23/2018 0.09
2/24/2018 0.13
2/25/2018 0.07
2/26/2018 0.52
2/27/2018 0.00
2/28/2018 0.00
3/1/2018 0.01
3/2/2018 0.38
3/3/2018 1.69
3/4/2018 T
3/5/2018 0.05
3/6/2018 0.00
3/7/2018 T
3/8/2018 1.06
3/9/2018 0.08
3/10/2018 T
3/11/2018 T
3/12/2018 0.00
3/13/2018 0.20
3/14/2018 0.94
3/15/2018 T
3/16/2018 0.00
3/17/2018 0.00
3/18/2018 0.00
3/19/2018 0.00
3/20/2018 0.00
3/21/2018 0.00
3/22/2018 0.05
3/23/2018 0.11
3/24/2018 0.00
3/25/2018 0.09
3/26/2018 T
3/27/2018 0.00
3/28/2018 0.01
3/29/2018 0.00
3/30/2018 0.02
3/31/2018 0.09
Day of YearDaily PrcpMultiday Prcp
4/1/2018 0.00
4/2/2018 0.00
4/3/2018 0.09
4/4/2018 0.53
4/5/2018 0.20
4/6/2018 0.00
4/7/2018 0.25
4/8/2018 0.00
4/9/2018 0.00
4/10/2018 0.00
4/11/2018 T
4/12/2018 0.00
4/13/2018 0.07
4/14/2018 T
4/15/2018 0.00
4/16/2018 0.34
4/17/2018 1.63
4/18/2018 0.00
4/19/2018 0.04
4/20/2018 0.20
4/21/2018 0.00
4/22/2018 0.00
4/23/2018 0.00
4/24/2018 0.00
4/25/2018 0.04
4/26/2018 1.06
4/27/2018 0.02
4/28/2018 0.84
4/29/2018 **
4/30/2018 **
5/1/2018 **
5/2/2018 **
5/3/2018 **
5/4/2018 **
5/5/2018 **
5/6/2018 **
5/7/2018 **
5/8/2018 **
5/9/2018 **
5/10/2018 **
5/11/2018 **
5/12/2018 **
5/13/2018 **
5/14/2018 **
5/15/2018 **
5/16/2018 **
5/17/2018 **
5/18/2018 **
5/19/2018 **
5/20/2018 **
5/21/2018 **
5/22/2018 **
5/23/2018 1.92
5/24/2018 **
5/25/2018 **
5/26/2018 **
5/27/2018 **
5/28/2018 **
5/29/2018 **
5/30/2018 **
5/31/2018 **
6/1/2018 **
6/2/2018 **
6/3/2018 **
6/4/2018 **
6/5/2018 0.85
6/6/2018 **
6/7/2018 **
6/8/2018 **
6/9/2018 **
6/10/2018 **
6/11/2018 **
6/12/2018 **
6/13/2018 **
6/14/2018 **
6/15/2018 **
6/16/2018 **
6/17/2018 **
6/18/2018 **
6/19/2018 0.58
6/20/2018 **
6/21/2018 **
6/22/2018 **
6/23/2018 **
6/24/2018 **
6/25/2018 **
6/26/2018 **
6/27/2018 **
6/28/2018 **
6/29/2018 2.08
6/30/2018 **
Day of YearDaily PrcpMultiday Prcp
7/1/2018 **
7/2/2018 0.00
7/3/2018 0.00
7/5/2018 0.00

Observation Date Observation Time Precipitation Snowfall Snowfall SWE Snow Depth Snow SWE Notes
10/18/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc, on the wndy side, 51.3f, dwpt 37.4f, solar 33 W/m2, pres been stdy now rs @ 30.23”, wnd sw/wsw 10+...(Note: ydy REAL NICE DAY, near 100% of the poss sunshine just a few fair wx clds sct’d abt (a bit of L/day HZ in the southern sky) and a novelty day w/tmps below the norm by a few degs that has NOT been the case this month, even tho we have not been here much this Oct, tmp data tells the story, sta to date from norm +7.0f, wnds mostly w-nw till just aft 3p shift to the warm wx wnd directions (s-sw 10+ gusts L20s) arnd 11a looked like a seabrz would kick in as wnd got lgt/ish and sta did for abt 20 mins then back to a wnw/nw land brz, highs 56.8f, dwpt 38.5f (just before m/ngt) solar rad 624 W/m2, gusts nw 21, sw 23...overnight lows 47.6f 1250a (stayed stdy or rose a tad from there, given gusty warm wnds) grnd sensor 47.0f @ 1205a, dwpt 36.9f @ 740a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +11.2f, dwpt +5.3f...
10/19/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Another fine start to the day, Skc ovrhd, ovrngt –dew mostly elevated surfaces cars that kind of thing, 54.3f, dwpt 51.3f, solar 35 W/m2, pres s 30.22” wnd s-sw 4-8...(Note: ydy Just a a grt day if u like warmer than norm tmps (sta near 10 degs abv avg), 100% of the poss sunshine a few high thin Ci for a couple hrs m/day, that was it for clds, wnd for the most part both sides of w morn 8-16 few gusts a bit higher/aftn 6-12, btwn 3/4p became lgt/var times it was on shore, aft 4p back to land brz, highs 70.4f, dwpt 46.7f, solar rad 610 W/m2, gust wnw 19...overnight lows 53.0f @ 629a, grnd sensor 51.0f @ 1255a, dwpt 45.0f @ 1241a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.0f, dwpt +13.9f...
10/20/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Still some sct’d Ci ovrhd, sun is on the filtered side now, but trending toward brighter, btwn 4/5a had a wnd shift line(C/fropa that’s a stretch given just some clds, NO WX, and not much diff in tmps before/aft, altho dews started falling a tad) from mostly sw to w/wnw, 58.3f, dwpt 44.3f, solar 30 W/m2, pres aft wnd shift began rs, looking at line trace now more quickly at this hr anyway @ 30.04” wnd wnw 8-16... (Note: ydy sta had another WELL abv norm tmp by some 10 degs yet again so the beat goes on, morn sky featured a lot of Ci that on occn would filter the sun/aftn mostly clr if not skc, warm wx wnd directions s-sw gusting M20s, highs 73.3f, dwpt 53.1f, solar rad 603 W/m2, gust sw 25... overnight lows 57.6f @ 607a, grnd sensor 57.0f @ 536a, dwpt 44.0f @ 650a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.0f, dwpt –7.0f...
10/21/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Just a fine start to the day, kinda fallish at least at this hr...Skc, 51.3f (grnd sensor 49.0f) dwpt 41.3f, solar 33 W/m2, presrs at a stdy pace 30.26” wnd near calm ...(Note: ydy Another NICE DAY that was STILL abv the avg tmp by near 10 degs, early high thin Ci gone by 9a thereafter 100% of the poss sunshine, wnds w/wnw turned mostly nw arnd 10a and gusted in the 20s for svl hrs, highs 68.6f, dwpt 51.1f @ 1a falling from there through the 40s , by m/day U30s, M30s aft 2p, solar rad 608 W/m2, gust nw 24...overnight lows 50.4f @704a, grnd sensor 48.0f @ 505a, dwpt 34.0f @ 1241a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –7.0f, dwpt –3.0f...
10/22/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Changing sky past couple of hrs overhead,from ovc to mostly now trending toward partly cldy thats ovrhd, however looking in most directions still mostly, 54.3f, dwpt 46.4f, solar 51 W/m2, presrs 30.39” wnd near calm... (Note: ydy another “WELL” abv norm day NO SHOCK there as that is the way Oct has been, morn 100% of the poss sunshine every now/again a wispy Ci would appear, BUT the best part of the morn sky svl contrails that were straight as arrows/aftn (mostly M/L) sct’d H/Thin Ci mixed in, wnds s-w morn 5-10/aftn 6-12 few gusts M/teens, given the time of yr (sst bouy # 44013 near 60 vs the spring M/U40s) just strong enough to negate a local seabrz from kicking, highs 77.4f, dwpt 48.3f, solar rad 591 W/m2, wnd wsw 16...overnight lows 53.5f @ 723a, grnd sensor 51.0f @ 707a, dwpt 46.0f @ 253a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.0f, dwpt +5.1f...
10/23/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Rpt is late due to an EARLY appt...
10/24/2017 8:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc, –shra (0.02”) for an hr or so before daybrk 65.6f, dwpt 62.9f, solar 37 W/m2, presfs 30.02”, wnd sse 6-12...(Note: ydy All in all a crummy day, L/level moisture ruled in the form of L/St, fog/mist of varying density and height, mostly tree tops till L/aftn svl hrs on the grnd, however for a time m/aftn could make out sun disc on a few occns, even some “BRIEF” filtered sun arnd 330p short lived tho as fog returned rather quickly, wnd on shore calm to 10, highs 60.9f, dwpt 59.3f (10p) solar rad 304 W/m2, gust ese 10, pres just aft m/ngt 30.41” (1029.9 mb)...overnight lows 59.9f @ 1212a, grnd sensor 59.0f, dwpt 58.0f both @ 1202a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changed +11.0f, dwpt +10.0f...
10/25/2017 8:00 AM 1.18 0.0 M 0.0 M Had to leave REAL early this morn for appt @ Lahey in Burlington much earlier than usual due to wx, gd idea as we ran into svl intense downpours, big puddles, ect. and the pkng lot that rt 128 is that time of day... throw in the wx, accidents, brkdnws, drivers that think it’s July sunny and 75f, the ride was a horror show... the only gd part was the wnd had calmed considerably so not rocking/rolling... anyway gauge was dumped @ 1030a (just ovc then) so tom ra rpt will b from 1030a(10/25) till 8a(10/26)... including ydy 8a 0.02” strm tot wat @ this time 1.20”...
10/26/2017 8:00 AM 0.62 0.0 M 0.0 M Stdy –ra ovrngt (few hundredths each hr...grtest instant ra rate 0.11(in/hr) 1220a) ended arnd 6a, now ovc,starting to sprinkle a bit, 59.2f, dwpt 58.4f, solar 10 W/m2, pres been stdy now starting to rs @ 29.63”, wnd mostly se arnd 10...(Note: ydy a CRUMMY day w/ra of varying intensity from –ra/dz to a few early downpours, as day wore on became mostly –ra, wnds arnd daybrk lgt/var for a few hrs however aft 9a wnd turned mostly s (occnl e of s) 8-16 gusts near 20, highs 69.6f (just aft m/ngt), dwpt 67.5f, solar rad 91 W/m2, gusts s 29 also just aft m/ngt...overnight lows 57.8f @ 448a, grnd sensor 57.0f, dwpt 57.0f both @ 148a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –7.8f, dwpt –8.0f... (as mentioned in ydy late rpt todays rafl is from 1030a till 8a today that said strm tot water @ this hr 1.82”) side note during this ra period tipping buckets had 0.61”/0.62”outlier had 0.68”...
10/27/2017 8:00 AM 0.14 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc WNDY, 47.0f, dwpt 36.7f, solar 28 W/m2, presrr 29.97” wnd mostly wnw 10+ gusting 20s...(Note: ydy another dreary day altho m/aftn started to improve, morn periods of mostly –ra /aftn ovc to L/day thin spots in ovc , wnds onshore e-se 6-12 till a shift to wnw/nw arnd 330p aft dark gusted U20s, L30s(see note below), highs 60.7f, dwpt 58.9f (aft fropa fell through the 40s to 39.2f arnd 1130p), solar rad 387 W/m2, gusts svl U20s, L30s PG 34...overnight lows 46.7f @ 720a, grnd sensor 46.0f @ 709a, dwpt 36.0f @ 702a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -12.2f, dwpt -21.7f...aft 8p WPD radio transmission large tree down blocking the street Walden @ Short St, no wires or anything just down in the street, DPW tree div notified on the way... that was also arnd the time of sta strongest wnd ra tot 1.96”...
10/28/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc, 49.0f, dwpt 45.0f, solar 27 W/m2 , presrs from 30.10” wnd favoring s calm to lgt...(Note: ydy a swell day 100% of the poss sun till M/L aftn when it was MORE SUN than clds, almost fall like even tho tmps still abv avg by a few degs, but not the 10+ so many days have been, improvement I guess (this hr sta MTD +7.5f), wnds morn 10+ gusts in the L20s/aftn 8-16 few gusts near 20, highs 61.6f, dwpt not much of a spread 36.7-41.4f, gust w 24...overnight lows 47.6f @ 609a, grnd 47.0f @ 553a, dwpt 41.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr(8/8a) tmp changes +2.0f, dwpt +8.3f... looks like this upcoming strm is going to b an inside runner...I HATE inside runners, not to fond of coast huggers either both w/their STINKING s component to the wnd, THESE strm tracks “MUST STOP” before winter, anyway, thinking back to Many/Many moons ago a couple of the TV mets would use Oct tmps (way before the sophisticated L/range models of today) as a guide to what the upcoming winter might hold...If that theory works and holds true given that most sta are at least 7f+ abv avg, WE winter/sn lovers are in DeeeeeeP trouble!!
10/29/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc, 57.5f, dwpt 54.5f, solar 20 W/m2, pres been fs, however this hr looking at line trace trending up @ 29.95" wnd mostly se arnd 10... (Note: ydy Not a bad day that ended up warm again a 20 deg rise in tmp from low to high, morn mostly clr if not skc/aftn changing sky btwn partly/mostly cldy, wnd was mostly s/sse, morn 6-12, aftn 10+ few gusts U/teens, highs 67.3f, dwpt 54.9f, solar rad 578 W/m2, gust s 19...overnight lows 56.1f, grnd sensor 55.0f, dwpt 53.0f all @ 1201a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +8.5f, dwpt +9.5f...side note turned camper fridge on last evng in case we have a power outage of any length, it will auto switch to propane so we will have refrigeration if needed... hoping that’s not the case tho...
10/30/2017 8:00 AM 2.60 0.0 M 0.0 M IMPRESSIVE STORM (strm notes below).Changing sky ovhd was Binovc now back to thin spots in ovc, 61.0f, dwpt 58.5f, solar 30(42 @ 756a)W/m2, pres starting to rr 29.10”, wnd has backed to ssw gusting 20s (aft being nearly dead calm for an hr or so)...(Note: ydy Ovc m/day –shra/sprinkles for abt an hr not even enough to dampen the grnd no more ra till M/evng when it became +ra, wnds s/se turned se-e arnd noon and got busy teens gusts 20s, m/evng abt same time as the +ra wnd started to crank gusting near 40, highs 59.8f, dwpt 59.2f, solar rad 174 W/m2, pres 29.99”(1211a) gust ese 45...overnight lows 59.6f @ 1216a, grnd 59.0f @ 1213a, dwpt 58.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.5f, dwpt +4.1f...Strm notes for the most part +ra for the whole episode(tot 2.60” however due to wnd blowing across the top of gauge prob missed a few hundreds) wnds btwn 11p/4a constant gusts in the 40s PG 10/29/1151p 45, ovrngt 48 1244a presFR bottomed out @ 20.01”(982.6 mb)424a... WFD/PD radio traffic svl tree calls (too many to list) from branches to big limbs to whole tree that landed on a car, svl streets blocked (Tree debris) wires down at svl locales BUT no wide spread outages just couple of houses here/there from downed wires to services drops pulled away from bldngs flooded streets at the usual low lying sectns clogged catch basins ect and finally for what it’s worth KUDOS to the wx folks, forecast was RIGHT ON...
10/31/2017 8:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd, 49.4f, dwpt 33.4f, solar (this will b last S/rpt till sometime in Mar) 33 W/m2, presrr@ 29.92” wnd mostly wsw gusting near 20...(Note: ydy STILL WNDY daylgt G/near 40, changing sky all day did favor MORE SUN than clds M/Laftn, m/day brief -shra/sprinkles just enough to dampen grnd, highs 64.6f arnd daybrk to L50s days end, dwpt 63.4f before daybrk to L30s days end, solar rad 628 W/m2, gust Strm 48, back side 39...overnight lows 49.1f @ 606a, grnd 48.0f , dwpt 33.0f both @ 557a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –11.6f, dwpt –25.1f... Daylgt Ydy few more lg limbs (1 involved wires) came down but nothing like ovrngt...In 1966 right out of H/school went to work for Wint tree dept (WTD) learned the job and took the Civil Service exam for Tree climber/surgeon (commonly called arborist now a days), got State certified, got a whopping raise from $3.21 to $3.57 an hr, (now tree Co paying up to $40 hr) we hoped for wnd strms (on wknds/ovrngt “OT”) when the trees were leaf full (the big “SAIL” effect), so gd for the DPWs/private tree Co. made some bucks this Oct. so what’s BAD for most/gd for others, same w/snstrms, all’s relative I guess. WTD job 4 yrs then I got apptd (CS exam) to the WFD as a firefighter July 1 1970, but did work svl yrs (off duty hrs) for New England Forestry and a couple of other tree outfits as a 2nd job....any time a big wnd strm during leaf season, think back to all the BIG BUCKS... Ya right (time and 1/2 $5.35 hr wow) made back then...
11/1/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Lots of clds arnd sun is filtered at best, 40.5f, dwpt 33.9f, pres was rs now rapidly 30.36”, wnd near calm...(Note: ydy Fall feel for a change BUT still abv avg by a few degs (sounds abt right given the well abv month we have had), avg out MORE SUN than clds, wndy but not like the gales of the past few days, highs 57.9f, dwpt 36.6f @ 3a, for the rest of the day L30s even a few obs hrs U20s, gust wnw 26...overnight lows 39.6f @ 610a, grnd sensor 39.0f @ 534a, dwpt 29.0f @ 1245a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –8.9f, dwpt +0.5f...morn L/tmp 39.6f 2nd coldest of the fall season 1st was 10/17 639a 39.0f... Oct sta data tomorrow...
11/2/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Few brks in the LOW ovc ovhd, 54.8f, dwpt 51.0f, pres been fs now more stdy @ 30.32” (altho line trace starting to trend upwards), wnd lgt on shore se 4-8... (Note: ydy here’s a shock tmps a tad below norm!!... day featured MORE CLDS than sun if not ovc @ times, early wnds calm to lgt so just before 11a turned on shore in the 6-12 range Gs/a dite better, highs 53.2f arnd 9p, dwpts L30s till S/brz then started to rs into 40s H/just aft 11p 47.9f, gusts ese 14...overnight lows 52.3f, grnd 51.0f both 1201a, dwpt 47.0f @ 109a)....24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +14.3f, dwpt +17.2f ...Some sta data for Oct...Avg tmp 60.7f from norm +7.1f... H/L 79.3f(5th), 39.0f(17th)... Water 4.97” from norm +1.03”... grtst 24 hr period 2.60”(29-30) grtst 24 hr day (12a-1159p) 1.67”(30th), days w/0.01” or more(9) 0.10”(7) 0.50”(3) 1.00”(2) Trace amts(2), fog(9) hvy fog(2) HZ(6), pres H/L 30.68”(3rd) 29.01”(30th)... avg wndspd/ direc 9.9 S, PG ese 48(30th)... Skc 10/ partly 10/ cldy 11...Bright sunshine 194 hrs or abt 55%...HDD 157/CDD 33...
11/3/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Mostly cldy, sun is filtered at times more than others (ovrngt hvy dew on elevated surfaces such as car tops and the like/lgt everywhere else) 59.3f, dwpt 55.3f, pres been fs for many hrs however looking @ line trace becoming more stdy this hr @ 30.05”, wnd ssw 6-12+...(Note: ydy on the HUMID side w/dews near 60f, back to the same old/same old tmps WELL abv norm by some 10+ degs yet again, sky pretty much a rubber stamp of the day before, MORE CLDS than sun if not ovc @ times, wnds warm wx directions s-sw avged arnd 10 gusts m/teens, highs 70.5f (that’s w/little or NO sun), dwpt 59.9f, gust ssw 15...overnight lows Sept-like 57.4f @ 359a, grnd 57.0f @ 406a, dwpt 55.0f @ 737a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.5f, dwpt +4.3f...
11/4/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Right ovhd now skc however looking most direc high clds sct’d abt, sun is on the filtered side, 42.3f, dwpt 30.3f, pres has been rr now more slowly @ 30.33” wnd has calmed down some from last evng and ovrngt when it was nw-n 15+ G/ U20s few L30s, now nw-n arnd 10 G/teens... (Note: ydy another WELL abv norm tmp day by near 15 degs, turn the record over heard that song before, Sky same as past few days MORE CLDS than sun if not ovc @ times, warm sector wnds s-sw 10+ G/L20s till C/fropa (just aft 4p) turned wnds wnw to nw, slow falling tmps/dwpts and presrs to RR in short order, highs 74.9f (little or no sun), dwpt 58.8f (L30s days end) both in the hr before fropa, gusts warm sec sw 24, aft frnt nw 32...overnight lows 41.9f @ 732a, grnd 41.0f @ 727a, dwpt 29.0f @ 219a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –17.0f, dwpt –25.0f...
11/5/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M THIN spots in the ovc(over the past hr if looking @ the right time brief small patches of blue come/GO) WNDY(even a bit of a chill by a few degs) 52.4f, dwpt 44.5f, pres was fs to erratic rising/falling now fs again 30.36” wnd ese 10+ g/20s... (Note: ydy here is a surprise for the cal date sta tmp a deg BELOW the norm (vs ydys near +15) morn MORE SUN (filtered) than H/thin clds/aftn opposite that, wnd turned on shore arnd 11a e-se in the 6-12 range G/tad higher, till aft dark got busy 10+ gusts near 20, highs 52.0f, dwpt 39.5f, gusts PG was nw 32 but that was ovrngt and rptd ydy @ 8a aft that ese 19...overnight lows 49.8f, grnd 50.0f, both @ 1201a, dwpt 37.0f @ 156a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.1f, dwpt +14.2f...checking sky cover arnd daybrk saw a flock of geese heading n, confused ?? heading n, MAYBE NOT the way tmps have been... anyway in the dead of a REAL winter there’s still a slew of them at the golf course/football field...
11/6/2017 8:00 AM 0.01 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc (couple/three BRIEF SMALL patches of blue arnd 730/ish) humid, w/fropa turned wnd from lgt ese (11p)to a somewhat busy ssw (12a), also aft m/ngt brief period of –shra (0.01”), now 62.9f, dwpt 59.2f, pres was fs now more stdy @ 29.91” wnd ssw/sw gusting M/occnl Uteens... (Note: ydy Cldy save for 1/2 hr or so arnd m/day when some filtered sun broke through, but short lived back to ovc for the rest of the day, wnds on shore till abv mentioned shift morn ese 10+ gusts L20s/aftn ese-se 6-12 few G m/teens, highs 59.3f (1146p), dwpt 58.2f abt same time, gusts ese 22...overnight lows 58.8f, grnd 58.0f, dwpt 57.0f all @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.5f, dwpt +14.7f...
11/7/2017 8:00 AM 0.06 0.0 M 0.0 M Changing sky was mostly clr now lots of clds (730a waning gibbous bright now filtered if not covered @ times) cool,wndy,so a bit of chill by a few to svl degs, 40.0f, dwpt 27.0f, pres been rr now more slowly @ 30.24” wnd nw-n 10+ G/near 20... (Note: ydy mostly cldy if not ovc, warm sector wnds 8-16 G/L20s however btwn 4/5p C/fropa shifted wnds to the wnw then nw and gusted M20s tmps/dews FS, presrs then rapidly, couple periods of mostly –ra 1st arnd noon for an hr or so enough to wet the grnd 2nd assoc w/fropa bit more productive few small puddles all said and done 0.06”(days tot 0.07”), highs 64.9f, dwpt 62.4f days end L40s, gusts warm sec ssw 22 PG nw 25...overnight lows 39.2f @ 658a, grnd 39.0f @ 608a, dwpt 26.0f @ 624a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –22.9f, dwpt –32.2f...
11/8/2017 8:00 AM 0.15 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc ovhd (looking nw-ne thinner/brighter) wndy,chills are a factor by svl degs, 38.0f, dwpt 30.3f, presrs 30.28”, wnd mostly n 10+ G/near 20...(Note: ydy some early sun, however by 9a turned mostly cldy(if not ovc)and stayed that way for the rest of the day, for a few hrs both sides of m/ngt –ra that = 0.15”, morn wnds mostly nw w/early gusts arnd 20, e/aftn on shore component to the wnd mostly ne occnly ene 6-12, aft dark turned to mostly n 6-12 then 10+, highs 49.4f, dwpt early on U20s to mostly M30s w/h of 37.1f, gust nw 21 just aft 8a...overnight lows (coldest of the season note below) 36.9f @ 234a, grnd sensor 36.0f @ 124a, dwpt 31.0 @ 520a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –2.0f, dwpt +3.0f...Last time sta was colder than this morn was 4/2 @ 10a obs 35.8f,the L/tmp for that day(also the month)33.1f @ 5a obs...
11/9/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd, cold, last quarter bright,(1st below frzng tmp of the season/also 1st frost...note below) 35.7f, dwpt 27.0f, pres been rs now fs 30.27” wnd mostly nnw 4-8...(Note: ydy a below norm cool day, not super cold or anything like that but given the REAL LONG stretches of well abv, add the chills it felt pretty cold more like it should b...morn mostly ovc/aftn MORE SUN than clds if not SKC at times, wnds n/nne gusting L20s till e/aftn more of a nne/ne direc arnd 10 g/teens, L/aftn–evng 6-12, HIGHS 43.3f, dwpt 37.1f then fell into the M/U20s, gust nne 22...overnight lows 30.8f @ 509a, grnd sensor for the most part 30.0f however briefly kissed 29.0f @ 421a, dwpt 25.0f @ 436a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -2.3f. dwpt –3.3f...NOTE: Sta morn L/tmp 30.8f coldest MTD, for comparison last yr 1st time sta went to frzng or below 11/20/16 just before m/ngt 31.9f (ALMOST 2 wks earlier this yr) the low for Nov 2016 was a few hrs later 550a on the 21st 30.6f, did not quite beat that today BUT close enough...also 1st frost of the season, lgt sct’d grnd, but a bit heavier on elevated surfaces such as car tops/roofs that kind of thing...
11/10/2017 8:00 AM 0.03 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd "WNDY"(last quarter bright), 39.9f (grnd 39.0f) dwpt 20.8f, presRR 29.97” wnds (chills are a definite factor) NW gusting U20s/L30s (see FROPA notes at the end)... (Note: Ydy another below norm tmp day that’s 2 in a row maybe in the process of a pattern change...prob just wishful thinking given the way the season has been up to now...Morn 100% of the poss sunshine/aftn lots of fair wx clds filtered and or blocked the sun at times, wnd turned on shore aft 9a e-se 6-12 a few m/teen gusts just before shift to s arnd 6p (also 6-12 G/tad better), HIGHS 47.5f, dwpts rose from U20s through the 30s to a h/of 40.7f just before m/ngt, gust ese 16...overnight lows 39.9f @ 759a, grnd sensor 39.0f @ 718a, dwpt 20.8f @ 759a)...24 hr (8/8a)tmp changes +4.2f, dwpt -6.2f...ARCTIC FRNT notes...pre frnt –shra arnd 3a for an hr or so = 0.03”, abt 530a abrupt wnd shift from sw to wnw/nw gusted 30s as frnt passed sta...tmps/dews started falling and a rapid pres rise began(4a was FS 29.82” (tmp 48.2f), 6a RR 29.88” (tmps 44.0f/grnd sensor 42.0f )...@ 1052a corrected ovrngt L/dwpt to 20.8f
11/11/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc (last quarter bright) still WNDY just not as, 23.4f, dwpt 7.4f, pres been rr looking @ line trace this hr more slowly @ 30.49” wnd mostly nw gusting arnd 20(chills are a factor)... (Note: ydy Nice ovhd (COLD on the grnd) w/100% of the poss sunshine just a few aftn f/wx clds that did not bother the sun, wnds BUSY wnw-nw 15-20 G/M30s (chills @ times arnd +10f for the most part L/teens) HIGHS 48.2f, dwpt 43.2f (both arnd 4a pre fropa... aftn dwpts fell to the Sing #s even a few obs hrs –0 by a few tenths) gusts wnw/nw 20s, M30s PG 36 (lots of leaves got stripped) overnight lows 22.2f @ 549a, grnd 22.0f @ 531a, dwpt +3.0f @ 1201a...the last time sta colder was on 3/23 @ 10a obs 22.0f the L/tmp that day was 2 hrs earlier 8a 18.3f)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –16.5f, dwpt –13.4f...ydy put coco gauge in winter mode ALSO coated gauge and holder w/petroleum jelly, have had grt success in removing gauge aft FZRA/DZ episodes and or sn melting/re frzng. Back in the day members would coat exposed skin (face to shed water/keep from frzng) during COLD wx outside FF operations, the same thing has worked for the gauge... Finally wishing all past/present members of the MILITARY a HAPPY/SAFE Veterans Day...
11/12/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Binovc, COLD but lgt wnds so chills are NOT as big a factor this morn vs past couple, 29.0f, dwpt 14.5f, pres s 30.53” wnd mostly n calm to 6...(Note: ydy SKC 100% of the poss sunshine...BUT STILL a COLD day that was well below the norm(thats 4 in row)morn wnds wnw-nw 10+ g/20s, chills a factor by 10+ degs, however wnd calmed considerably in the aftn not 1/2 bad out then, HIGHS 35.5f, dwpts allday/evng sing #s, just before m/ngt was the high 10.9f, pres 30.55”...overnight lows 26.9f @ 619a, grnd sensor 25.0f @ 449a, dwpt 11.0f @ 145a)...24 hr(8/8a)tmp changes +5.6f, dwpt +7.1f...Tomorrows rpt will b late again due to EARLY appts...
11/13/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M As mentioned in ydy rpt todays would b late due to EARLY we were backing in few sprinkles falling B in tomorrows rpt
11/14/2017 8:00 AM 0.12 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc, cold, damp/ish, 37.2f, dwpt 30.3f, pres was rs now more quickly 30.35”, wnd mostly n 6-12 chills are somewhat of a factor by svl degs... (Note: ydy overall a typical Nov day CRUMMY, and another day w/below the norm tmp that’s 7 in a row and counting...few morn sprinkles not enough to wet the grnd, aftn tho had off/on –ra that featured a couple three hundredths an hr for svl hrs to confirm how LGT it really was max ra rate 0.05 (in/hr) 505p evng had mostly – dz that just kept the grnd wet, wnds nw-n avg arnd 10 w/gusts Uteens, HIGHS 41.8f, dwpt 38.2f gusts nnw 19 pres 30.42” arnd 1a...overnight lows 35.9f @ 559a, grnd sensor 35.0f @ 554a, dwpt 30.0f @ 734a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -2.7f, dwpt -4.6f...
11/15/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M SKC(waning crescent was bright till abt 615a then started to fade) 35.5f, dwpt 26.9f, pres has been rs now more stdy @ 30.33” wnd nw-n 6-12 G/bit higher chills a MINOR factor by a couple of degs... (Note: ydy another typical Nov day ovc and dreary and yes below the avg tmp again 8 days and counting Sta MTD abt a deg below and w/month and 1/2 left YTD +1.6f, wnds avg frm the N, at times bit e and/or w of n 6-12 G/teens, HIGHS 42.7f, dwpt 35.8f falling through the 30s to the U20s M/aftn onward, gust nne 14...overnight lows 33.8f, grnd sensor 33.0f both @ 657a, dwpt 25.0f @ 643)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –1.7f, dwpt –3.3f...
11/16/2017 8:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Ovc -shra/sprinkles has not wet the grnd just yet (given the cld shield and the s component to the wnd ovrngt tmps rose svl degs) now 45.5f, dwpt 39.9f, presfs 29.95” wnd sse arnd 10...(Note: ydy...9th day in a row of below norm temps...SKC till abt 11a when it QUICKLY became MORE CLDS than sun, however an hr or so B 4 sundown became mostly clr again, on shore wnds both sides of e 6-12 G/a tad better, HIGHS 44.0f, dwpts U20s/L30s w/h of 32.6f arnd 11p, gust ene 14... overnight lows 38.0f, grnd sensor 36.0f, dwpt 32.0f all @ 1201a and all rising from there)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.0f, dwpt +13.0f...
11/17/2017 8:00 AM 0.21 0.0 M 0.0 M Past few hrs changing sky (btwn partly/MOSTLY now mostly) due to fast moving clds, “WNDY” chills are a FACTOR by svl degs, double digits during P/gusts, 38.9f, dwpt 27.5f, presRR 29.85”, wnd wnw/nw gusting M/U20s... (Note: ydy... Sta tmp below the norm by less than a deg but below none the less that makes 10 in a row... avg out ovc however arnd 10a binovc large patches of blue sky to the w smaller patches ovhd even some filtered sun at times lasted abt an hr then back to ovc that did still have some thin spots, 3 ra episodes 1st arnd 8a an hr or so, aftn B 4 sundown stdy –ra, e/evng another hr or so all totaled 0.21”, wnds mostly s gusting arnd 20, till a shift LGT onshore aft 2p that lasted till an abrupt shift 6p to w/wnw gusting 20s, HIGHS 49.3f, dwpt 45.7f, gust wnw 24...overnight lows 38.5f @ 716a, grnd sensor 37.0f @ 604a, dwpt 27.0f @ 639a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –6.6f, dwpt –12.4f...
11/18/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Beautiful start to the day Skc ovrhd (however looking w M/H level clds now visible),COLD/ish but w/calm to lgt wnds not 1/2 bad, 32.5f, dwpt 16.5f, pres s 29.98” (however looking @ line trace this hr trending down a bit), wnd favoring w 3-6... (Note: ydy... Sta tmp 11th day in a row of below norm, looks like that may be coming to an end sometime this this wknd... day featured mostly cldy till abt 10a when it became MORE SUN than clds if not SKC @ times for the rest of the day, daylgt hrs VERY WNDY wnw/nw 10-15 gusting 20s/L30s chills a factor by some 10 degs, even a colder feel in the PGs (I can confirm that being the village idiot out doing XMAS decos in a gale) anyway HIGHS 42.5f, dwpts had a BIG TIME drop frm a h of 35.7f @ 1201a to 11.9f @ 1159p, gusts svl U20s/L30s w/PG nw 35...overnight lows 29.0f @ 414a, grnd sensor 27.0f @ 355a, dwpt 14.0f @ 1212a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -6.5f, dwpt -11.0f...
11/19/2017 8:00 AM 0.27 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc, ovrngt 2 periods of –ra 1st arnd m/ngt and thereaft for a couple of hrs, then just ovc, 2nd period arnd 4a stdy –ra that’s still ongoing altho it's more of a -shra now, Sta clearly in the warm sector given wnd direct,tmps/dwpts, 56.9f, dwpt 55.5f, Sta pres has been falling for the past 24 hrs ovrngt presFR 29.18”(m/ngt 29.48"), wnd getting busy s-sw 10+ occnl gusts L20s...(Note: ydy... Sta tmp 12th in a row of below the norm, but that looks to crash and burn today... day featured MORE CLDS than sun till E/aftn became ovc, aft dark –ra for svl hrs then a lull only to begin again just B4 m/ngt...wnds lgt 6-12 and variable till they decided to turn on shore arnd 5p ese-se 6-12 till more of s direc arnd 9p, also 6-12 range, HIGHS 51.8f, dwpt 48.7f both @ 1159p RS from there, gust ssw 14... overnight lows 50.7f @ 1253a, grnd sensor 49.0f @ 1220a, dwpt 48.0f @ 1201a, ALL RS from there, side note max ra rate 0.25 (in/hr) @ 525a)...24 hr(8/8a)BIG tmp changes +24.7f, dwpt +39.0f...
11/20/2017 8:00 AM 0.07 0.0 M 0.0 M Changing sky, STILL WNDY (chills are a factor by svl degs) 34.9f, grnd sensor 33.0f, dwpt 15.9f, presRR 29.86” wnds w/wnw gusting arnd 30s...(Note: ydy a VERY WNDY changeable day aft ydy 8a rpt –ra for an hr or so = 0.07” warm sector wnds gusting L20s till C/fropa (btwn 11a/noon) turned wnds wnw/nw and gusted M/U30s also brief period of –shra not enough to wet the grnd, tmp dropped from 59.4f to 47.9f in short order press @ 11a 29.12” (986.2 mb) aft fropa presRR 2p 29.26”/5p 29.49” and so on, morn ovc, e/aftn MORE CLDS than sun later opposite that, HIGHS 59.4f, dwpt 55.5f both @ 11a obs, gusts warm sec sw 23/aft frnt gusting M/U30s PG wnw 38 svl times...overnight lows 34.4f @ 710a, grnd sensor 33.0f @ 635a, dwpt 15.0f @ 753a)...24 hr (8/8a) BIG tmp changes again –22.0f, dwpt –39.6f ...ydys abv norm tmps ended the 12 consecutive day of below however that was enough to put Nov Sta tmps in the negative MTD –1.4f and w/less than 2 wks to go see if that holds...also sta is late on sn vs last Nov when we had traces on both the 20th/21st (side note did have a trace on the 6th but that was ice pellets not sn) this Nov early on 1st below frzng date but late on sn go figure...
11/21/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Lots clds ovhd some contrails as well sun is filtered , 39.9f, dwpt 28.9f, pres been stdy now starting to rs 30.12” wnd s-sw calm to lgt...(Note: ydy a wndy cold day, chills were a factor by some 10 degs if not more @ times, day featured a mix of sun/clds times more clds others more sun NEVER ovc or skc, wnds mostly w 10+ g/U20s occl L30s till a shift to s/sw aft dark 10+ few early gusts L20s, HIGHS 41.8f, dwpts daylgt hrs M/U teens aft wnd shift, into the 20s w/h of 28.6f arnd 11p, gust w 34...overnight lows 36.0f @ 657a, grnd sensor 34.0f @ 645a, dwpt 26.0f @ 202a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +5.0f, dwpt +13.0f
11/22/2017 8:00 AM 0.11 0.0 M 0.0 M Ovc, warm vs ydy, –shra began arnd 615a, now stdy –ra, 50.4f, dwpt 48.9f, presfs 29.94” wnd calm...(Note: ydy WARM, WNDY day... by 930a mostly cldy sky became MORE SUN than clds if not SKC @ times that lasted for most of the day however a couple hrs B4 m/ngt few more clds arrived (M/day for an hr or so a slew of “LONG” contrails prob as straight as I have ever seen heading s) warm wx wnds s-sw most of the daylgt hrs gusting 20s near 30, aft dark g/M occnl U teens, HIGHS 58.5f, dwpt 40.0f, gust ssw 31...overnight lows 48.1f @ 251a, grnd sensor 45.0f @ 243a, dwpt 38.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.5f, dwpt +20.0f...
11/23/2017 8:00 AM 0.82 0.0 M 0.0 M Mostly clr just a few Ci sct’d abt, COLD vs 8a ydy so the UP/DOWN tmp ride 31.2f, dwpt 17.9f, pres was rs now fs @ 30.02”, wnd starting to pick up some mostly nw was 3-6 now arnd 10 g/a bit better... (Note: ydy overall a CRUMMY day and REAL CRUMMY if u had to travel... ovc/fog and ra of varying intensity mostly –ra w/a few periods of ra and a couple of “BRIEF” +ra (max instant ra rate 0.95 (in/hr) arnd the same time as fropa) ended as –shra arnd 5p (strm tot water 0.93”), calm to lgt wnds early turned on shore (e-se 6-12) just aft 9a till C/fropa btwn 1-2p turned wnds wnw/nw gusting m20s aft dark L30s, presrs to more quickly and a stdy drop in tmps/dews, HIGHS 52.0f, dwpt 51.1f both @ 1102a, gust wnw 33...overnight lows 30.2f @ 704a, grnd sensor 29.0f @ 608a, dwpt 17.0f also 704a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –19.2f, dwpt –31.0f...and to ALL have a SAFE/HAPPY THANKSGIVING...At 915a changed ovrngt L/dwpt to 17.0f from 18.0f hit the wrong key sorry abt that
11/24/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M SKC, cool/ish now 35.4f, dwpt 23.7f, presrs 30.02” wnd favoring warm wx direction sw 6-12...(Note: ydy just a grt wx day morn 100% of the poss sunshine just a few high clds here/there never bothered the sun all that much, e/aftn NEAR 100%, but as the aftn wore on few more clds showed up, dry air w/daylgt dews in the U/teens, wnds w-nw morn arnd 10 G/U teens (chills by svl degs), aftn 6-12 still chills just not as big a factor, HIGHS 42.1f, dwpt 22.7f, 220a falling from there, gust wnw 22 that was arnd 1a...overnight lows 31.8f @ 127a, grnd sensor 30.0f @ 1249a, dwpt 18.0f @ 1254a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.2f, dwpt +5.8f...
11/25/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Another grt start to the day and warmer than 8a ydy so the up/down tmp thing goes on...Skc, 41.9f, dwpt 36.7f, presfs 29.81” wnd s-sw 5-10...(Note: ydy a real nice day, SKC 100% of the poss sunshine, warm wx wnd directions however even w/100% sun, wrm wnd direc, sta was still below avg by almost a deg (-0.7f) wnds s-sw daylgt hrs 6-12 g/m teens, aftdrk 10 and change, HIGHS 49.9f, dwpts 20s mostly M/U till aft 6p got into the L30s w/h of 32.8f just B4 m/ngt, gust ssw 16...overnight lows not much of a spread btwn 1201a 41.3f and L/of 39.9f @ 511a, grnd sensor 39.0f @ 348a, dwpt 32.0f @ 1255a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +6.5f, dwpt +13.0f...side note as of this hr Sta MTD –1.7f...YTD +1.5f of the 10 completed months 6 abv/4 below...looks like Nov may end up being below (deg or so) when all is said and done...
11/26/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Been a changing sky the past few hrs btwn ovc/partly/mostly cldy right now SKC ovhd(looking w-nw clds sct'd abt), warm ovrngt and still is vs ydy 8a, however wnd is picking up w/wnw pres been stdy now RS and tmp STILL warm/ish but has dropped a deg this hr looks like c/frnt has passed sta but every time sta updates tmp it only drops by tenths not whole degs not a big time cool down by any stretch but going in the right direc, 44.9f, dwpt 31.0f, presrs 29.73” wnds w-nw gusting arnd L20s...(Note: ydy a spiffy L/Oct day prob is it’s L/Nov...Morn near 100% of the of the poss sunshine/aftn mix of sun/clds favoring clds M/L aftn, warm wx wnds mostly sw morn-e/aftn 10 G/U teens few L20s, thereaft 6-12 G/m teens, highs 58.1f, dwpts mostly M/U30s w/h of 40.2f, gust sw 23...overnight lows 44.7f @ 749a, grnd sensor 44.0f @ 725a, dwpt 30.0f @ 634a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.0f, dwpt -5.7f...
11/27/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Sky pretty much a carbon copy of rept 24 hrs ago...past few hrs been changing btwn partly/mostly cldy/ovc now Binovc, also colder than 8a ydy, 37.9f, dwpt 25.0f, presrs 29.90” wnd sw/wsw 10+ g/arnd 20s @ times...(Note: ydy wndy mix sun/clds times more sun others more clds for sta recds goes as partly cldy, btwn 3a/9p wnds w-nw (favoring w) 10+ gusting M/U20s few L30s aft 9p to m/ngt 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS both @ 1201a 50.2f (days end U30s), dwpt 49.9f (days end L20s), gust wnw 32...overnight lows 35.1f @ 516a, grnd sensor 34.0f @ 512a, dwpt 22.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –7.0f, dwpt –5.0f...
11/28/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd, “COLD” (see note at end), 22.9f, dwpt 10.0f, pres been rs now more rapidly 30.49” wnds w-n 4-8...(Note: ydy an OK L/Nov day that avg out below norm, MORE CLDS than sun, aft FROPA opposite that... e/aftn C/FROPA turned wnds from wsw to w-nw then more n 10+ gusting M/U 20s, chills a factor, tmps/dews started falling (air tmp dropped by a couple degs an hr aft sundown 4p 42.2f/1159p 26.2f) HIGHS 46.1f (days end M20s) dwpt 26.3f (days end L/teens) gust wnw 27...overnight lows 22.0f@ 701a, grnd sensor also 22.0f @ 511a dwpt 9.0f @ 255a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp change both tmp/dwpt –15.0f...NOTE: Rad cooling (Skc/dry air/ lgt wnds) allowed a Sta morn L/tmp of 22.0f is the coldest of the season bested the 22.2f on the 11th which was 5 days into the 12 days in a row of below the norm, w/only 2 days left looks like Sta Nov tmp will b below the avg not by a big margin but sure beats the +7.1 of Oct...
11/29/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Early appts again so late rpt...
11/30/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Mostly clr ovhd now however looking s-w lots of mostly high (Ci/Cc) heading this away on the quick side, COLD vs 8a ydy so the up/down tmp thing rolls on... 30.4f, dwpt 20.2f, pres was rs now more stdy @ 30.36” (looking @ line trace even starting to trend down this hr) wnds wnw/nw 6-12(chills a factor by a few degs)...(Note: ydy a “WARM/WNDY” day that featured MORE SUN than morn clds/aftn mostly clr to skc, warm sector wnds sw/wsw gusting M/U20s till C/fropa btwn 1230/130p shifted wnds to wnw-nw aft dark nw-n all the time 10-15 g/U20s occnl L/M30s tmps started a SLOW fall however dwpts rather quickly, presrs then rapidly, HIGHS 59.7f arnd the time of fropa, dwpts pre/frnt M40s w/h of 46.5f, aft frnt quickly into the 20s H, M then L even Uteens (18.3f) just B4 m/ngt, gusts warm sec sw 29, PG wnw 35... overnight lows 29.4f @ 638a, grnd sensor 28.0f @ 621a, dwpt 17.0f @ 1209a)... 24 hr (8/8a) BIG yet again tmp changes –21.1f, dwpt –24.0f... Just thinking back to May (even E/June) at our campsite there were svl to many days that were cooler than ydys next to the last day in Nov !! just doesn't seem right a L/Nov day should b warmer than days in May/June...
12/1/2017 8:00 AM 0.07 0.0 M 0.0 M Start of MET winter would like to think its going to b more than just name only all remains to b seen...Changing sky, new month beginning WARM,(ovrngt tmps in the 40s and NOT MUCH of a spread btwn H/L, period of –ra btwn 2/4a ) 45.4f warm vs 8a ydy, dwpt 42.8f, presrs 30.07” wnds been mostly lgt s/ish couple hrs ago shifted w/wnw 6-12...(Note: ydy early mostly clr quickly became partly to mostly cldy/aftn ovc, morn wnd lgt/var did turn onshore for a couple hrs m/day then back to warm wx direc all the while 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS 45.0f, dwpts most of daylgt hrs 20s arnd sundown into 30s w/h of 39.5f just B4 m/ngt, gust sw 18...overnight lows 43.3f @ 304a, grnd sensor 43.0f, dwpt 40.0f both @ 1201a)... UP/DOWN tmp ride goes on...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +15.0f, dwpt +22.6f...Sta Nov tmps ended on the neg side avg 43.1f that’s –2.0f, not huge but beats the H out of Octs +7.1f, have not completed sta data yet so the rest will b tomorrow
12/2/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Gone from clr to mostly clr now mostly cldy (sun is filtered, times more than others) 33.2f, dwpt 24.7f, presrs 30.32” wnd mostly nw 6-12...Some sta data for Nov... Avg tmp 43.1f, from norm –2.0f...H/L 74.9f (3rd), 22.0f (28th)... hard frz svl hrs of 28 or below 4 times, 23.9f (10th)/22.2f (11th)/26.9f (12th)/22.0f (28th)... (NOTE: 27th had a L/of 26.2f (1159p) but only 1 hr before that of 28 or below)...days w/32.0f or below (10)...water 1.85” from norm –2.14”, grts 24 hr period 0.93” (22nd) also max instant ra rate of 0.95(in/hr) arnd 2p same day, Trace amts (1), days w/0.01” or more (9), 0.10 (6), 0.50 (1)/ 1” (0)... SN none obs,(last yr trace amts 2/ice pellets 1) days w/fog (6), HZ (4)... pres H/L 30.55”(11th), 29.12” (19th)... avg wnd spd/dir 9.9, nw, PG svl 38 w-n (19th)...Cldy month that is Nov...Skc (7)/partly (14)/cldy (9) Bright sunshine 131hrs or abt 45%...HDD 658/CDD 0... Sta fall season was abv norm Avg tmp 56.8F, from norm +2.1f... by the months Sept avg 66.5f +1.2f, Oct avg 60.7f +7.1f, Nov avg 43.1f –2.0f... season H/L tmp 86.1f (9/5), 22.0f (11/28)... water 12.73” +1.36” by the months Sept 5.91” +2.47”, Oct 4.97” +1.03”, Nov 1.85” –2.14”...
12/3/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M A variety of clds arnd(sun on the filtered side) 33.4f, dwpt 25.8f pres been pretty stdy since M/day ydy, now starting to rs 30.26”, wnds nw-n calm to lgt...(Note: ydy kind of a tranquil day(finished most of the outdoor work "leaves") given high pres near(albeit somewhat dirty given all the cld cover) early filtered sun quickly gave way to ovc(thin spots @ times)for the rest of the day, morn wnds var/calm to lgt arnd noon turned on shore calm to 5, aft dark mostly n 3-6, HIGHS 42.1f, dwpts morn 20s/aftn on L30s w/h of 33.5f, gusts nw 18 but that was ovrngt(1a),8a onward ene 9...overnight lows 31.5f @ 637a, grnd sensor 29.0f @ 438a, as well as the nxt 2 hrs, dwpt 25.0f @ 554a)...24 hr(8/8a)tmp changes hardly any +0.2f, dwpt+1.1f...
12/4/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd (save for a few contrails heading to warmer locales) Rad Cooling type cold, obs area LGT frost on SOME car tops NOT all (kind of a microclimate thing), 32.4f, dwpt 27.5f, pres been rs now more quickly 30.45” wnd mostly nw 4-8...(Note: ydy pretty much a carbon copy of the day before H/pres nearby LGT wnd lots of clds...morn MORE CLDS than sun what little bit of sun there was, filtered at best/aftn onward ovc, wnds nw-n however at times trended e of n, aft dark back to mostly n all the while lgt to 9, HIGHS 43.0f, dwpts for the most part M/U20s, but for a few hrs E/evng L30s w/h of 31.4f, gust nne 10...overnight lows 31.8f @ 728a, grnd sensor 32.0f from 3 to 6a 31.0f till 8a, dwpt 27.0f @ 121a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes not much -1.0f, dwpt –1.7f...
12/5/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Ovc ovhd however looking sw-nw THICKER, e-se thinner over last hr or so sun disc briefly visible at times but that is fading, aft L/tmp @ 1201, given wnd (s/sse) direc ovrngt (dark) tmps have been stuck arnd 38f only dif was in the tenths and that only by couple three, now 39.7f, dwpt 34.5f, pres been fs now rs 30.40”, wnd s/sse arnd 10...Note: ydy w/High pres still nearby not a bad day lgt wnds featured near 100% of the poss sunshine just some HZ every so often dimmed the sun a dite, wnd turned onshore early just aft 10a, ne @ 1st quickly to e-se 6-12 few g/tad better, however arnd 1030p a shift to more s/sse still 6-12, HIGHS 42.6f, dwpts L30s all day/ngt, w/h of 34.6f, pres 30.50” both arnd time of wnd shift, gust ese 14...overnight lows 37.3f, grnd 37.0f both @ 1201a, dwpt 33.0f @ 447a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +7.3f, dwpt +7.0f...
12/6/2017 8:00 AM 0.40 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc ovhd (looking both sides of nw thinner/brighter) ovrngt ra of varying intensity ended arnd 615a as –shra/sprinkles (max instant ra rate 1.07(in/hr) @ 110a) warm sector wnds calmed from gusts in 30s to 20s then teens, however aft 5a c/fropa turned wnds from ssw/sw to w/wnw and gusted again in the 30s, presrs, tmp/dwpt fs (5a sw wnd, 57.6f, dwpt 54.8f, presfs 29.73”/6a w/wnw wnd gusting L30s, 53.3f, dwpt 46.6f, presrs 29.79”)... now 49.7f, dwpt 39.7f, pres was rs now more quickly 29.82”, wnd mostly wnw arnd 10 gusting U/teens...(Note: ydy a cldy warm day w/wnd from the s-se, 2 periods of ra 1st, aftn off/on –shra/sprinkles just enough to barely wet the grnd, 2nd m/evng for a few hrs stdy –ra, arnd 8p s/ssw wnds started to crank gusting U20s/30s and a few arnd 40, HIGHS 59.0f, dwpt 54.9f, both arnd 1149p, gust ssw 42...overnight lows 49.3f @ 757a, grnd 48.0f @ 751a, dwpt 39.0f @ 722a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.0f, dwpt +5.2f...
12/7/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Nice start to the day Skc ovhd waning gibbous BRIGHT, 35.6f, dwpt 21.6f, pres s 29.93”(however looking @ line trace this hr starting to trend upward) wnd mostly w arnd 10 occnl g/near 20...(Note: ydy upside down day tmp wise as High was reached @ 1212a...ovc till m/day when it became MORE SUN than clds to mostly clr before sundown, wnds w-wnw 10+ g/20s however e/evng turned more wsw then sw 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS 58.8f hung arnd that # till c/fropa aft 5a started a slow drop, dwpts in the 24 hr period fell to L20s from M50, H/55.5f arnd 330a, gust wnw 29...overnight lows 34.1f @ 328a, grnd sensor 33.0f @ 212a –7a, dwpt 21.0f @ 1201a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –14.6f, dwpt –18.1f...YDY Even tho a c/frnt went through btwn 5/6a sta tmp still avg out abv norm by svl degs for the cal day...
12/8/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Mostly clr ovhd NOW, however looking most directions lots of clds moving abt, waning gibbous still bright tho, 33.4f, dwpt 20.6f, pres been rs now more stdy @ 30.04” wnds mostly wsw 6-12...(Note: ydy not a bad day...morn SKC 100% sun, m/day MORE SUN than fair wx clds (Cu/Sc) however as aftn wore on clds ruled as it became mostly cldy, wnds w/wnw 8-16 g/tad higher, by m/evng more wsw occl sw L/M teens, HIGHS 45.1f, dwpts U/teens, L20s w/h of 23.6f, gust wsw 22... overnight lows 32.5f @ 713a, grnd sensor mostly 33/32f but did briefly kiss 31 @ 701a, dwpt 17.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes not much -0.2f, dwpt -1.0f...
12/9/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Ovc, (Waiting for the 1st sn and/or measurable sn of the season, have to wait and see what it has in store near the coast (ra/sn/mix line) strm track/wnd direc will b the story teller, for the most part it always is !!!) 35.5f, dwpt 18.4f (plenty of room for evapo cooling),ovrngt pres been pretty stdy hanging arnd 29.96” now rising tho 30.00”(looking @ line trace this hr rather quickly), wnd nw/nnw 3-6...(Note: ydy, SKC at sun up to briefly MORE CLDS than sun however by 930a mostly cldy then ovc for the rest of the day/evng, morn wnds w/wsw, aftn wsw-s favoring sw all the while 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS 38.8f, dwpts L20s to Uteens w/h of 22.4f, gust wsw 17...overnight lows 35.2f @ 628a, grnd sensor 34.0f @ 405-7a, dwpt 16.0f @ 405a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.1f, dwpt -2.2f...Have I mentioned that I hate coast huggers and REALLY hate inside runners... I’m sure I have svl times, that and a few bucks buys coffee...
12/10/2017 8:00 AM 0.65 6.1 M 4.5 M Changing sky was ovc to Binovc looking most direc lots of clds however NOW mostly clr right ovhd in fact last Quarter is bright was not visible last hr, (filtered sun comes/goes) 31.1f, dwpt 26.4f, presRR 29.73” wnd mostly w 10+ G/Uteens...(Note: ydy a winter wonderland everything wht, XMAS card pretty, 1st sn obs arnd 830a thereaft became –sn/occnl sn (falling straight down very lgt wnds...Note 1st couple of hrs melted on contact save for shaded areas grass/elevated surfaces) for the rest of the day into the ovrngt, wnd was favorable lgt N at times w of n 6-12 g/a bit higher, however aft dark 10+ g/near 20, HIGHS 36.7f (1a) dropped to frzng or BL as the sn fell, dwpt started in U/teens rose to arnd 30 w/h of 30.3f, Max solar rad 111 W/m2 arnd 11a, gust nnw 20...overnight lows 29.9f, grnd sensor 29.0f both @ 1201a, dwpt 26.0f @ 739a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –4.4f, dwpt +8.0f...depends on ones pt of view... From this sta HAPPY the wnds stayed n/nnw, if it had turned on shore would have been 3” of slush vs 6.1” of sn... also obs area pine trees are FULL of sn hope the wnd does not get to busy (g/U20s) before it melts/falls, if it does going to b some breakage, forgot to brkdown sn so added it @ 820a...12/9 sn = 5.8"...12/10 sn = 0.3" strm tot 6.1"
12/11/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 3.5 M Ovc (looking w-n thicker/darker) 32.8f, dwpt 22.9f, pres been pretty stdy now rs 29.97”, wnd wsw/sw 10+ g/arnd 20...(Note: ydy Turned out to b a nice winter day w/a fresh sn cover...ovc at daybrk became MORE SUN than clds rather quickly even times when it went to skc ovhd, wnds mostly w 8-16 g/ L20s helped to dry and blow sn out of trees(see note@ end) aft dark turned wsw/sw g/teens, HIGHS 37.2f, dwpts U20s to start L20s to end, w/h of 28.0f arnd 6a, gust w 24...overnight lows 32.4f, grnd sen 31.0f both @ 628a, dwpt 22.0f @ 512a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +1.7f, dwpt -3.5f...snpk avgs 3.5” shaded areas arnd 4...most sun 2” and change but NO bare grnd just yet...Ydy arnd 9a heard a crack in the side yrd big(OLD/TIRED) wht pine tree had a limb come down brought couple smaller ones w/it, 3” in diam abt 13’ long 2 smaller 1.5” by 8’ sn in them was still snball sn had not dried out yet(sta g that hr only 18 so it was more weight than wnd) have to repair the tree when wx is better that’s the bad news, gd news is all the brush is removed and cut in fire place sz pieces when it frzes will split it and come cmp season have a 1/2 hr or so c/fire courtesy of the sn strm, for every action there is a reaction I guess this would b it...
12/12/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 2.5 M Thin spots in the ovc, warm vs ydy 8a in fact the past 24 hrs Sta has been basically abv frzng couple of obs hrs arnd 32 never BL it, like 32 and a few tenths, now 40.1f, dwpt 33.9f, presFR 29.79” wnds se 10+ g/arnd 20...(Note: ydy avg out partly cldy mostly cldy early/late in btwn MORE SUN than clds, wnds mostly w 8-16 g/near 20 till L/day, evng n of w 6-12, HIGHS 38.7f, dwpts 20s to evng Uteens w/h of 25.4f gust w 21...overnight lows 34.4f, grnd sensor 32.0f both @ 1201a, dwpt 22.0f 124a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +7.3f dwpt +11.0f...Obs area snpk now has bare spots that get the most sun as well as under trees it avgs abt 2.5” but still close to 4” in “absolute shade” at 8a we’ll call it 85% cover soon to b a lot less than that...
12/13/2017 8:00 AM 0.06 0.0 M T M Changing sky, past couple of hrs mostly clr if not skc at times waning crescent was bright, now lots of clds moving abt, “COLD” chills are a definite factor by some 10-15 degs, COLDER in PGs, 21.6f, dwpt 10.9f, pres s 29.26” wnds mostly w g/near 30s (ovrngt svl L30s)...(Note: ydy ovc warm day couple of periods of –shra 1st off/on from L/morn- E/aftn 2nd assoc w/frnt none of which more than lgt and only amtd to 0.06” wnds mostly se 10+ few gusts L20s till evng c/frnt turned wnds to wnw occnl nw also 10+ g/few 20s tmps/dews started a slow fall, HIGHS 45.4f, dwpt 43.3f (aft frnt both fell to L30s by days end) gust se 23...overnight lows 21.5f (coldest of season to date) @ 743a, grnd sensor 21.0f @ 645a, dwpt 10.0 @ 651a, pres 29.21” @ 426a)...24 hr(8/8a) BIG tmp changes –18.5f, dwpt –23.0f... SN cover "sct’d" trace amts in the shade only and some small plowed/shoveled piles also in the shade only...
12/14/2017 8:00 AM T T M T M Ovc, cold wnd has CALMED down considerably, been some off/on sn flurries in the air 1st obs @ 445a not much or long lasting but sn none the less, so we have recd a trace, 22.0f, dwpt 11.9f, pres s 29.61”(looking @ line trace this hr trending down a tad) wnds w-nw 6-12 g/a bit better, chills are still a factor by svl degs, but pale as to what they have been...(Note: ydy No p/cip but a NASTY DAY just the same, due to COLD CHILLS !!....Morn changing sky ovc to partly cldy and everything in btwn/aftn however MORE SUN than clds to mostly clr by sun down, cold and wnd was the big story constant gusts U30s L40s(aft dark L/M30s caused chills to b in the sing digits from 7a onward w/a low of 6.7f, cold feeling stuff in fact @ times felt 40+ degs colder than the day before, HIGHS 35.1f @ 1219a falling from there to L20s, dwpt 28.9f abt the same time days end sing #s gusts wnw 41...overnight lows 21.6f @ 116a, grnd sensor also 21.0f @ 1201a, dwpt 7.0f @ 1207a, w/chill 8.1 @ 1205a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes hardly any +0.4f, dwpt +1.0f...Sn cover same as ydy, still a few sct’d Trace amts in ABSOLUTE SHADE, also some small plowed/shoveled piles also shade only...
12/15/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Becoming cldy, sun is filtered at best, “COLD”, 19.0f, dwpt 8.5f, presrs 30.08” wnd w/wsw 5-10...(Note: ydy a cold day that got wndy aftn onward but w/lots more aftn sun, was not a 1/2 bad winter day...sun disc visible arnd 850a, by 915 cld shield thinned enough to allow some off/on filtered sun that trend continued till it became more sun than clds arnd 1130a, by e/aftn mostly clr if not skc at times, wnds mostly w got busy in the aftn-evng teens gusting near 30 so chills were a factor by some 10+ degs, daylgt felt like L/M then Uteens, aft dark sing #s, HIGHS 28.8f, dwpt(very dry air)11.9f @ 8a,from there fell to the U then L sing digits(L/of 1.0f arnd 830p) gust w 30...overnight lows 17.7f @ 341a(see note below), grnd sensor 17.0f @ 252a, dwpt 4.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –3.0f, dwpt –3.5f...The sta morning L/of 17.7f is coldest of season, sta has not been this cold since 3/13 @ 10a obs 17.1f the L/tmp that day was 14.2f @ 7a obs...Just a few SMALL plowed/shoveled piles left in the shade...
12/16/2017 8:00 AM T T M 0.0 M Skc ovhd, cold but a bit warmer than 8a ydy, wndy/ish (chills are a factor by a svl degs @ times near 10) 23.3f, dwpt 15.5f, pres been rs now more quickly 29.90” wnd mostly w 6-12 g/teens...(Note: ydy another cold day that was BL the norm by some 10+ degs that makes it 3 days in a row of below avg...aft some EARLY filtered sun it became ovc by 9a onward (But @ times L/morn thin enough u could make out the sun disc), wnds started w to wsw then sw-s morn 5-10, aft 4-8(couple obs hrs calm to less than 4) evng 6-12 few g/teens, aft 9p few periods of –shsn/FLURRIES pretty much the same as the 14th not much or long lasting but a Trace none the less, HIGHS 26.9f (btwn 8/9p) dwpts sing #s till aft 10a then L/teens, days end U/teens w/h of 17.9f, gust wsw 17...overnight lows 22.4f @ 310a, grnd sen 21.0f @ 304a, dwpt 14.0f @ 350a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.3f, dwpt +7.0f...
12/17/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd now however looking w-n h/clds now visible, “COLD” wndy/ish so chills are a factor yet again which has been the theme for the past svl days, 19.0f, dwpt 6.0f, presrs 30.27”, wnd w/wnw arnd 10 g/teens...(Note: ydy another very wndy day... avg out partly cldy Morn near 100% of the poss sunshine/aftn MORE CLDS than sun, wnds mostly w but at times a bit s and/or n of w all the while 10-15 g/M20s, aft some 80+ hrs of BL frzng sta did get abv the frzng pt just aft noon(33.1f)for a couple hrs and arnd 32f till aft dark, but the wnds sorta negated the warm/ish(still BL avg tho)tmps given chills by some 10+ degs at times, HIGHS 33.1f, dwpts teens w/h of 18.4f, gust wnw 26...overnight lows 18.8f @ 656a, grnd 18.0f @ 517a, dwpt 5.0f @ 745a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –4.3f, dwpt –9.5f... Morn L/of 18.8f is Sta 2nd coldest L/tmp of the season 1st being 17.7f on the 15th...
12/18/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the Ovc, CALM to LGT WNDS so chills NOT a factor,thats a nice change from what it has been, 24.5f, dwpt 10.5f, pres s 30.18”, wnd calm...(Note: ydy an OK winter day that featured near 100% of the poss morn sunshine, e/aftn mostly cldy to ovc rather quickly, wnds started w ended nw occnl n all the while 6-12 g/Uteens, HIGHS 29.1f, dwpts SUPER DRY sing #s w/h of 8.9f that was arnd 1a down to M/L sing #s thereaft, gust svl wnw/nw 18...overnight lows 21.6f @ 1239a, grnd sensor 21.0f @ 1201a, dwpt 5.0f @ 429a) ...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +5.5f, dwpt +4.5f...Looking @ radar over the past few hrs times when it looked like it was precipitating BUT the air is so DRY nothing made it to eye level/grnd...
12/19/2017 8:00 AM T T M 0.0 M Changing sky been ovc, now mostly cldy,filtered sun that comes/goes vs none @ sun up, lgt warm wx wnd directions, 36.9f, MUCH warmer than 8a ydy, dwpt 32.7f also way abv ydy 8a, pres been pretty stdy now starting to fs 29.83” wnd sw-s 4-8...(Note: ydy an ovc cold/ish day that was BL the norm again that makes 7 in a row (but looks to becoming to an end today given warm sec wnds) 2 periods of sn, 1st btwn 930/10a flurries in the air, 2nd noon – 115p more of a stdy/ish VERY –sn/flurries together = a trace, aft dark some –shra just enough to barely wet the grnd(trace) however both tmp sensors sta/grnd safely abv frzng so no ice issues here, wnds lgt/var calm to 6 till evng turn to wsw-sw 5-10 g/tad better, aft shift tmps either stdy or rose SLOWLY, HIGHS 37.4f arnd 1151p, dwpts started in the sing #s ended in M30s w/h of 34.6f abt same time as H/tmp, gust wsw 12...overnight lows 36.1f @ 722a, grnd sensor 34.0f @ 645a, dwpt 32.0f @ 520a)...24 hr (8/8a) BIG tmp changes +12.4f, dwpt +22.2f)
12/20/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Changing sky btwn mostly/partly cldy, now partly, sun is filtered, wndy, 40.3f, dwpt 24.5f, pres was rs now more quickly 29.74” wnd mostly w 10+ ovrngt g/M20s, now g/Uteens, chills are a factor by svl degs...(Note: ydy a WARM abv norm day aft 7 in a row of BL avg (some well BL others just a deg or so)...Morn ovc, E/aftn MORE CLDS than sun, M/L aftn MORE SUN than clds if not mostly clr @ times ovhd, warm wx wnds 8-16 g/20s till L/evng C/fropa (Tech a CF but more of a wnd shift line as tmps/dwpts (not much dif B4/aft frnt) did not fall all that much few TENTHS an hr till m/ngt(aft m/ngt no grt shakes either a deg or so per hr...cold air clearly lagging way behind) turned wnds w/wnw also gusted in 20s, and a slow rising pres, HIGHS 50.8f, dwpts mostly M30s w/h of 36.4f, gusts warm sector sw 28/aft frnt wnw 27...overnight lows 40.0f @ 740a, grnd sensor 38.0f @ 536a, dwpt 23.0f @ 427a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.4f, dwpt –8.2f...
12/21/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd however looking in most direc some clds sct’d abt, colder air has arrived, 26.3f, dwpt 10.0f, presrr 30.12” wnd nw-n 10-15 g/M/U20s Chills are a definite factor... (Note: ydy 2nd day in a row of abv norm tmps, WNDY so even tho it was warm/ish given the the wnds there was a chill factor by some 10 degs, colder in PGs, Morn MORE CLDS than sun/aftn mix of sun and fair wx clds that at times E/aftn would BRIEFLY filter and/or block the sun, M/L aftn thinned to mostly clr (Sta rcds goes as partly cldy) BUSY wnds wnw to aftn nw 10-20 g/L30s, till evng arnd 10 g/teens, HIGHS 46.4f (1206a to U30s 4p, BL frzng 9p) dwpt 33.3f abt same time days end Mteens, gust wnw 32...overnight lows 26.0f @ 752, grnd sen 25.0f @ 701a, dwpt 9.4f @ 749a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -14.0f, dwpt –14.5f...
12/22/2017 8:00 AM T T T T M Ovc off/on –shsn/grains/flurries 1st obs 545a (see note below) now a FEW flurries in the air, cold but wnds are lgt/ish so chills a tad better than 8a ydy, 22.9f, dwpt 11.5f, pres been rs now looking at line trace just starting fs 30.40”, wnd mostly n 5-10...(Note: ydy a spectacular winter’s day COLD (sta never got abv frzng) WNDY, near 100% (just a few M/L aftn passing Ci) of the poss sunshine which sorta helped to negate the chills a tad, only thing MISSING was a sn mentioned BUSY wnds mostly nw 10-15 g/U20s so chills a factor by 10+ degs (Note: wnds did calm down a bit as aftn went on arnd 10 g/teens L20s) HIGHS 31.6f, dwpts DRY started in L/teens but most of the day sing #s w/h of 14.2f just aft m/ngt, gust nw 27...overnight lows 22.7f @746a, grnd sensor 22.0f @ 304a, dwpt 2.0f @ 624a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –3.4f, dwpt +1.5f...Even tho it’s only –shsn/flurries and has been off/on it is so cold that the grnd including blk top is a BIT wht/ish...
12/23/2017 8:00 AM 0.13 0.1 M 0.0 M Ovc mix of –FZRA/sn(however mostly ra vs sn) began within the hr, fog/mist (ovrngt period of early FZDZ then fog/mist) now 24.9f, dwpt 23.9f, presfs 30.12”, wnd nw 5-10...(note: ydy ovc day that featured periods of morn flurries to aftn of –shsn that began arnd 130p shortly there aft stdy very LGT sn that was measured on SB @ 4p B4 it mixed w/-ra wnd was mostly n till a turn to on shore 1st ne to ese tmps started to rise from U20s to abv frzng (32.9f 330p) aft dark periods of –shra till a shift to nnw arnd 1030p dropped tmp from 38.7f to 31.1f matter of mins (continued falling into the 20s old wx saying the story is in the wnd and that proved right) –shra became –FZRA then FZDZ, HIGHS 38.7f, dwpts started in sing #s got into the 30s w/h of 36.5f arnd same time as H/tmp, gust ese 20...overnight lows 24.3f @ 703a, grnd sen 24.0f @ 639a, dwpt 23.0f @ 456a) TOTALS water (melted sn/FZRA/DZ ra) =0.13”, sn = 0.1”, ice =Trace...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.0f, dwpt +12.4f....WFD/PD radio traffic ovrngt couple of skidding incidents, 1 slightly into bldng no PI in either just property damage...
12/24/2017 8:00 AM 0.59 T M 0.0 M Changing sky, 32.6f, dwpt 27.3f, presRR 30.17” wnd nw 6-12 g/teens (still Sct’d patchy grnd ice in our obs area but trees are now ice free and limbs/branches are back to where they should b vs ydy weighted way down)... (Note: ydy just a real “NASTY” day ice is the worst that’s what we had for a big chunk of the day, even when sta went abv frzng was only by a few degs and aft dark so ice was SLOW to melt esp grnd as our grnd sen only reached 36f that took till 10p ...8a obs ice was less than 0.1” so a trace, however tmps in the M20s w/stdy –ra ice accumd on EVERYTHING to 0.2” @ 1p, (arnd 330p peaked @ 0.23” rounded off to 0.20”) by 2p sta tmp a tad abv frzng grnd sensor not so stayed right arnd frzng well into the evng trees started to lose ice but most of obs area grnd stayed icy, wnds lgt n-nw 6-12 held L/level cold in place however arnd 315p shifted to more of a w/wsw direc and sta tmp rose BUT ONLY by TENTHS not whole degs,another period of -ra arnd 9p for an hr or so added a trace more ice to GRND only, HIGHS 38.8f, dwpt 35.6f, grnd sensor 36.0f all @ 10p obs, gust w 20...overnight lows 32.5f @ 746a, grnd sen 31.0f @ 737a, dwpt 27.3f @ 723a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +7.7f, dwpt +3.4f... Some strm notes for the 2 day wx episode...TOTALS, water includes melted 0.72” sn 12/22 0.1”, 12/23 trace (at the onset some frozn p/cip mixed in BRIEFLY) ice accretion 12/22 trace, 12/23 0.23” rnd to 0.20”, wnd not a factor, no power outages rptd however lg limb came down blocked 1/2 the street, DPW removed it shortly aft it fell...also a few rpts of limbs/branches down on private property including our OLD wht pine few small branches broke off, no traffic accidents rptd ydy DPW had sts in pretty gd condition... WISHING ALL a SAFE/HAPPY XMAS eve w/a bit of luck Santa will have some sn...
12/25/2017 8:00 AM 0.28 T T T M Ovc, fog, ra of varying intensity been that way since abt 2a, (max instant rate 0.16(in/hr) @ 508a) however arnd 715a sn/ice pellets started to mix in, now very -sn , 30.3f n/nne wnd,(6a 37.2f e wnd) dwpt 28.5f, presFR 29.48” wnd WAS busy ene 10-15 g/arnd 30 however just aft 7a turned n/nne and tmps started to fall ...(Note: ydy kind of a tranquil day vs the day before, morn mostly cld /aftn ovc, wnds nw-n 6-12 g/Lteens, till a shift on shore just aft 7p ne-e favoring ene 10+ g/U20s tmps started a slow rise from 32.3f 7p to 38.1f 1159p, no surprise w/that wnd direc as Bos Buoy # 44013 sst 45.9f, and the buoy n of us and ese of PWM no grt shakes either @ 42.6f, HIGHS 38.1f, dwpt 34.0f that was @ 1201a from there into mostly M20s, gust ne 28...overnight lows 30.3f @ 759a, grnd sensor 30.0f @ 754a, dwpt 28.0f @ 751a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -2.3f, dwpt +1.2f... for those waking up to a WHITE CHRISTMAS gd for you, folks near the coast are still dreaming prob end up w/ some slush if not a little sn before all said/done....anyway wishing all a SAFE and MERRY CHRISTMAS...
12/26/2017 8:00 AM 0.21 2.9 0.21 2.5 M Changing sky cold, 22.8f, dwpt 9.5f, presRR 30.24” wnd w/wsw 6-12 g/teens, CHILLS are a factor by svl degs...(Note: ydy what a diff a few hrs and wnd direction makes 6a 37.2f w/gusty e wnds, 9a 23.1f w/gusty n/nw wnds a 14.1f deg drop in tmp due to wnd shift/falling sn...If memory serves wht xmas definition 1” or more sn on the grnd @ 7a on the 25th (7a obs –ra) we did not tech have a wht xmas BUT everything was WHITE by 9a and near 3” on the grnd from 11a onward, WHITE CHRISTMAS in my mind (wx sta observer notes a RARE WHITE CHRISTMAS 2017) 8a mix had changed to all “needle like” –sn, by 830a –sn @ times sn bigger more “SN LIKE” flakes, btwn 9/1030a periods +sn w/near wht out conditions w/ wnds 10-20 g/arnd 30 (also bit of fluff fact given tmps) then changed back –sn/sn, accum sn ended arnd 11a some –shsn/flurries till 1115/ish, aftn mix sun/clds and cold but warmer (given periods of sun) than morn, wnd went lgt for a time only to get STRONG m/aftn onward, chills a factor all day/evng, blowing sn for a time as well, HIGHS 38.1f 1201a falling into 20s, aftn back to arnd 30, aft dark 20s again, dwpt 35.4f 5a falling from there to sing #s days end, gust strm nnw 32/PG wnw 38...overnight lows 22.7f @ 726a, grnd 21.0f @ 714a, dwpt 5.0f @ 1228a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –7.5f, dwpt –19.0f... some strm data presFR bottomed out 29.44” 830a then RR to a high of 30.10” (1159p), sn tot 2.9” (1.7 of that btwn 9/1030a tmps M/L20s, also PG for strm 32 nnw) total water 0.49” sn 0.21” (side note heated r/gauge 0.24”...due to the BUSY wnd may have been a better catch given diameter 10” vs 4”)...Obs area Sn cover is 100% w/avg of 2.5" some areas more others less...NOTE @ 839a corrected ovrngt L/tmp was 22.7F NOT 27.7F, sorry abt that
12/27/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.5 M Skc “COLD” (see note at end) 13.2f, dwpt –0.9f, presrs 30.46”, wnd mostly w 10+ g/near 20, CHILLS are a BIG factor, this hr hanging arnd 0 degs...(Note: ydy a COLD/WNDY (chills a factor by some 10+ degs) day that featured MORE SUN than clds if not SKC @ times however sun was ineffective given daylgt tmps never got out of the M20s (2p 25.3f), HIGHS 26.8f(1221a), dwpt 10.6f 5a to sing #s even arnd 0 to a tad below @ times, pres 30.30” 955a stdy fall from there, gust w 30...overnight lows 12.9f @ 729a, grnd sen 12.0f, dwpt –1.2f both @ 601a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –9.5f, dwpt –10.4f...This morn L/of 12.9f is the coldest of the season, last time Sta was colder, 3/12 @ 10a obs 11.8f, L/tmp for the day couple hrs earlier 8a obs 9.6f... 100% sn cover w/avg of 1.5” (shade more/sun less)as well as some big/ish plowed/shoveled piles
12/28/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.5 M Skc “COLD” (sta L/tmp has not been this cold in a yr and change see note @ end) CHILLS double digits below 0, 4.8f, dwpt –11.2f pres was RS now more stdy @ 30.41” wnd wnw/nw 10+ g/20s...(Note: ydy A NICE New Eng winter day cold wndy and sn on the grnd, day featured near 100% of the poss sunshine, just a few cold fair wx clds e/aftn briefly filtered the sun, which was INEFFECTIVE at best anyway, wnds w/wnw 10-15 g/Uteens, L20s daylgt chills sing #s abv 0, HIGHS 19.9f, dwpt +1.2f arnd 2a from there 0 and below, pres 30.42” arnd 8p, gust w 24...overnight lows 4.1f @ 541a, grnd 4.0f since 4a, dwpt –12.0f @ 703a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –8.4f, dwpt –10.2f...Sta L/tmp of 4.1f coldest YTD, last time it was colder was 12/16/16, 6a obs 3.7f that tmp was the 3rd coldest of 2016, 2nd 2/13, 3.0f @ 1159p, and the 1st a VERY COLD –9.1 on 2/14 7a obs...Obs area sn cover avg of 1.5" however the wnd has blown some sn so a few areas have trace amts we'll call it 95% cover
12/29/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.0 M Been a changing sky was partly to mostly cldy now ovc, 2.5f, dwpt –7.8f, pres starting to fs 30.27” wnd ovrngt 10+ now wnw/nw arnd 10 g/teens wnds this hr much lgter than they have been but it’s so cold CHILLS still a factor by teens below 0... (Note: ydy another COLD (some 20+ degs BL Cal day avg) New Eng winter day that would have been OK save for the chills that were double digits below 0 (coldest obs -15.9f) in the morn/aftn sing digits below better but no beach was skc 100% of INEFFECTIVE sunshine, given H/tmp barely into double digits and that was only for 3 hrs and change, BUSY wnds mostly wnw 10-20 g/U20s/M30s, HIGHS 11.8f, dwpts SUPER DRY AIR, –2.9f 1a falling from there to U/sing #s/teens below 0, pres 30.41”, gusts constant U20s and/or L/M30s w/h of 35...overnight lows +1.1f @ 504a, grnd sensor +1.0f @ 501a, dwpt –10.0f @ 212a, WC –15.5 btwn 2/3a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –2.3f, dwpt +4.0f... the morn L/of 1.1f COLDEST YTD bested ydys by –3.0 degs, last time sta was colder –9.1f on Feb 14th 2016(the 13th -3.0f), just 46 days short of 2 yrs that’s a long stretch... Obs area sn cover abt 90% and avgs 1”, under trees starting to see some bare grnd and areas that are wnd blown have some bare grnd as well...
12/30/2017 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.0 M Becoming cldy, COLD but wnds are a lot less so chills still a factor but only by a few to svl degs so tolerable at least now, 7.5f, dwpt –3.8f, pres was rs now fs 30.12” wnd mostly w 6-12 g/tad better...(Note: ydy tmps some 20+ degs BL avg... another very COLD day but a SLIGHT improvement from the day before by +2.1f, wnds w-nw daylgt 6-12 g/teens chills sing digits below 0 BUT btwn 2/3p did get to +1.0f (like a beach day), evng wnds 10+ g/L20s (chills near –10 @ times), dwpts still super dry negative sing #s, HIGHS 13.6f, dwpt –1.6f, gust wnw 23...overnight lows +5.7f, grnd +5.0f both @ 521a, dwpt –5.0 @ 207a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +5.0f, dwpt +4.0f...obs area sn cover pretty much the same as ydy still 90% and avgs arnd 1”...Sta DEC tmps will end BELOW the avg by svl degs have to wait to see how many as of this hr –3.9f...
12/31/2017 8:00 AM 0.01 0.1 0.01 1.0 M Skc COLD, 7.2f, dwpt -1.2f, pres was rs now more quickly 30.11” wnd mostly NW 10+ g/20s, CHILLS a factor by svl degs to near 10 BL 0... (Note: ydy Ovc, COLD again given tmps never got out of the teens “BUT” daylgt wnds only 6-12 g/bit better so chills no where near what they have been, arnd 730p wnd turned mostly nw 6-12 g/teens tmps started to FS chills went BL 0 by a few in the air 1st obs arnd 1140a became VERY -sn that = a trace 1p obs then a lull till arnd 330p when stdy –sn(occnl very lgt) began again and given the COLD tmps sn accummed on SB to 0.1” (but not quite 0.2”) coated the grnd and DPW went out to salt hills and intersections just enough to make it a bit slippery, ended as flurries aft 7p, HIGHS 17.4f (+3.8f vs ydy), dwpt 13.1f during the 2nd rd of –sn, gust wnw 21 but that was arnd 2a calmed a lot from there... overnight lows 7.0f @ 732a, grnd 6.0f @ 651a, dwpt –2.0f @ 724a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -0.3f, dwpt +2.6f...Obs area sn cover up to 95% aft ydy dusting, just under trees bare spots now avgs 1” ydys wnd blown bare areas now trace amts...LAST day of 2017 seems like it was just the 1st, anyway WISHING ALL a SAFE/HAPPY New Years eve stay warm...
1/1/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.0 M Skc COLD/WNDY, –0.5f, dwpt –12.5f, pres been rs now more quickly 30.25”, wnd nw-n 10+ g/20s, CHILLS a factor by 15+ below 0...(Note: ydy a COLD/WNDY day...Morn SKC 100% INEFFECTIVE sunshine/aftn Mostly cldy if not ovc, wnds w-nw favoring wnw 10+ g/20 times arnd 30, chills sing digits BL 0, HIGHS 12.0f, dwpt SUPER DRY YET AGAIN, +7.0f @ 1a falling from there to sing #s BL 0, gust wnw 30...overnight lows –0.6f @ 633a, grnd sensor –1.0f @ 539a, dwpt –13.0f @ 533a, wnd chill –19.7f btwn 4/5a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –6.7f, dwpt –11.3f...This is the 1st time sta has been 0 or below since Feb of 2016 13th –3.0f, 14th –9.1f nearly 2 yrs...Dec Sta tmp was below the avg by –4.5f data not completed yet b tomorrow...Super Bowl goes through New England doesn’t get any better than that, speaking of FB, in offensive football they like balance btwn running and passing plays, sta this yr (2017) is O football @ its best, 6 month abv (Jan, Feb, Apr, Jun, Sept, Oct) 6 months below avg, (if Pats would/could have that balance they would roll to SB) yr ended +1.0f... Area Sn cover back to arnd 90% wnd blown/under tree areas bare, avgs arnd 1” shaded a bit more... And finally HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL...
1/2/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.0 M A little bit late, had trbl logging on... Skc, “COLD” 4.1f, presrs 30.30” wnd not 1/2 bad this hr mostly w 6-12, g/tad better, Chills a few degs BL 0 tolerable vs the past few days... Some sta data for Dec avg tmp 30.1f (coldest of the yr as well, 2nd Mar 34.1f) from norm –4.5f, H/L 59.0f (5th), 1.1f (29th)... days w/min 32 or below 24, max 32 or below 10, 0 none...water (includes melted) 2.40” from norm –1.38” grts 24 hr day 0.62” (9th), 24 hr period 0.72” (22-23), days w/0.01” or more (10) 0.1 (5) 0.5 (3) 1.0” none... fzra/dz (2) ice accretion Trace (22nd), 0.23” rnd off to 0.20” (23rd)...snfl 9.2” grtst 24 hr day 5.8” (9th) 24 hr period 6.1” (9-10) grts depth 5” (9th,10th) days w/sn/ice pellets 9, 0.1” or more (5), 0.5” (2), 1”(2), Trace amts (4)... Blowing sn 1 (25th) pres H/L 30.50” (4th), 29.22” (13th)... avg wnd spd/direc 9.8 wnw, PG sw 42 (5th), Skc 3/partly 17/cldy 11, Bright sunshine 124 hrs or abt 44%, HDD 1072/CDD 0...Sta had 2 RARE Dec wx episodes, ice strm (22-23) and a WHITE CHRISTMAS...
1/3/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.5 M Changing sky, LOT LESS COLD almost balmy that’s a stretch but the idea is WARMER than it’s been, 16.8f, dwpt 4.5f, pres was rs now more quickly 30.30” wnd wsw/sw 6-12 g/occnl a tad better, chills near double digits abv 0 for a change...(Note: ydy Not a 1/2 bad day still wndy but w/warmer tmps (everything’s relative) daylgt chills morn sing digits BL 0/aftn sing abv 0, wnd w-nw however aft dark turned wsw/sw (all the while 10+ g/L20s) tmps warmed to M/Uteens, day featured mostly clr if not skc till m/aftn when it became mostly cldy/times ovc, HIGHS 19.2f, 1159p (see note @ end), dwpts started sing #s BL 0 to Sing abv w/h of 6.2f just B4 m/ngt, gust wnw 23...overnight lows 16.0f @ 652a, grnd 15.0f @ 531a, dwpt 4.0f @ 328a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +12.7f, dwpt +10.0f...Just thinking (that’s never a gd thing) Ydy BOS tied a rcd (7 days in a row of 20 degs or less) that stood for 100 YRS, guessing back then the “heat islands” and all the other factors (i.e. vehicles, population, etc.) here and upstream that affect the tmps were nowhere near as extensive as they are today that’s what makes this cold outbrk so impressive... MAJOR Nor’Easter in the forecast BRING IT ON !!!
1/4/2018 8:00 AM 0.01 0.2 0.01 0.5 M Good old fashioned New Eng “Nor’easter” starting to crank... Ovc –sn (began 715a and accummd on contact), 25.5f, dwpt 21.9f, presFR 29.59” wnd busy n/nne 15-20 g/30s...(Note: ydy long ago TV met (DK) called a day like ydy a “WX BREEDER” kinda tranquil no extremes rather lgt wnds sun and clds that is pretty much what the day was...morn mostly clr /aftn mostly cldy if not ovc @ times(Sta rcds partly cldy) tmps M then U20s arnd sun down, wnds wsw to aftn sw-s all the while 6-12 few g/Lteens, (daylgt chills just a few degs cooler than air tmp, hardly noticeable vs the last svl days) HIGHS 29.4f, dwpts sing #s abv 0, aft dark L/teens w/h of 14.1f, gust nw 23(2a)... overnight lows 22.1f @ 1237a, grnd sen 21.0f @ 1217a dwpt 10.0f @ 246a...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +9.7f, dwpt +17.4f...obs area sn cover arnd 0.5” SOON to b a LOT MORE...
1/5/2018 8:00 AM 1.14 13.2 1.14 12.0 M Ovc COLD/WNDY, 12.0f, dwpt 3.3f, presRR 29.41” wnd mostly w 15-20 g/M30s (chills a factor Sing #s BL 0)... (Note: ydy, Quite a day (strm notes below) good strm was motoring or we would b digging out of 2+’ of sn... Highs 30.2f, dwpt 28.9f, gusts strm nne 43/backside nw 47... overnight lows 11.9f @ 757a, grnd sensor N/A buried in sn, dwpt 2.0f @ 720a)..24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –13.5f, dwpt –18.6f...STRM NOTES just a grt strm (save for all the property damage) if u like that sorta thing, what fool would like that, ah that would b me... –sn began abt 715a quickly to Sn then +sn (btwn 10/noon 4.5”) BLIZ conditions @ times w/near whtouts during that time sta vsby down to less than 50’ w/falling/ blowing sn never more than 100’, aftn not much better football field or less, aft dark for time –sn/sn blowing sn also reduced vsby to 0.5 or less @ times, ended as –shsn/flurries arnd 930p still some blowing sn tho... flooding ...Winthrop lifer worked nearly 40yrs, 32 as a FF/EMT don’t recall the amt of ocean flooding on the BAY SIDE from the H/#s on Shirley St (arnd Wint Yacht club) to the bayside of Deer Island all the way down to Belle Isle and beyond, streets cellars flooded, in my memory places that have never had ocean water before, Winthrop Parkway i.e. Short Beach (Winth/Revere line) shut down for many hrs.. WFD (as were all the area F/Depts) out straight rpts of bldng fires wires down water rescues and all the rest of the stuff that goes w/a strm like this, so THANKS go out to all the FIRE/PD/DPW members that NEVER get the CREDIT that they deserve, also KUDOS to the WX FOLKS strm could not have been forecast any better... Some data (incl ydys 8a rpt) Total sn = 13.4”, tot water 1.14” drifts up to 3+’ –sn/sn/+sn/ Blowing sn... strm wnds n/nne (presFR bottomed out 28.84”(976.5 mb)422p) 20+ g/L40s, back side nnw/nw (presRR) 20+ g/M40s,just got arnd u/date wat to 1.14" frm.72,RG not gd catch this is core...
1/6/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 11.0 M Skc (waning gibbous bright) COLD/WNDY, (been some blowing sn @ times) 6.2f, dwpt –10.2f, presrs 29.90” wnd mostly arnd 20 g/M/U30s, chills a BIG factor L/mteens BL 0...(Note: ydy COLD day that did not have much of a daylgt rise in tmps just a couple of degs, WNDS mostly w 15-20 g/U30s occnl arnd 40 allowed CHILLS to b BL 0 by svl degs, periods of BLOWING SN all day/evng HIGHS 23.0f @ 1a falling from there, dwpt 12.8f (abt same time as H/tmp) falling into the Sing #s BL 0, gust w 41...overnight lows 5.7f @ 1202a, grnd sen 4.0f from 2a on, dwpt –11.0f @ 624a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –5.8f, dwpt –13.3f...on a personal note, saw SOME comparisons w/this past strm and BLIZ of ‘78, “NOT EVEN CLOSE”... this Nor’easter was formidable lot of wnd VERY LOW PRES Sta 28.84” but pale in comparison. Talking Winthrop, here FLOODING on the bay side plus a LOT OF SEA ICE that we haven’t seen in yrs (little on the ocean side vs ‘78 that had ocean debris rocks sand etc blocks away which became huge prob clogging catch basins, unseen damage till wks later), this strm lots of st/basement flooding, places that never had ocean water did, however ‘78 had near 3’ of sn, 4 CONSECUTIVE FLOOD tides (water never went out even when supposed to b LOW, still coming over sea walls) w/devastating DAMAGE, overturned cars/collapsed bldngs, etc. Went to work (beach sta Eng 1/Lad1) for a 14 hr ngt tour that turned into an 8 day tour of duty, sea water right up the apron into the apparatus door by svl ft has not happened since including the “PERFECT STRM” (incredibly damaging but w/out the COLD/SN and cold (30+ deg) sea water, much easier to respond to emerg calls). It was/is the strm of my lifetime and don’t believe it will b duplicated any time soon/if ever given all the players that had to fall into place @ the right time...obs area sn cover still 98% (wnd blown areas have a trace) avgs arnd 11”...
1/7/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 10.0 M Skc (last quarter BRIGHT) “COLD WNDY” (just starting to calm a bit vs ovrngt) chills were and still are a BIG TIME factor -2.8f, dwpt super dry –16.8, presrr 30.48” wnd w-nw ovrngt arnd 20 g/30s, now arnd 15 g/M/U 20s...(Note: ydy ...COLD/WNDY..periods of blowing sn...NEAR 100% of the poss sunshine as ineffective as it was sta tmp barely got to double digits and that was only for 3.5hrs e/m aftn, wnds mostly w 15-20+ g/near 40 chills morn L/teens aftn sing #s aft dark U/teens all BL 0, HIGHS 11.3f, dwpt –7.1f, gust w 40...overnight lows –3.1f @ 658a, grnd sensor NA rad shield back under wnd blown sn, dwpt –18.3f WC –25.4f)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –9.0f, dwpt –6.6f ...Sta morn L/tmp of –3.1f coldest of season colder than any day last yr (C/day last yr only a wk and change ago 12/29 +1.1f) have not been this cold since Feb 14th 2016 –9.1 Feb 13th –3.0 so we bested that by a tenth, this has been a pretty significant cold outbrk....Tough ngt for fire depts...espc outside FF operations throwing water in these tmps is just awful been there done that, didn’t like it... Sn cover abt 95% due to wnd blown bare spots...avgs 10"
1/8/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 10.0 M Late rpt bunch of EARLY appts...At 1215p sta 31.4f soon to b abv frzng 1st time since early xmas day...
1/9/2018 8:00 AM T T T 10.0 M Changing sky ovhd was ovc then varying btwn mostly/partly cldy,now mostly, WNDY, 34.5f, dwpt 25.5f, pres was rs now looking @ line trace more quickly 29.96” wnd mostly wsw 10+ g/M20 (chills L20s)...(Note: ydy featured an ovc sky times a bit thinner than others but sun disc never visible, wndy mostly warm wx directions sw 10-15 g/M20s that allowed chills to b cooler by near 10 degs however chills felt some 50 degs warmer than @ times this past wknd “HUGE IMPROVEMENT” in that regard, period of –shsn/flurries btwn 530/715p = trace, HIGHS 35.0f (see note BL) dwpts started day in sing #s abv 0, ended 20+ w/h of 26.6f, gust sw 27...overnight lows 32.1f @ 130a, grnd sen NA still have not gotten arnd to clrng the sn off shield, dwpt 24.9f @ 720a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +9.4f, dwpt +16.0f...NOTE: Ydy sta went abv frzng @ 1257p 33.0f this is the 1st time since Christmas day 7a 36.5f then a wnd shft to n and falling sn dropped tmp to L20s however did get back to 32.8f for a time arnd 3p then downhill till ydy... LONG COLD STRETCH...obs area sn cover arnd 90% and avgs 10" shade a bit more still large wndrows arnd town
1/10/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 9.0 M Skc (save for a couple of contrails sct’d abt, come/go) cold but nothing like its been, 24.3f, dwpt 15.9f, pres been rr now more slowly 30.47”, wnd near calm (bit of rad cooling)... (Note: ydy tmp went abv avg by a few degs 1st time this featured MORE SUN than clds (most clds sunup till 9a) BUSY wnd mostly w 10-15 g/M occnl U20s so it felt svl degs cooler than air tmp, HIGHS 41.1f (see note BL), dwpts M20s w/h of 25.7f till m/aftn onward fell to U/teens, gust w 27...Overnight lows 23.3f @ 653a, grnd sen NA, dwpt 13.0f @ 542a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –10.2f, dwpt –9.6f...YDY tmp reached 40.1f just B4 1p the last time sta 40 or better Dec 20 hit 41.0f btwn 3/4p (H/tmp that day 46.7f just aft m/ngt) been MANY MOONs btwn 40s...obs area snpk settled/ melted a bit ydy as well as bare spots getting a dite cover @ 8a will call it still 90% w/avg of 9.0” and plowed/shoveled piles and town windrows still rather large...
1/11/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 7.0 M Mostly cldy, WARM/ish, 38.5f, dwpt 35.9f, pres s @ 30.37”, wnd s-sw 6-12... (Note: ydy a very nice day SKC 100% sunshine (save for periods contrails throughout the day that were long and straight) morn lgt/var wnds, aftn btwn 12/2p a lgt spring type S/brz sse-se 5-10, thereaft warm wx directions s-sw arnd 10 g/Uteens so chills few degs cooler than air tmps, HIGHS 37.4f, dwpts teens then 20s w/h of 26.6f, gust ssw 19)...overnight lows 33.5f @ 1203a (last time sta did not go BL frzng ovrngt Dec 19th that day also did not get to 32 or BL for the 24 hr period we shd do that today) grnd sen briefly 32.0f @ 1211a then abv frzng for the rest of the ovrngt, dwpt 26.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +14.2f, dwpt +20.0f... Side note: town windrows shadow of and softer than what they were BUT still arnd 1.5’ in the shade and abt 1’ elsewhere and still cover most if not all catch basins and that WILL b a prob given the forecast of 1-3” ra for St flooding (most espc for the folks on the bay side of town (Pt Shirley to Belle Isle) btwn Winthrop and airpt that got all the sea water in the Nor’easter they DO NOT need any more flooding)... Snpk down to avg of 7” (soon to b a lot less) and covers abt 80% of obs area...
1/12/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 3.0 M Thin spots in the ovc, some sct’d –fog over deeper (which is not very deep any more) snpk, WARM, 48.2f, dwpt 47.7f, pres was fs now more quickly 30.06” warm wx directions 6-12 g/Lteens...(Note: ydy abv avg sta tmp by 10+ degs... WARM DAY(see note BL) that was mostly cldy if not ovc at times, warm wx wnd directions s-sw M/morn – L/aftn 10+ g/L20s either side of that 6-12, HIGHS 51.4f, dwpt 45.8f, gust ssw 22...overnight lows 45.0f @ 318a, grnd sen 44.0f @ 233a, dwpt 44.0f @ 135a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +9.7f, dwpt +11.0f...Ydy sta did not drop to frzng has not done that since Dec 19th also hit 50+ for the 1st time since the 19th’s 50.8f, ydy aftn btwn 1/4p 50 or a tad better 1p 50.3, 4p 50.5 H/of 51.4f @ 250p...BIG sn melt ydy and ovrngt area sn cover arnd 50% (mostly shaded areas) w/an avg of 3” and some larger drifts, also the plowed/shoveled piles which have shrunk big time, however still rather sizeable wndrows arnd town covering a LOT of the catch basins could b a prob w/up coming ra...
1/13/2018 8:00 AM 1.71 0.0 M 0.0 M Binovc -shra/dz ended just aft 7a, “WARM/HUMID/WNDY” 58.3f, dwpt 55.1f, pres been fr now more slowly 29.35”, BUSY wnds starting to favor more w 15+ g/U20s,M30s ... (Note: ydy very warm day sn cover disappeared real quick a lot B4 the ra started also helped to open up some of the catch basins and THAT WAS a gd thing...Ovc w/ra of varying intensity that started as –shra just aft noon wnd picked up E/aftn and gusted from warm wx direc U20s occnl M30s, HIGHS 60.1f on 2 dif hrs 12 and 9p(Note BL), dwpt 58.3f, gust ssw 35...overnight lows 55.3f @ 525a (ovrngt H/tmp 60.2f @ 125a) grnd 54.0f @ 459a, dwpt 54.0f @ 515a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.1f, dwpt +7.7f...Ydy sta WELL abv avg tmp by nearly 20 degs w/h of 60.1f, last time sta 60 or better Nov 6th @ 7p obs 60.7f (side note did get to 59.7f on the Nov 29th sta does not rd off so the last time 1st # was 6 was on the 6th) h/tmp that day 65.1f, Dec H/tmp 59.0f on the is gone just some small plowed piles in the shade only...
1/14/2018 8:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M Changing sky btwn mostly/partly cldy now mostly, “COLD/WNDY” CHILLS(arnd 0f)are a BIG factor again, 13.1f, dwpt –2.7f, presRR 30.53” wnd nw-n 10+ g/L20s...(Note: ydy changing day from spring to winter...Arnd 945a pre frnt –shra/sprinkles = a trace, aft 10a C/fropa turned wnds w-nw 15+ and gusted U20s occnl L30s presrs to RR, btwn 10/11a tmp drop of 15.6 degs from 57.5f to 41.9f then kinda leveled off to only falling couple of degs every hr till BL frzng 31.2f 405p, aft dark into the 20s then Uteens, all the while Chills a factor by svl to L/evng 10+ degs, dews fell from M50s 10a to L20s 1p, days end sing #s, aft e/clds it became mostly clr if not SKC for the rest of the day near 100% sun and bare grnd prob helped a tad to slow aftn tmp fall till near sun down, HIGHS 60.2f, dwpt 60.0f, (both ovrngt) gusts ssw 39/aft frnt wnw 34...overnight lows 13.0f @ 737a, grnd sen 13.0f @ 716a, dwpt -3.2f @ 749a)..."BIG" 24 hr (8/8a)tmp changes –45.2f, dwpt –57.8f... Still a few small plowed/shoveled piles in the shade
1/15/2018 8:00 AM T 0.2 T T M COLD/WNDY w/localized ocean eff –sn if not very lgt @ times (LOW density dry/ish fluff) 1st obs @ 430a...Now 0vc, –sn, 12.5f, dwpt 6.7f, “HIGH” pres that’s still rs 30.75”(1041.3 MB), wnd nne 10+ g/arnd 20...(Note: ydy a cold day that @ times w/the wnd felt some 60+ degs colder than the day B4... Morn MORE SUN than clds/aftn opposite that, wnds nw-n morn 10-15 g/M20s, 6-12 btwn 12/6p thereaft arnd 10 g/teens so CHILLS were a factor by svl degs to 10+ @ times, HIGHS 21.6f, dwpts morn/evng few degs BL 0, aftn sing #s abv w/h of 4.5f, gust nw 26...overnight lows 12.5f @ 755a, grnd sen 12.0f @ 646a, dwpt +1.7f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –0.6f, dwpt +9.9f...Note: sn/water data is from 7a obs
1/16/2018 8:00 AM 0.01 0.1 M 0.0 M Changing sky over the past few hrs, ovc to mostly cldy now SKC OVHD mostly clr elsewhere, cold but warmer than 8a ydy, lgt wnd so chill not much of a factor this hr just a few degs, 21.5f, dwpt 15.9f, pres still high but looking @ line trace trending down SLOWLY from 30.51” wnd favoring ne 3-6...(Note: ydy Ovc, ocean eff accum –sn ended arnd 9a (total sn 0.3” of fluff) then more off than on flurries till arnd noon, wnds nw-n 8-16 g/teens (morn g/L20s) cold start L/teens days end arnd 20, HIGHS 20.2f, dwpts sing #s abv 0 w/h of 9.4f just aft 11p pres 30.76” (1041.6 MB) arnd 9a, gusts ovrngt nne 25/daylgt morn nnw 23...overnight lows all @ 1201a 20.1f, grnd sensor 20.0f dwpt 10.0f)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +9.2f, dwpt cover ydys 0.3” gone by sublimation B4 dark, there are still a couple of SMALL plowed piles from past strms in the absolute shade...
1/17/2018 8:00 AM 0.04 0.4 0.04 0.4 M Ovc/-fog, stdy –sn falling straight down (sn in the air 1st obs arnd 515a) just barely frzng, sn is WET, 32.4f, dwpt 31.1f, presfs 30.29" wnd onshore e-ne favoring ene, calm to 6 only saving grace is wnd is lgt (but won’t take much to get sta tmps abv frzng/BOS buoy # 44013 (16 NM due e) sst 41.2f) so maybe not a lot of ocean air to change it to all ra prob just a mix @ some pt. However it plays out at this sta, if stays sn will b hvy/wet, if mixes sloppy slush all remains to b seen... (Note: ydy kind of a tranquil day that did get abv frzng given lgt wnd direc s-sse, morn avg out MORE CLDS than sun/aftn mostly cldy if not ovc, warm wx wnds favoring sse 6-12, HIGHS 33.0f, dwpt 27.5f, gust sse 14...overnight lows 31.8f, grnd sensor 30.0f both @ 1201a, dwpt 27.0f @ 1210a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.9f, dwpt +15.9f...NOTE: sn/water data is from 7a obs (tomorrow coco rpt will b 8a onward) that hr 10-1 ratio right where it’s supposed to b @ that tmp...NOTE 1038a corrected new sn melted core from 0.40 to 0.04 sorry abt that
1/18/2018 8:00 AM 0.16 1.3 0.13 1.0 M Skc ovhd (looking out to sea lots of clds) COLD vs ydy, 20.9f, dwpt 13.1f, presfs 29.94” wnd mostly wnw 5-10 chills a factor by svl degs...(Note: ydy stdy acumml –sn till abt 11a thereaft –shsn/flurries (some ra mixed in abt 4p to make it more slush like) that ended arnd 6p and = a trace then off/on flurries in the air till abt 1030p... day was warm/ish (abv frzng big chunk of the daylgt hrs) till lgt backside wnds n-nw started a SLOW (by tenths) drop in tmps that hit frzng (32.1f) arnd 530p... day was ovc w/fog, –sn/flurries mix w/-ra briefly, wnd onshore mostly ene calm to 8, (sn falling straight down) if onshore wnd stronger ocean air more than likely would have changed to a mix if not ra early, that said sn VERY WET anyway, HIGHS 33.5f, dwpt 32.4f, gust nw 15...overnight lows 20.7f @ 750a, grnd sen 21.0f @ 613a, dwpt 13.0f @ 737a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –11.5f, dwpt –18.0f...Sta totals sn = 1.7” water 0.20”, 0.17” for accumd sn, the rest (0.03”) melted on contact or was ra (SIDE NOTE: the acumm sn (coco melted to 0.17” perfect 10-1 ratio, no surprise there given the tmps) for what its worth heated ra gauge rcd 0.18” however there may have been some water left over that only needed a few drops to tip, for all intent/purpose they were the same, they usually differ +/- by a few hundredths in sn..95% sn cover and avgs abt 1" under trees bare or trace amts...
1/19/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.5 M Changing sky, COLD, but a bit warmer vs 8a ydy, 24.4f, dwpt 16.7f, pres been rs now more stdy 29.97” wnd mostly w arnd 10 g/teens, chills a factor by svl to near 10 degs ...(Note: ydy a nice winter day COLD on the wndy side but w/100% of the poss sunshine that did its thing as far as melting some of the sn/slush however aft dark all the melting re/froze so icy patches sct’d abt, morn wnds wnw 6-12/aftn mostly nw 10-15 g/arnd 20 aftn CHILLS colder by some 10 degs @ times, HIGHS 31.0f just aft m/ngt that was it for the 30s fell to the L then M/U20s for the rest of the day, dwpt 27.6f (abt same time as h/tmp) fell through the 20s to M/teens, gust wnw 20...overnight lows 23.3f @ 314a, grnd sen 21.0f @ 248a, dwpt 13.0f @ 145a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.3f, dwpt +3.6f...Obs area sn cover abt 80% in SHADE ONLY and avgs arnd 0.5”, a tad more in ABSOLUTE shade...
1/20/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.5 M Thin spots in the ovc ovhd, mostly cldy in other direction, abv frzng, WNDY (warm wx direction busy enough to cause a chill by many degs) 36.9f, dwpt 23.7f, pres been FR now more slowly 29.69” wnd mostly sw 15+ g/M occnl U20s... (Note: ydy kind of a nothing day wx wise, morn MORE CLDS than sun (most sun E/M morn/aftn ovc tmps BL frzng early/late big chunk of the day abv frzng by a deg or so, wnd early 10 g/teens, aftn 6-12 all the while mostly w then lgt/var till a decided shift to sw aft 8p, 8-16 g/near 20, HIGHS 33.9f, dwpts Uteens to L20s w/h of 21.5f, gusts w 19/sw also 19 svl times... overnight lows 30.3f @ 1258a, grnd sensor 29.0f @ 1203a, dwpt 19.0f @ 1221a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +12.5f, dwpt +7.0f...Obs area sn cover not much of a change from ydy still abt 50% and avgs arnd 0.5”...Anybody that was arnd 40 yrs ago might remember a PRETTY GD sn strm, Ya working for that one too, remember talking @ change of shift guys saying this will b the biggest strm (ended at 21” and change) of the season (did not have much sn to that pt)...ERT WRONG the BLZD of ‘78 to follow Feb 6-7 (working for that as were all members ON DECK), strm of my lifetime...
1/21/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M T M Lots of clds moving abt sun is filtered, abv frzng, nowhere NEAR as wndy as 8a ydy so that’s an improvement, 37.9f, dwpt 27.9f, presrs 30.10” wnd calm to lgt...(Note: ydy WARM but the wnds sorta negated that as it felt colder by svl to some 10 degs @ times, day featured MORE CLDS than sun, what sun there was, brief and sct’d, sw wnds in the morn to wsw/w aftn onward all the while 10-15+ g/near 30,aft dark g/near 20, HIGHS 46.5f, dwpts in the 20s w/h of 28.1f, gusts 20s/PG 29 few times... overnight lows 36.4f @ 434a, grnd sen briefly 34.0f @ 402a, dwpt 27.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +1.0f. dwpt +4.2f...Sn cover just sct’d trace amts and a few plowed/shoveled piles left... Super bowl goes through Gillette today big part of home field advantage is the WX, It’s just not cooperating Pats are one if not the best BAD WX team in the league. At home they are almost unbeatable when tmp is frzng or BL, actually if memory serves it’s like 34F or BL. Anyway perfect set up, AFC Championship, a warm wx team playing in New Eng in Jan, oh well that did not work as planned, but the game is not played on paper, so we’ll see, HOPING “ON” to Minnesota.....
1/22/2018 8:00 AM T 0.0 M 0.0 M late rpt due to EARLY appt...
1/23/2018 8:00 AM 0.08 0.0 M 0.0 M Been periods of fog/mist and –dz ovngt, now ovc, –fog/mist 31.9f, dwpt 31.1f, pres was fs now more quickly 29.92” wnd mostly n 5-10 (the old wx saying story is in the wnd that held true ovrngt 2a ene 39.0f/6a n 32.0f, grnd sensor 32.0f)...(Note: ydy just a damp, dreary, crummy day w/–shra/sprinkles (stdiest E/M morn) periods of fog/mist and dz off on all day/evng not cold by any stretch but cool as tmps never got out of the U30s wnds morn, lgt/var, aftn turned on shore e-ne 6-12 g/occnl teens, chills by a few degs, HIGHS 38.9f, dwpt 37.9f, gust ene 17...overnight lows 31.6f @ 721a, grnd sensor 31.0f @ 643a, dwpt 30.9f @ 744a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –4.0f, dwpt –1.8f...
1/24/2018 8:00 AM 1.08 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc ovhd, sct’d clds moving abt elsewhere (looks like c/frnt just passed sta w/a wnd shift from sw/wsw to wnw occnl nw and a rapidly rising pres, tmps falling “SLOWLY” by a few tenths, dwpts bit quicker) 38.4f, dwpt 28.4f, presRR 29.73” wnds wnw/nw arnd 10-15 g/M/U20...(Note: ydy a rather lousy day, periods of fog/mist/ -dz/dz... from L/morn till L/aftn ra of varying intensity (big chunk of it a COLD ra as tmps stayed in the M/U30s) ended as –shra/ sprinkles /-dz aft 5p...mostly lgt wnds from the n (times e and/or w of n) held tmps in the 30s till warm fropa near 3p put sta in warm sector, wnds s-sw 15+ g/U20s in the hr btwn 2/3p tmp rose from 35.1f (2p) to 52.3f (3p) +17.1f in short order presFR @ that time as well 29.47”, however that was SHORT LIVED as C/fropa just B4 5p turned wnd wnw/nw 10+ g/near 20 and presrs tmps fell from 52.7f to 42.6f again in short order talk abt wait a minute wx that was it, HIGHS 53.2f, dwpts most of day/evng in the M30s, but in warm sec jumped to L50s a couple hrs w/h of 52.1f, gust sw 32, ra rate 1.02 (in/hr) @ 1140a...overnight lows 37.4f @ 414a, grnd sensor 36.0f @ 241a, dwpt 28.0f @ 756a)...24 hr (8/8s) tmp changes +6.4f, dwpt –2.7f...
1/25/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Mostly clr ovhd, looking other direc few clds sct’d abt, COLD vs 8a ydy, 20.4f, dwpt 5.3f, pres was rr now more slowly 30.20” wnd favoring wnw arnd 10 g/near 20, chills a factor by 10+ degs...(Note: ydy Not a 1/2 bad day, e/morn c/fropa keep tmps in check fell a few tenths then held in the M/U30s till aft dark when it went BL frzng arnd 7p day ended U then M20s...Morn avg out MORE CLDS than sun/aftn just the opposite of that, BUSY wnds wnw/nw 10-15 g/M occnl U20s chills colder by some 10 degs if not colder by a deg or 2 @ times, HIGHS 41.1f @ 1217a, dwpts dried as day went on started in M30s (h/35.1f) through the 20s/teens ended U/sing #s, gust wnw 28...overnight lows 19.7f @ 351a, grnd sen 19.0f 3a-6a, dwpt 5.0f @ 733a)...24 hr (8/8a) BIG tmp changes –18.0f, dwpt –23.1f...
1/26/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Skc COLD/WNDY, CHILLS sing digits abv 0, 18.9f, dwpt -2.7f, presRR 30.64”(H/press rules as sta been rising (or an hr here/there stdy) since 5p (29.49”) on the 23rd) wnd wnw/nw 10+ g/L20s...(Note: ydy a nice L/Jan day w/near 100% of the poss sunshine albeit somewhat ineffective as sta tmp never got to 30f, VERY WNDY wnw/nw 15+ g/constant M/U20s occnl arnd 30, COLD CHILLS teens/sing #s abv 0, HIGHS 28.6f, dwpts sing #s abv/BL 0 w/h of +8.1f, gusts wnw 32...overnight lows 18.1f @ 654a, grnd sensor 17.0f 4-6a, dwpt –2.8f @ 749a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –1.4f, dwpt –8.0f...
1/27/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Was SKC now –hz, lots of h/clds moving abt (svl contrails come/go) sun is filtered, daybrk lgt frost on elevated surfaces such as car tops roofs that kind of thing, much WARMER than 8a ydy, 30.9f, dwpt 28.5f, presfs 30.48” warm wx wnd directions s-sw 10+ g/near 20 chills by svl degs... (Note: ydy another nice L/Jan day w/100% of the poss sunshine only thing missing was a sn cover COLD but the H/tmp was 3.6f degs warmer than the day B4, however sta still BL norm by near 2 degs for cal date morn wnds 10+ g/20s CHILL a factor by some 10 degs if not more at times/aftn calmed considerably to 6-12 (times near calm) g/a tad better chills not all that bad just a few degs @ times none, all the while wnw-nw direction, aft dark briefly on shore then s (times e and/or w of s) arnd 10 g/teens, HIGHS 32.2f, dwpts daylgt hrs sing #s abv/BL 0, aft dark teens w/h of 13.5f, pres 30.69” (1039.2 MB) @ 1015a, gust wnw 25...overnight lows 26.4f @ 203a, grnd 25.0f @ 125a then 26.0f till 5a, dwpt 14.0f @ 106a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +12.0f, dwpt +31.5f...
1/28/2018 8:00 AM 0.02 0.0 M 0.0 M Ovc (looking nw brighter) WARM –shra that began arnd 3a, just enough to wet the grnd, has ended, just a few off/on sprinkles this past hr, 47.9f, dwpt 44.5f, presrs 30.21”,waiting for c/frnt(more of wnd shift line not a lot of diff in tmps B4/aft)so STILL warm wx wnds mostly sw however sta has calmed to 4-8 g/tad better...(Note: ydy clearly in the warm sector given tmps in the L50s however strong s-sw wnds threw a monkey wrench in how it felt... lots of H/clds and contrails some –hz as well, sun never bright, more on the filtered side, sky never blue either, still into L50s tho... brighter sun maybe M50s+, then m/aftn on ovc due to a variety of cld types, all the while wnds s-sw 15+ g/30s, chills colder by svl if not 10+ degs in the morn not so much later w/tmps in 50s but still felt cooler than air tmps, however not too bad, repairing some pine tree damage (side note: w/a very convenient 20v lithium Battery operated Chainsaw w/10” bar, best purchase I ever made !!) w/just a spring type jacket, HIGHS 53.0f, dwpts started in the teens ended arnd 40 w/h of 40.2f, gusts warm wx direct 20s/L30 PG sw 36...overnight lows 47.6f @ 753a, grnd sensor 46.0f @ 727a, dwpt 39.0f @ 1211a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +17.0f, dwpt +16.0f...
1/29/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Thin spots in the ovc ovhd (looking nw thinner/brighter even some patchy blu/ish sky), not cold per se, but colder than 8a ydy, 37.6f, dwpt 30.5f presrs 30.30” wnd ne/ene 10+ g/arnd 20...Note: ydy WARM/CLDY...sta was near 18 degs abv norm for the date (never got out of 40s) warm wx wnds till wnd shift line to wsw then w, m/day on however tmps did little just changed by a few tenths, but dews started a slow fall pres stdy then rs, daylgt wnds sw to wsw then w abt the same spds 6-12 g/few teens, L/evng turned nw also in the 6-12 range, HIGHS all in the ovrngt hrs, 53.0f, dwpt 45.7f, gust sw 24...overnight lows 36.3f @ 644a, grnd sensor 35.0f @ 551a, dwpt 24.0f @1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –10.3f, dwpt –14.0f...
1/30/2018 8:00 AM 0.06 1.5 0.06 1.5 0.06 Ovc, fog –sn brief sn sta vsby has not been a big issue since the start save for an hr or so starting arnd 630a down to near 0.5 @ times, given ovrngt tmps M then L20s some FLUFF factor L/wat content to the sn (side note btwn 630/7a 0.4”), COLD/WNDY chills are a factor U/sing #s down from L/teens, 20.0f, dwpt 17.5f, pres been falling now unstdy rising then falling 29.95”, nnw/nw 10+ g/20s...(Note: ydy cldy w/busy wnds mostly ne morn 10+ g/L20s/ aftn 15+ g/near 30...changing day tmp wise from L40s to U20s B4 days end, sta abv norm by svl degs, –shsn began arnd 9p and accumd to 0.1” for the date, highs 41.9f, dwpts mostly M/U20s w/h of 30.5f, gust ne 30...overnight lows 19.9f @ 733a, grnd sen 20.0f 4-8a, dwpt 16.0f @520a) 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –17.6f, dwpt – data from 7a obs totals sn 1/29 =0.1”, 1/30 1.4” water 0.06” all as of 7a obs...
1/31/2018 8:00 AM 0.08 0.9 M 2.0 M Skc, COLD/WNDY, chills sing #s abv 0, 18.0f, dwpt a dry 6.0f, presRR 30.18” wnd mostly wnw arnd 10 g/near20... (Note: ydy Ovc, thinner late even sun disc briefly visible couple of times, during snfl COLD/WNDY... acumml sn ended just aft 10a and measured 0.9” thereaft off/on –shsn/flurries that ended abt noon and that = a trace, m/day some brief blowing sn in the stronger gusts mostly off flat roofs, daylgt wnds mostly nnw 10+ g/20s, aft dark arnd 10 g/teens chills sing #s morn/aftn- evng teens, 20s, HIGHS 30.2f (339p), dwpt 22.2f arnd 2a fell through the teens into sing #s aft dark, gust nnw 31...overnight lows 17.3f @ 706a, grnd sen 16.0f @ 531a, dwpt 3.0f @ 111a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –2.0f, dwpt –11.5f... Totals sn for the 2 days a L/wat content 2.4” (1/29 0.1” wat trace, 1/30 2.3” wat 0.14”) tot wat 0.14” (heated R/gauge 0.11”)...At 8a obs area sn cover abt 98% (few wnd blown areas bare or trace amts) and avgs arnd 2.0”...
2/1/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 1.0 M Ovc, wndy/ish, sta in the warm sec given wnd direc and tmps have been either stdy or rising since B4 m/ngt, 33.6f, dwpt 24.5f, pres s 30.00” wnds mostly sw arnd 10 g/teens chills by few to svl degs...(Note: ydy a very nice end to Jan thin sn cover, sta tmps avg out BL norm by a few degs, 100% of the poss sunshine till m/day when it became mostly cldy to MORE SUN than clds B4 sun down wnds mostly w 10 g/20s till warm fropa shifted wnds to wsw then sw 10-15 g/20s, HIGHS 30.6f arnd 6p dwpts sing #s till aft dark jump to L/M then Uteens days end, gust nnw 30 but that was @ 1a, daylgt/evng ssw 24...overnight lows 29.7f, grnd sensor 29.0f, dwpt 20.0f all at 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +15.6f, dwpt +18.5f... 8a obs area sn cover abt 80% and avgs arnd 1” other 20% bare or trace amts...Jan tmp ended barely below norm by not even a deg –0.5f but BL none the less, complete sta data tomorrow...
2/2/2018 8:00 AM 0.28 0.1 M T M Ovc flurries, sn mixed w/ra aft 4a to all -sn aft 5a accummed on grass/elevated surfaces, wet blktop 30.7f, dwpt 24.2f, presrs 29.77" wnd w-nw 10-15 g/U20s chills by svl degs... Sta data for Jan...avg tmp 28.3f, –0.5f, H/L 60.2f (13th), –3.1f (7th), 63.3f diff in 6 days, days w/min 32 or below (BL) 26, max 32 or BL 14, 0 or BL 3, water/melted 4.38” +1.02”, grts 24 hr day 1.14”(4th), grts 24 hr period 1.71”(12-13), days w/0.01 or more(9), 0.1(6), 0.5(4), 1.0”(3) Trace(2), fog 10, hvy 2, hz 5...SNFL 17.8” grts 24 hr 13.4”(4th), grts depth double #s 4-9 max 13”(4th), days w/sn,ice pellets (6), Trace (1), 0.1 or more (5), 0.5 (3), 1.0 (3), 12” (1), blowing sn (4) 4,5,6 briefly 30th, fzra/dz (1), pres H/L 30.76” (15th)... 28.84(4th), avg wnd spd/direc 10.9, wnw /PG nnw 47 (4th), SKC 8/partly 10/cldy 13, Bright sunshine 133 hrs or abt 45%, HDD 1131/CDD 0... Major Nor’easter (4th) BIG time fldng (sts/cellars)on the BAYSIDE (splash over ocean side) btwn Pt Shirley, the airpt and Belle Isle due to the fld tide, places that almost never get sea water did. Due to the wks of well BL frzng, guessing expanding wide spread huge chunks of sea ice filled the bay (have not had in 15+ yrs) played a part as well...
2/3/2018 8:00 AM T T M T M Skc, COLD wndy just not as, however enough to put CHILLs sing #s BL 0, 11.7f, dwpt –1.4f, pres was rr now more slowly 30.37” wnds have turned more sw arnd 10 g/teens... (Note: ydy flurries ended arnd 9a...a slow cool down 30s through the 20s to teens in the E/evng...morning ovc to mostly cldy/aftn MORE CLDS than sun WND was the big story w-nw 15+ g/L occnl M30s daylgt chills teens, aft dark sing #s abv then BL 0, highs 37.7f @ 1232a FS from there, dwpts started in the 30s ended sing #s BL 0, w/h of 34.4f abt same time as tmp, gusts constant U20s/L30s PG wnw 35...overnight lows 9.6f @ 352a, grnd sensor briefly kissed 9.0f @ 350a for the most part 10.0f 3-7a, dwpt –7.0f @ 227a) 24 hr (8/8a) BIG tmp changes –19.0f, dwpt – cover sct’d trace amts...
2/4/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 0.0 M Ovc WNDY so chills a factor yet again, however the warm wx direc has allowed tmps to RS ovrngt MUCH WARMER than 8a ydy, 32.9f, dwpt 24.8f, pres s 30.28”, wnd s-sw 10-15 g/20s...(Note: ydy not a 1/2 bad day morn 100% of the poss sunshine/aftn near 100% few fair wx clds sct’d abt and some h/clds L/day briefly filtered sun on occn, wnds w-s and everything in btwn, aftn favoring sw all the while 10+ g/20s chills by svl degs, even w/warm direct and sun, tmps hung tough in the M occnl U20s, HIGHS 27.1f, dwpts sing #s BL/abv 0 till m/evngs teens w/h of 16.2f just B4 m/ngt, gust wsw 24...overnight lows 26.0f, grnd sen 25.0f, dwpt 16.0f all @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) BIG again tmp changes +21.2f, dwpt +26.2f...All the hype and BS is done let the game begin “GO PATS”...
2/5/2018 8:00 AM 0.58 0.0 M 0.0 M Changing sky last hr skc ovhd and waning gibbous was bright not so now, getting wndy, chills by svl degs, ovrngt ra ended arnd 3a however fog/mist continued for a few more hrs, 38.9f, dwpt 34.4f, presRR 20.63” (29.47 @311a) wnd mostly w arnd 10+ g/L20s... (Note: ydy warm/ish day w/ tmps in the L40s but the wnd made it feel somewhat colder espc in the morn, m/day ra then a lull to a period of stdy mostly –ra, some fog/mist as well, wnd s-sw morn arnd 10 g/teens occnl L20s/aftn mostly s 6-12 g/teens, however in the evng turned lgt on shore for a couple hrs, HIGHS 42.7f, dwpts during evng on shore wnd got into the L40s w/h of 41.5f, gust ssw 22...overnight lows 38.1f @ 653a, grnd sen 37.0f @ 626a, dwpt 34.0f @ 731a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +6.0f, dwpt +9.6f...Finally Congrats to Eagles the best team won and that’s the way it shd b, Pats offense played good enough to win however defense/spec teams “DID NOT”...
2/6/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots (mostly e-se) in the ovc, much colder than 8a ydy, 24.5f, dwpt 8.3f, pres been stdy looking @ line trace now rising rather quickly 30.36” wnds mostly s calm to lgt...(Note: ydy Not a bad day sta avg abv norm by a couple of degs, avg out MORE CLDS than sun till e/aftn, thereaft opposite of that, wnds were BUSY during daylgt w-nw favoring w 10-15 g/20s L30s (chills by svl degs if not 10 @ times) both sides of daylgt arnd 10 g/teens, HIGHS 41.7f @255a fell to U then M30s pretty much stayed there till hit frzng @ 511p, dwpt 40.8f abt same as H/tmp, gusts daylgt arnd 30 PG few times wnw 33...overnight lows 21.1f @ 2a, grnd sen 21.0f @ 129a, dwpt 5.0f @ 1207a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –14.4f, dwpt –26.1f...Given the devastation prob not right to wish happy anniversary to the folks that were arnd for the BLZD of ‘78 but anyway, THE “STRM” OF “MY LIFE TIME”, my 32 yrs on the job been in a few tense situations but feared for my life only twice, '78 ankle deep “COLD”ocean water went to raging shoulder high in the snap of a finger and the Chelsea Conflagration Oct 14, 1973...
2/7/2018 8:00 AM T T T 0.0 0.00 Changing sky rather quickly from skc to partly/mostly cldy now Ovc, 24.9f, dwpt 14.9f,presfs 30.49”, wnd mostly n 5-10... (Note: ydy period of –sn that began arnd 1020a ended as flurries arnd 1150a and = a trace...morn ovc/aftn mostly cldy if not ovc at times, lgt wnds s-wsw 6-12 g/teens till a m/evng shift to LGT wnw/nw 3-6, tmps started in L20s but given warm wx wnd direc into the L30s by 1p, HIGHS 33.1f, dwpts began in sing #s ended in U/teens, w/an aftn period arnd 20 and a h of 20.4f, pres 30.52” (1150p) gust wsw 19...overnight lows (decent rad cooling lgt wnds/skc till abt 530a) 23.1f @ 509a, grnd sensor 21.0f @ 433a, dwpt 13.0f @ 634a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +0.4f, dwpt +6.0f...
2/8/2018 8:00 AM 0.71 2.1 0.24 T T Changing sky (starting to favor clr) COLD/WNDY chills either side of 10f, 21.9f, dwpt 10.4f, presRR 30.24” wnds nw – n 10-15 g/U20s... (Note: ydy ovc w/–sn/sn/ brief +sn, few mins of slt, -ra/ra/+ra (see note at end) wnds lgt on shore ese/se arnd 10 g/tad better, BRIEF (abt an hr) warm sec wnd s-sw that’s when sta h/tmp was reached 747p, then c/fropa shifted wnds to wnw/nw 10+ g/near 20, helped to cool tmps to near frzng, HIGHS 42.0f, dwpt 38.9f, wnd wnw 23... overnight lows 21.8f @ 757a, grnd sen 21.0f @ 704a, dwpt 10.0f @ 728a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -3.0f, dwpt -4.5f... strm notes accum sn ended @ 2p, sn in the air 1st obs arnd 1155a became stdy –sn if not brief sn @ times and 1p measured 0.8”, btwn 1/2p sn BRIEF +sn that was 1/2 dollar/ping pong ball sz (warming aloft) and measured 1.3” for a tot 2.1”. Just aft 2p sn/slt to ra/slt, by 209p all ra of varying intensity, ended aft 11p as a period of –shsn that = a trace... strm track toss up btwn coast hugger/bit of an inside runner, none the less either way is “NOT GOOD” for sn strm @ this cover...ra washed most of it away all that’s left sct’d trace amts and small plowed/shoveled piles standing water is frozen solid...
2/9/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 T T Skc (last quarter bright till sun up now just visible) 22.1f, dwpt 11.4f, pres high and still rs from 30.54”, wnd w/wsw 6-12 g/Lteens... (Note: ydy aft 8a rpt tmps fell a few more tenths B4 leveling off in L20s then abt 10a started a SLOW RISE through the M20s into the U20s M/aftn ...Changing sky day, times mostly clr, others mostly cldy (sta rcds p/cldy) wnds morn mostly nw 10+ g/20s (chills L/Mteens) aftn/evng nw then w arnd 10 g/near 20 (chills Uteens/L20s), HIGHS 32.8f was at 1219a from there into 20s (the 20s h/tmp 29.5f @ 203p) dwpt 23.0f @ 1a to the teens for the rest of the day, gust nw 29...overnight lows 21.6f @ 713a, grnd sensor 20.0f @ 658a, dwpt 10.0f @ 510a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +0.2f, dwpt +1.0f... Still some patchy trace amts of sn arnd in the absolute shade, as well as the SMALL plowed/shoveled piles also shade only...
2/10/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Ovc, –hz, 38.3f and rs by a few tenths, dwpt 36.5f, pres was fs now more stdy 30.31” wnds s-sw 6-12 g/tad better...(Note: ydy featured MORE CLDS than sun in the morn/aftn mostly cldy if not given the lack of sun, however relatively lgt wnds so not 1/2 bad to b out of doors... wnd w-wsw g/L20s EARLY thereaft arnd 10 g/teens, then arnd 2p a shift to s-sw abt the same spds, HIGHS 32.3f (342p), dwpts teens till L/evng rise to L then M20s w/h of 25.1f, gust wsw 21, pres 30.56” @ 1012a...overnight lows 30.6f, grnd sensor 30.0f, dwpt 25.0f all @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +16.2f, dwpt +25.1f...just a couple of SMALL in the shade plowed/shoveled piles left
2/11/2018 8:00 AM 0.45 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Ovc –ra fog/mist 40.2f (Note: arnd 2a had a wnd shift, frnt turned wnds LGT nw-n from s-ssw tmps warm but started to fs) dwpt 39.2f, pres was rs now more quickly 30.12” wnds just turned ne arnd 10 g/teens... (Note: ydy cldy WARM day sta avg tmp near 10 degs abv norm, wnds relatively lgt vs what they could b this time of yr... and from the warm wx directions as well s-sw 6-12 g/teens OCCNL near 20, ra began arnd 730p and became stdy mostly –ra arnd 9p, HIGHS aftn-E/evng 50 or better w/h of 52.2f, dwpts m/day onward 40s w/h of 46.6f, gust ssw 20...overnight lows 40.2f @ 756a, grnd 39.0f @ 752a, dwpt 39.0f @ 750a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.0, dwpt +2.7f...Looks like winter/snow have taken a vacation, not giving up hope just yet still a lot of winter left (at least on paper) been arnd a long time remember a lot of gd sn strms in Mar, beauty of Mar sn get 12” in 3 days, its 6” 3 days later mostly gone, anyway spring will b here soon enough, think sn, I am...
2/12/2018 8:00 AM 0.46 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Changing sky(ovrngt fog/mist ended arnd 5a) 43.0f, dwpt 37.2f, pres been rr now more slowly 30.11”, wnd for a time ovrngt calm to 10 now wnw/nw 10+ g/near 20...(Note: ydy just a dreary day (no football on top of it) that featured fog/mist/-dz and ra of varying intensity and a cold ra at that given tmps in the U30s, ra ended arnd 8p but fog/mist occnl –dz continued through m/ngt, wnds on the lgt side mostly ne till e/evng shift to mostly nw all the while 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS 48.2f @ 203a falling from there to U30s, dwpt 46.7f abt same time as H/tmp, also falling to U then M30s, gust ne 16...overnight lows 36.5f, grnd sen 36.0f, dwpt 36.0f all @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.8f, dwpt -2.0f...For the 2 day ra episode from start to finish ra totaled 0.91”
2/13/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Mostly high clds moving abt, and some contrails as well that come/go, sun is filtered on occn, much colder than 8a ydy, wndy just not as, chills still a factor by svl degs, 24.6f, dwpt 8.4f, pres “HIGH” and been RR now more slowly from 30.83”, wnds mostly nnw arnd 10 g/teens...(Note: ydy sta abv norm by near 10 degs...Clds were slow to take a hike, mostly cldy if not ovc till m/aftn when it became MORE SUN than clds, daylgt tmps L/M 40s till aft dark into 30s days end L30s, wnds busy mostly nw 10-15 g/20s, chills by svl to near 10 degs, HIGHS 46.5f @ 604a , dwpts daylgt 30s (h/37.5f) to 20s then M to L teens B4 m/ngt, gust nw 26 pres 30.61” 1159p...overnight lows 23.9f @ 646a, grnd sen 23.0f @ 601a dwpt 8.0f @ 549a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –18.4f, dwpt –28.8f...Note: MTD(as of 8a)avg tmp +1.1f...
2/14/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Ovc cold/ish but warmer than 8a ydy, 32.6f, dwpt 27.2f, pres was fr now more slowly 30.34” wnds warm wx direc s-sw 5-10 g/just a little bit better... (Note: ydy on the cold side as h/tmp was just at 1203a from there M then U20s where it stayed for the day... lots of mostly H/clds that filtered the sun, at times more than others till e/aftn when it became MORE SUN than clds, morn wnds nw-n arnd 10 to start to 6-12 g/teens, however just aft noon turned on shore(ene-se) till a shift to s-sw just aft 7p all the while 6-12 g/teens, very HIGH sta pres that hit 30.85” (1044.6 mb) at 1031a then fs to 30.57” @ 1159p, HIGHS 30.4f, dwpts sing #s to M then Uteens w/h of 19.3f, gust 19 both nnw and ssw...overnight lows 27.9f @ 211a till daybrk, only changes were by a tenth or 2 either side of 28, grnd sen 27.0f, dwpt 17.0f both @ 1201a)...24hr tmp (8/8a) tmp changes +8.0f, dwpt +18.6f...
2/15/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Mostly cldy, –HZ, grnd damp lots of dew arnd espc on car tops (abv frzng and has been for abt 24 hrs), 40.4f, dwpt 38.5f, pres been fs now more stdy 29.91”, wnd s-sw calm to lgt... (Note: ydy ended up a warm day (avg sta tmp abv norm by nearly 6 degs) given the warm wx wnd directions however those same wnds made it feel cooler by a few to svl degs... ovc hung tough till M/morn when it became Binovc then a changing sky that finally arnd 1p decided on mostly clr if not SKC at times, wnds s-sw occnl wsw lgt early however by M/morn got busy 10+ g/near 20, aftn 10-15 g/M20s, HIGHS 47.3f, dwpts 20s to 30s w/h of 34.6f, gusts L/morn on pretty regular Uteens/L20s PG sw 24 ...overnight lows 37.1f @ 618a, grnd sen briefly 34.0f @ 548a, dwpt 32.0f @ 1205a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +7.8f, dwpt +11.3f...
2/16/2018 8:00 AM 0.02 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Ovc, -fog/mist,occnl SPRINKLE, –shra began arnd 515a enough to wet the grnd and = 0.02”, 46.6f (been abv frzng for 48 straight hrs and counting) dwpt 45.6f, pres s 29.55”, wnd has been lgt/var ovrngt now calm...(Note: ydy CLDS RULED, aft 8a LGT fog/mist developed and continued off/on for the rest of the day, times just the tree top level others grnd, just made for a very damp feel to the air, arnd noon for an hr or so –shra/sprinkles = a trace, warm wx wnd directions s-sw on the lgt/ish side arnd 10 g/near 20, HIGHS 50.1f (w/any sun it might have been 55+) by the way h/was reached aft dark 916p, dwpts U30s to 40s w/h of 47.0f, gust ssw 20...overnight lows 45.0f @ 216a (not much of a spread btwn ovrngt L/H 45.0/47.5f) grnd sensor 44.0f @ 158a (either 44/45 all the ovrngt), dwpt 43.0f @ 146a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +6.2f, dwpt +7.1f...
2/17/2018 8:00 AM T 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Skc ovhd now however looking w-sw H/clds are starting to appear, starting to get WNDY yet again, chills are a factor by svl degs, MUCH COLDER than 8a ydy, 26.6f, dwpt 11.2f, presrr 30.40”, wnd nw-n 10+ g/L20s... (Note: ydy “FEW” SPRINKLES till abt 9a... CLDY/WNDY and WARM w/any sun at all sta may have been close to 60f, L/morn c/fropa shifted wnds to wnw then m/evng nw-n lgt @ 1st then got busy 10-15 g/M and U20s occnl near 30, however cool/cold air was “SLOW” to arrive, aftn hrs L50s, aft dark 40s to 30s w/days L of 32.7f @ 1159p (side note sta tmp abv, @ times WELL abv, frzng for 64 straight hrs finally went BL frzng just aft m/ngt), HIGHS 53.0f, dwpts 40s w/h of 47.0f, but started FS aft fropa through the 20s/30s days end U/teens, gusts nw-n M/U20s PG nnw 31...overnight lows 25.5f @ 640a, grnd sensor 24.0f @ 610a, dwpt 10.0f @ 346a)...24 hr sta (8/8a) BIG tmp changes –20.0f, dwpt –34.4f...
2/18/2018 8:00 AM 0.57 5.6 0.57 5.0 M Became SKC in the snap of a finger, accum –sn/sn ended arnd 645a and measured @ that time, flurries till 7a and binovc almost immediately, 31.2f, dwpt 28.8f, pres was falling now RR 30.01” wnd shift to n-nw btwn 4/5a now wnw/nw near 10 g/teens... (Note: ydy on the cool/ish side by near 20 degs vs the day B4 and right abt where it’s supposed to b tmp wise for the date...SKC early to partly/mostly cldy then by 130p ovc for the rest of the day, morn wnds nw-n 10+ g/20s, aftn turned on shore e-se 8-16 g/M20s then for a few hrs gusty s wnds, days end n of e... -sn 1st obs @ 820p became stdy –sn and accumd to 1.9” w/wq of 0.18” (heated r/gauge 0.16”), HIGHS 34.6f (during the s wnds) dwpt teens then for a few morn hrs sing #s, ended arnd 30 w/h of 30.6f, gust ssw 25...overnight lows 31.1f @ 720a, grnd sen 30.0f @ 710 dwpt 28.5f @ 728a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.6f, dwpt +17.6f...strm notes wnd was NOT a factor sn falling straight down winter wonderland, xmas card pretty w/trees and bushes sn covered now anyway... sn total 5.6” w/wq of 0.57”...brks down this way 2/17 sn = 1.9”...2/18 = 3.7”...(side note heated r/gauge pretty close 0.55”)
2/19/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 2.0 M Was skc ovhd now a FEW H/clds sct’d abt, 31.5f, dwpt 25.3f, pres high and been rs now more stdy 30.56” wnds warm wx direc s-sw 4-8...(Note: ydys 8a winter wonderland rather quickly became thin sn cover (by sundown had some bare/trace amts areas) and a bunch of puddles... early SKC gave way to a lot of fair wx clds that on occn filtered and or blocked the sun but made no diff as tmps rose into the L40s, by sundown back to SKC, backside wnds, w-nw favoring nw 10+ g/M20s chill a factor by near 10 degs at times, HIGHS 42.8f, dwpts aft sn ended in the 20s days end L20s, gust nw 26...overnight lows (bit of rad cooling given thin sn cover calm to lgt (albeit s-sw) wnds/mostly if not SKC) 28.2f @ 543a, grnd sen 26.0f @ 340a, dwpt 22.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +0.3f, dwpt –3.5f...obs area sn cover shadow of what it was ydy @ 8a (100% and 5”)... now abt 80% but only avgs arnd 2”, other 20% bare or trace amts and small plowed/shoveled piles...
2/20/2018 8:00 AM 0.04 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, grnd wet, 51.9f, dwpt 49.5f, pres s 30.25" however looking @ line trace may b starting to trend up a tad, warm wnds s-sw arnd 10 g/teens... (Note: ydy morn MORE SUN than clds/aftn mostly cldy if not ovc, WNDY from the warm wx wnd direc s-sw 10-15 g/L and M occnl U20s (made it feel a bit cooler) even w/the clds tmps either stdy or rising as high was reach @ 1157p, –shra began just aft dark/ended arnd 1230a and = 0.04”, HIGHS 49.9f, dwpts 20s to U40s w/h of 47.9f abt same time as H/tmp, gust ssw 29...overnight lows FRIGID, 49.8f, grnd sen 49.0f, dwpt 48.0f all @ 1201a the sta ovrngt L/tmp is nearly 10 degs warmer than the norm h/for the date go figure)...24 hr (8/8a) BIG tmp changes +20.4f, dwpt +24.2f...ALL the sn cover is gone save for a few “SMALL” plowed/shoveled piles in the ABSOLUTE shade..
2/21/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, grnd damp lots of ovrngt dew, back in warm sector, arnd 3a wnds shifted to s-sw aft being on shore, tmps responded by jumping into the 50s from L40s, 58.4f, dwpt 55.6f, pres s 30.21” wnd s-sw 10-15 g/U20s...Note: ydy Warmest day since Nov 3rd @ noon 70.7f H/tmp that day 74.9f...Sta clrly in the warm sector given wnd direc/tmps till 5p when a sneaky back door c/frnt turned wnds on shore ne-ese and tmp btwn 5p (70.5f) and 6p (44.9f) dropped 25.6 degs... WARM (more like E/May) WNDY s-sw 10+ g/M20s (till on shore 6-12 g/Lteens) and somewhat humid w/dews in the L50s...Morn MORE CLDS than sun, that said sun was sct’d/brief but did appear svl times and tmp did reach 60f by 11a/aftn more sun (that was mostly filtered vs bright/w blu sky) on and off longer duration, even w/less than 100% of the poss sunshine (sta 6 hrs bright sun, or abt 57%) tmps still got into the U60s w/a HIGH of 70.5f just B4 BD frnt, dwpts as mentioned 50s w/h of 54.3f, gusts sw 25...overnight lows, 41.2f, grnd sen 40.0f, dwpt 39.0f all @ 1249a w/on shore wnds )...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +6.5f, dwpt +6.1f... Ydys few plowed/shoveled piles were gone by E/aftn... the old wx saying the story is in the wnd no more evident then ydy...sw wnds T/70.5f, shift to on shore 44.9f in matter of 15 mins...
2/22/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, not as cold as it could/should b, but much colder than 8a ydy, 41.2f, dwpt 22.6f, pres "HIGH" was rr now more slowly 30.64” wnd n/nne arnd 10 g/Lteens aft 2 days of 70+ back to chills by a few degs... (Note: ydy a spectacular May day prob is it’s Feb...Lots of H/clds so sun mostly Filtered, WARMEST day since, well, the day B4 which was the warmest since Nov 3rd, needless to say warm wx wnd directions (no sneaky BD frnt to turn wnds on shore and QUICKLY drop tmps by 20+) s-sw 10-15 g/M occnl U20s till a c/fropa arnd 8p shifted wnds to nw-n 10+ g/L20s, presrs then more rapidly, dwpts started falling rather quickly, svl degs an hr, tmps a deg or 2 an hr however starting pt was 67.3f so @ m/ngt still had a h/of 55.4f which was some 14f abv the sta norm H for the date, HIGHS 71.2f, dwpts spring like (WAY to high for Feb) M50s w/h of 57.5f, gust sw 27/nw 24...overnight lows 41.0f @ 705a, grnd sen 40.0f @ 620a, dwpt 20.0f @ 116a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –17.2f, dwpt –33.0f...
2/23/2018 8:00 AM 0.09 0.5 0.07 T T Changing sky,–hz,(trees/bushes have some sn in them not as gd as the other day but kinda pretty/ish none the less)31.5f, dwpt 27.8f, ovrngt pres been unstdy rs/fs/rs again now stdy 30.69” but looking @ line trace trending up yet again, wnd nnw 3-6...(Note: ydy VERY High pres “dirty” given clds/pcip (30.69” 1039.1 mb @ 1108a did fall to 30.60”(2p) only to rr again to 30.71” (1039.9 mb) @ 1159p).... if u don’t like New Eng wx, wait a min, actually in this case, 24 hrs... fascinating... Wed. 4p filtered sun 70.4f...24 hrs later ovc –sn times near sn (accuml on grass, moreso elevated like tables, cars, ect) 32.4f... 2 periods of ice pellets w/sprinkles 1050a, 1220p, no more than a couple three mins but did hit the grnd and = T. abt 2p –shsn to a stdy –sn, melted on contact @ the start however w/evapo cooling tmps fell from U30s to L30s also started to lose solar rad, sn accumd on grass and elevated (0.5”) surfaces where the sn was measured @ 655p, pavement just wet/puddles, ended as flurries aft 7p, HIGHS 53.9f, dwpt 32.0f both @ 1201a however daylgt H 42.8f @ 701a, dwpt 29.1f @ 8a, gust nne 23...overnight lows 29.5f, grnd sen 29.0f both @ 552a, dwpt 26.0f @ 535a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -9.7f, dwpt notes –shsn began and melted on contact, arnd 2p became stdy –sn, near sn @ times and began accumml on grass and elevated surfaces, pavement had puddles and just wet... amazing it accumd anywhere given the H/tmps of 70+ and lows nowhere near frzng the previous 48 hrs...
2/24/2018 8:00 AM 0.13 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Skc ovhd to the E some clds briefly filter the sun @ times but they are starting to thin out, grnd damp, 44.7f, dwpt 38.9f, pres was fs now rising quickly 30.09” wnd arnd 10 g/near 20...(Note: ydy aft 830a VERY H/pres finally started a stdy drop @ times more rapidly then slowly to a days end of 30.06” @1159p...morn MORE CLDS than sun/aftn mostly cldy to ovc, –shra btwn 130/830p nothing to write home abt = 0.13” w/the grtst instant ra rate of 0.15” (in/hr) sometime btwn 6/7p, arnd 9a till 5p wnds turned on shore e-se 8-16 g/uteens, thereaft sse to sw 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS 40.0f, dwpts U20s B4 ra, during and aft L/M30s w/h of 35.5f, gust ese 19...overnight lows 37.1f, grnd sen 37.0f dwpt 35.0f all @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +13.2f, dwpt +11.1f...
2/25/2018 8:00 AM 0.07 T T T T Ovc, –ra(could b an ice pellet or 2 every so often) –fog (for abt 15 mins or so starting arnd 615a mixed pcip ice/sn pellets and ra, same deal an hr later) 37.7f, dwpt 33.3f, presfs 30.26”, wnd on shore e-ne 10+ g/L20s... (Note: ydy another day that was abv norm by some 10+ degs at this pt looks like Feb sta tmps will end up abv avg if not well abv (MET winter might end up abv as well have to wait and see on that)...morn MORE SUN than clds to mostly cldy then quickly ovc, morn wnds mostly w arnd 10 g/near 20, aftn more nw 6-12 g/teens evng bit e of n in the 6-12 range, HIGHS 54.3f, dwpts U then M30s w/h of 39.8f, gust wnw 21...overnight lows 36.6f @ 629a, grnd 35.0f @ 622a (both during the mixed pcip episode) dwpt 29.0f @ 1217a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –7.0f, dwpt –5.6f...
2/26/2018 8:00 AM 0.52 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Dreary start to the day damp feeling air given tmp/dwpt close to one another, Binovc, in fact some filtered sun at times, pavement damp, grnd wet, 37.7f, dwpt 35.1f, presrs 30.04” wnd mostly w 4 to 8...(Note: ydy ovc, ra of varying intensity and a cold ra at that given tmps in the U30s, throw in the wnd, chills by svl degs just a CRUMMY day overall, stdy ra ended arnd 430p to –shra for a time but fog/mist and –dz continued into the L/evng, wnds on shore 10-15 gusts U20s, till a shift arnd 830p to mostly n 6-12 range, HIGHS 40.5f that was aft ra ended, daylgt hrs a pretty consistent ra cooled 38 and a few tenths, dwpts L/M then U30s w/H of 39.6f arnd 9p, gust ese 27...overnight lows 37.0f @ 635a, grnd sen 37.0f @ 321a dwpt 35.0f @ 612a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes 0.0f, dwpt +2.0f... total ra for the strm 0.59”...
2/27/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Skc (a bit of rad cooling ovrngt, clr/lgt wnds, 1201a 40.2f, L/tmps BL) 37.7f and rs, dwpt 22.4f, presrs 30.31” wnd wnw 5-10 (lgt wnds, could b a set up for a “LOCAL” sea brz, another sign of an early spring, given skc shud b plenty of sun BUT have to see if wnd stays lgt enough, long enough)... (Note: ydy yet another day of well abv (near 10 degs) avg tmps at this featured mostly cldy if not ovc till m/aftn became MORE SUN than clds to near SKC B4 sundown, wnd for the most part w 8-16 g/occnl arnd 20, HIGHS 50.2f given L/feb sun angle any L/morn-E/aftn sun at all sta prob M if not U 50s, dwpts began in U30s w/H of 38.8f arnd 1a to near 20 @ days end, gust wnw 20...overnight lows 33.1f @ 541a, grnd sen 29.0f @ 447a, dwpt 20.0f @ 517a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –0.5f, dwpt –12.7f...
2/28/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Been a changing sky btwn partly/mostly cldy, now partly, warmer than 8a ydy...43.9f, dwpt 27.4f, presFS 30.06” warm wx wnds 10+ g/arnd 20... (Note: ydy a very nice day albeit Apr featured 100% of the poss sunshine just a few late h/clds did not BOTHER the sun AT ALL, lgt wnds early (5-10) got busy mostly w 10 g/few aftn L20s, strong enough THIS time of yr so a local sea brz was not realized, JUST as WELL its to early for STINKING spring type SBs anyway, plenty of those coming L/Mar and beyond, arnd 530p shifted to the warm wx direc s-sw 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS 52.5f, dwpts L occnl M20s w/H of 24.9f however for a few E/aftn hrs U/teens w/L of 17.6f, gust wsw 22)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +6.2f, dwpt +5.0f...Safe to say sta avg tmp for Feb will b WELL abv norm, also MET winter may b abv as well have to see how much abv Feb ends up...
3/1/2018 8:00 AM 0.01 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Hazy sky, at this hr sun is a bit filtered vs bright, warmer than 8a ydy 46.3f, dwpt 36.6f, pres was rs now fs 29.83”, wnd s-sw 4-8...(Note: ydy Another very warm day (sta some 15 degs abv avg) to end Feb/MET winter, no surprise w/the way the month has been...MORE SUN than clds till L/aftn when it became mostly cldy, warm wx wnd directions (been the theme for a big chunk of the month) s-sw 8-16 occnl g arnd 20, B4 m/ngt period of –shra for an hr or so dampened the grnd and = 0.01”, HIGHS 60.3f, dwpts U20 to U30s w/H of 37.5f, gust ssw 20...overnight lows 42.0f @ 640a, grnd sen 39.0f @ 623a, dwpt 35.0f @ 4a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.4f, dwpt +9.2f...Sta Feb tmp (avg 37.6f) ended WELL abv norm +7.0f nearly as warm as Octs +7.1f which was the “MOST ABV NORM” month for 2017...complete Feb data tomorrow...
3/2/2018 8:00 AM 0.38 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 “NASTY” NE wnds began cranking just B4 m/ngt, stronger every hr/ra of varying intensity began aft 12a... ovc/fog/-ra, 36.8f, dwpt 35.0f, presFR 29.38” wnds mostly ne 20-30 g/near 50...Winthrop only 2 ways in/out, as of 5a officials have closed the Wint pkway (ie Short beach) we are already somewhat isolated the 1 way left is thru Eastie, that’s a pkng lot in gd wx, this is a prob if out of town companies (FD) are needed, anyway... Sta data for Feb... Avg tmp 37.6f from norm +7.0f...H/L 71.2f (21st), 9.6f (3rd)... days w/min 32 or below (BL) 18, max 32 or BL 2, 0 or BL none...Water/melted 3.93” from norm +0.68” grts 24 hr day 0.74” (25th), grts 24 hr period 0.90”(10-11), Trace(2), days w/0.01” or more (15), 0.1 (10), 0.5 (3), 1.0” (0), fog (13) HZ (5)...snfl 8.3” from norm –2.6”, grts 24 hr day 3.7” (18th) 24 hr period 5.6” (17-18), depth 5” (18th), days w/sn,ice pellets (7), Trace (2), 0.1” or more (5) 0.5” (4), 1” (3) brief sleet (3)... PRES H/L 30.85” (13th), 29.47” (5th)...Avg wnd spd/direc 9.7 ssw/PG (2nd) 35 NW...skc 3/partly 15/ cldy 10...Bright sunshine 145 hrs or abt 49%...HDD 759/CDD 0...MET winter asap..
3/3/2018 8:00 AM 1.69 T T 0.0 0.00 In the midst of a MAJOR 3 day Nor’easter looks like the rest will b dry as stdy pcip ended B4 m/ngt... Binovc WNDY just not as, 39.8f, dwpt 32.4f, pres was rr now rs 29.85” still in the nne/ne wnd field of 20+ g/L40s...(Note: ydy a “STORMY” damaging day/ngt (see note BL) HIGHS 42.3f, dwpt M/U30s but did touch 40.0f arnd 1p, gust ne 66...overnight lows 39.8f, grnd sen 37.0f 3a on, dwpt 23.0f 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.0f,dwpt-2.0f...Strm notes MAJOR Nor’easter only thing missing was accuml sn(did end as –shsn/melted on contact)but serious enough without... Ocean side fldng (both A/P tides) 2hrs B4/aft, bay side faired MUCH better than the Jan strm this time bay was not FULL of sea ice and the catch basins were not clogged w/sn,ice so water could drain where as as it couldn't in the Jan strm, those folks did NOT need another flood, wnds were relentless 35-40 g/U50s M60s. WFD/PD radio traffic trees/limbs/poles down (our side yd took a beating svl wht pine limbs 1 of which took svl Norway maple limbs w/it) on houses/cars wires ect, power outages arnd town, we lucked out lgts flickered a few times that was it, lot of work in the yd, going to wait (don’t want to get beaned) as pines are still vulnerable even w/these lesser wnds...note B4 FD was in the tree business guide line rule of thumb leaf full trees breakages starts @ 40/leaf bare starts @ 55, pretty much the way it worked out here... totals ra of varying intensity = 2.07” sn = trace wnds constant g/aftn 50s, evng 60s, sta pres 29.28” 1113a then started RS (note Jan 4th sta press 28.84”) QUITE a strm and still on going as a dry Nor’easter...
3/4/2018 8:00 AM T 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in ovc, WNDY(chills by svl degs) 38.2f, dwpt 25.3f, pres s 30.06”, wnds n/nne 10-15 g/20s... (Note: ydy 3rd day of the MAJOR Nor’easter continued n-ne wnds 20+ g/U30s occnl L40s, bit of morn –DZ, but for the most part dry...Day featured mostly cldy if not ovc, but @ times few BRIEF peeks of sun/blu sky, H/tide fldng both tides, M/day was the worst Short beach closed (a few water rescues there folks trapped in cars) Pt Shirley cut off as is always the case, 2nd w/wnd direction more n and not as strong so not as bad as could have been (ocean side) had wnd been more on shore, ocean fldng none the less w/the sand and ocean debris where they are not suppose to b (rocks/lobster traps and the like)... few rpts of downed limbs/wires pale compared to the day B4... as is SOP Engine co/Ambulance detailed to Pt. Shirley the only way in gets impassable for svl hrs till tide recedes, gd news would b arnd 6p WFD rptd all power back on, so roughly abt 24 hrs w/out, all in all a very impressive Nor’easter, that would have been MUCH worse had it been a cold sn strm, clogged catch basins, sn weighted trees ect, everything relative I guess, HIGHS 41.7f, dwpts mostly U20s few morn hrs L30s, H/32.8f, gust nne 46 but that was just aft 12a thereaft U30s few L40s)...overnight lows 37.7f @ 111a, grnd 37.0f @ 1231a, dwpt 25.0f @ 657a)...24 hr(8/8a) tmp changes -1.6f, dwpt -7.1f... Sta MET winter tomorrow...
3/5/2018 8:00 AM 0.05 0.6 0.05 0.5 0.05 Thin spots in the ovc, accuml sn ended just B4 6a, WNDY yet again (chills by svl degs) ovrngt stdy –sn that accumd on grass and elevated surfaces where the sn was measured @ 555a, colder vs 8a ydy, 33.9f, dwpt 29.9f, presrs 29.98” wnd n/nne 15+ g/near 30...(Note: ydy mostly cldy however times w/peeks of sun/blu sky BUT clds ruled, few rpts of limbs/wires down one service drop pulled away from the house, e/aftn ocean splash over, Short beach closed again due to flooded rd on the Wint end which is the lowest part, aftn wnds mostly e/ene either side of that n-ne all the while 10-15 g/20s till e/evng briefly calmed to 6-12 for a few hrs, –shra became –sn arnd 11p and = a trace for the date, HIGHS 40.6f, dwpts M/U20s did hit 30.1f 2p, gust nne 25 svl times...overnight lows 31.2f @ 457a, grnd sen 31.0f @ 244a, dwpt 27.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –4.3f, dwpt +4.6f... Some sta data for the MET (Dec/Jan/Feb) winter...Avg tmp 32.0f from sta norm +2.0f (Dec 30.1f -4.5f, Jan 28.3f –0.5f, Feb 37.6f +7.0f)... water/melted 10.71”, from sta norm +0.32” (Dec 2.40 –1.38, Jan 4.38 +1.02, Feb 3.93 +0.68)... snfl 35.3” from norm +2.5” (Dec 9.2”, Jan 17.8”, Feb 8.3”) grts 24 hr day 13.4” (1/4) grts depth 13” also 1/4, days 4-9 double digit depth, avg wnd spd 10.2, dom direction W, PG NNE 47 (1/4) Bright sunshine 402 hrs or abt 46%, HDD 2962/CDD 0...
3/6/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Late rpt due to EARLY appt. anyway wx still crummy now ovc busy mostly n wnds so chills by svl degs... UPCOMING strm track for this sta ?? sn track or more of a coast hugger, I'm rooting for benchmark BUT that goes w/out saying...
3/7/2018 8:00 AM T T T 0.0 0.00 Ovc, off/on –sn/flurries began arnd 715a, now flurries grnd is damp, wnd on shore (couple of periods of ovrngt –shsn 1st arnd m/ngt, 2nd couple of hrs later and that mixed w/bit -ra) 35.0f, dwpt 31.6f, pres looking @ line trace unstdy past svl hrs fs/rs/fs now rs 29.98” wnd e-ne favoring ene, 10-15 g/U20s... (Note: ydy kind of an icky day altho not much wx to speak of just mostly cldy if not ovc, wnds n-ne in the 10+ range and g/occnl near 20, highs 36.6f, dwpts L/M then U20s (29.7f) gusts nne 20...overnight lows 33.9f @ 150a, grnd sen 33.0f @1201a, dwpt 28.0f @ 134a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.1f, dwpt +10.3f...Looks like this strm is going to b a STINKING coast HUGGER if NOT over the Cape so more of an E wnd vs N (Bouy # 44013 water tmp 40.1f) neither of which is gd track for a sn strm at this sta, in fact MORE RA than sn looks to b in the cards most say yea!! but this sta thinks it really stinks...
3/8/2018 8:00 AM 1.06 5.9 M 5.0 M Ovc/fog/ stdy –sn that’s somewhat drier and still accuml some, 30.0f, dwpt 29.3f, presrs 29.53” wnd nnw/nw 10-15 g/arnd20...(Note: ydy another strmy day that had a tale of 2 wnd directions onshore e/ene ra of varying intensity ne to n switch to hvy(weight) wet sn...8p wnd ene g/arnd 40, 37.4f ra (however arnd 815p some sn started to mix in)... 9p nne g/near 40 32.7f now all wet sn...the old wx saying the story is in the wnd rules again...HIGHS 38.8f, dwpts started in U20s ended in L30s w/h of 35.7f, gusts U30s L40s both ene/nne PGs ene 42/nne 44...overnight lows 29.8f @ 712a, grnd sen 29.0f @ 649a, dwpt 29.0f @ 556a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –5.0f, dwpt –2.3f...Strm notes (sn/water data from 7a obs) sn brks down this way 3/7 = 2.5”...3/8 = 3.4” for 7a tot of 5.9” (last 0.5 or so a bit drier), total water (ra/melted) 1.06” strm pcip, –ra/ra/+ra, –sn/sn BRIEF +sn that was HVY weight and wet, L/pres 29.44” (997.0 MB) 151a rs from there, few rpts of limbs wires down no wide spread outages, just rpts of sct’d houses here/there, some splash over @ h/tide... another impressive strm...had strm track been BETTER double digit sn would have been realized here... FYI side note all our anem cups caked w/sn so our main sta wnd spd/gusts may b a tad low... WINTER WONDERLAND w/all trees sn covered XMAS card pretty BUT it’s Mar, all b gone sooner rather than later...
3/9/2018 8:00 AM 0.08 0.5 0.05 3.5 M Skc ovhd NOW (last quarter bright) however looking w-n nearby mostly cldy, dsnt ovc and looks to b heading this way rather quickly, 31.1f, dwpt 20.8f, pres s 29.62” wnd mostly wsw 10+ g/teens... (Note: ydy morn mostly cld if not ovc, however thin enough that the sun disc vis a few times m/morn, M/aftn on became MORE CLDS than sun even near SKC B4 set, accuml –sn ended as flurries arnd 830a (0.4”) only to begin again arnd 1030a continued till m/day = 0.1”, abv frzng by 11a, aftn featured a bunch of “BRIEF” sn periods bordering on squalls however tmps few degs abv frzng so melted on contact, morn wnds mostly nw 10+ g/L20s, aftn more w abt 10 g/teens, arnd noon sn began falling off trees and the like, melting/settling as well, that time of the yr when solar rad gets stronger that said even w/clds solar rad sensor by 9a was 120+ W/m2, 250+ btwn 12/4p (ovc/sn @ times) peak of 559 W/m2 arnd 2p. The gd part of Mar sn doesn’t hang arnd long enough to get DIRTY. HIGHS 36.1f, dwpt 30.0f, gust nne 44 but that was 2a, daylgt morn nw 22...overnight lows 29.6f @ 656a, grnd sen 29.0f @ 552a, dwpt 19.0f @ 412a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +1.1f, dwpt – strm totals water (ra/melted) 1.14” sn 6.4” ( 3/7 = 2.5”...3/8 = 3.9”)...
3/10/2018 8:00 AM T T T 3.5 M SKC ovhd (last quarter still visible but fading) 34.5f, dwpt 23.8f, pres was rs now more stdy 29.75” wnd mostly w 10-15 g/20s...(Note: ydy aft E/SKC became mostly cldy then ovc, –shsn/FLURRIES began arnd 1030a not a lot and off/on but sn in the air none the less so rcd a trace, also at times bit of virga was obs as well/aftn same deal OFF/on –shsn/flurries, evng btwn 630/730p –sn again, this was more stdy vs the daylgt sn, but just not hvy enough w/tmps abv frzng so another trace, wnds w/wsw morn arnd 10 g/near 20, aftn 10+ g/L20s, HIGHS 36.8f, dews in the 20s w/h of 28.7f during evng –sn, gust wsw 23... overnight lows 32.3f @ 451a, grnd sen 31.0f @145a and the nxt svl hrs, dwpt 22.0f @ 152a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.4f, dwpt +3.0f...obs area sn cover abt 97% and a ”water logged” avg of 3.5” shaded areas bit more/sun exposed bit less, also plowed/shoveled piles and still some sizable wndrows arnd town espc n facing...
3/11/2018 8:00 AM T T T 2.0 M Mostly clr right ovhd however clds sct’d abt in most directions, sun is filtered now (last quarter bright tho) 31.3f, dwpt 21.5f, pres been rs now more quickly 29.95” wnd busy still mostly w 10-15 g/L20s (CHILLS by svl degs)... (Note: ydy avg out MORE CLDS than sun...aft early SKC, it became MORE SUN than clds to L/morn of mostly cldy/ovc, aftn started ovc became MORE CLDS than sun (most sun near set) arnd 11a noticed virga in the NW sky thereaft –shsn/FLURRIES for abt 15 mins both sides of 1130a, aftn periods of –sn/flurries in the air from time to time in fact arnd 145p sn pellets (graupel) bouncing arnd for a few mins all of which = a trace, wnds BUSY mostly w 10-15+ g/near 30 so chills a factor by near 10 degs if not a bit more at times, HIGHS 39.8f, dwpts 20s w/h of 24.6f, gust wnw 30 svl 29s ...overnight lows 30.6f @ 605a, grnd sen 29.0f @ 510a, dwpt 20.0f @ 413a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -3.2f, dwpt -2.3f...obs area sn cover down to abt 70% w/an avg of 2.0” (tad more shade/less sun) and the given plowed/shoveled windrows have shrunk quite a bit as well...
3/12/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 T M Skc ovhd however looking s-e lots of clds moving abt, sun is filtered, waning crescent vis comes/goes (ovrngt w/mostly clr if not skc and lgt wnds sta had a bit of rad cooling) now 29.9f, dwpt 23.5f, pres s 30.07”(however looking @ line trace starting to trend down a tad) wnd n/nne 4-8... (Note: ydy not a 1/2 bad day... on avg MORE sun than fair wx clds (till Lday when it became mostly cldy) that occnl filtered and/or briefly blocked the sun at times, wnds BUSY early on mostly w 10-15 g/L20s by e/aftn calmed to 6-12 g/teens and mostly nw, morn chills svl degs/aftn a few, HIGHS 43.5f, dews L20s w/h of 22.6f, gust wnw 22...overnight lows 29.1f @ 643a, grnd sen 28.0f @ 544a, dwpt 21.0f @ 1212a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -1.4f, dwpt +2.0f...obs area sn cover pretty much gone save for some sct’d 1” amts in ABSOLUTE shade and still plowed/shoveled piles, largest being in the shade as well... Up coming Nor’easter LOOKS to b a perfect track for Sta to get DUMPED on vs the last that was way to close to the coast...old New Englanders always had wx saying 1 that always stuck out was abt accuml sn in March...Mar sn at ngt yea/Mar sn in the day may, given the projected track the may looks to b a yea!! and that’s not a BAD THING
3/13/2018 8:00 AM 0.20 0.0 M 0.4 M Ovc/fog “WNDY”,been -sn now sn, 32.3f, dwpt 31.1f, presfr 29.56” wnds mostly ne already g/40s, (ovrngt arnd 2a for hr or so ra wet the grnd caused puddles, mixed w/-sn arnd 3a to all –sn shortly thereaft however given the abv frzng tmps sn not hvy enough yet to over come the soaking wet grnd so melted on contact, arnd 6a started to accum on grass elevated surfaces (where measured 657a) such as car tops tables ect... (Note: ydy morn MORE SUN than clds/aftn opposite that, few sprinkles B4 m/ngt = trace for the date, morn wnds n/nne 6-12 g/teens, aftn on shore e/ene 8-16 g/20s, evng ene/ne 10-15 g/near 30, HIGHS 41.9f, dwpts w/n wnd L/M20s, on shore L30s w/h of 32.5f, gust ene 31...overnight lows 32.3f @ 756a, grnd 32.0f @ 613a dwpt 30.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.4f, dwpt data from 7a obs (more now)... sn is WET and sticking to trees! hope that changes, w/the 40+ gusts soon to b stronger NOT GD...
3/14/2018 8:00 AM 0.94 14.8 M 14.5 M WINTER WONDERLAND w/trees, bushes grnd covered in sn... Skc ovhd WNDY 28.5f, dwpt 25.4f, pres s 29.43” wnd wsw 10-15 g/20s (Note: ydy QUITE A STRM classic Mar (spring) Nor’easter !! aft a NON winter Feb. Mar is making up for it for sure, w/the BIGGEST strm of the season, strm notes BL, HIGHS 38.3f that was at 120a, dwpts L30s (H32.6f 4a)/U20s, same as or a tad below air tmp during snfl, gusts constant 40s PG nne 44 (side note solar rad sensor btwn 10a-4p (sn/blowing sn) 67+ W/m2 max 105...overnight lows 28.2f @ 448a, grnd sen 28.0f @ 552a, dwpt 25.1f @ 742a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –3.8f, dwpt –5.7f, obs area sn cover 100% avg 14”... strm notes sn was hvy weight and wet (did dry a “TAD” aft wnd shift to n and tmps dropped into the U20s) p/cip –ra/-sn/sn/ many hrs +sn/blowing sn so a bit of drifting but not as bad as it could/would have been had the sn been somewhat drier, L/press 29.36” (994.4 MB) 111p rs from there, svl rpts of tree damage limbs/branches down took some wires w/them lots of LOW hanging wires due to sn weight, Short beach splash over time of H/tide... sn totals 3/13 = 14.5”...3/14 = 0.3” as of 7a, tot water 1.14”, ra = 0.07”/1.07” melted sn...given wnds/weight of sn all in all Winth made out OK prob cuz the previous 2 strms already did a tune on the trees espc the weak and/or dead trees and limbs...
3/15/2018 8:00 AM T 0.1 T 10.0 M Changing sky, (ovrngt periods of –sn accumd to 0.1” on existing sn, elevated surfaces such as car tops ended as flurries just aft 3a, pavement melted on contact so just damp there, however could have been a touch of blk ice in spots that get no sun) 33.8f, dwpt 22.2f, pres still on low side but starting to rise 29.38”(rather quickly looking @ line trace), wnd mostly w 10-15 g/near 30... (Note: ydy STILL WNDY...mostly clr if not skc till 10a when it became MORE CLDS than sun, but an OK day for clnup, arnd 1130p –shsn/flurries began, HIGHS 39.8f, dews M/U20s w/h of 28.4f (w/-shsn/ flurries falling) 1142p, gust wsw 29...overnight lows for the most part abv frzng save for 31.8f @ 236a grnd sen 31.0f @ 602a, dwpt 22.0f @ 703a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +5.3f, dwpt –3.2f...Obs area Snpk took a beating ydy w/well abv frzng tmps, and even w/limited sun, rad sensor rcd high solar rad 500 W/m2 btwn 10a/4p, 700+ 11a-3p max of 799 w/m2 @ 1148a... that being said sn cover 98% w an avg 10” (down from 14.5” 24 hrs ago) less in the sun areas/more in the shade, still big plowed/shoveled piles and sizeable town wndrows...Starting tomorrow will add solar rad rpt and discontinue grnd sensor (unless it becomes important say like FZRA)...
3/16/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 5.0 M Skc ovhd (looking nw some clds sct’d abt) STILL WNDY so chills by svl degs, shaded puddles ice covered, 31.0f, dwpt 18.2f, solar rad 35 W/m2, presrs 29.53” wnd w-nw 10-15 g/20s... (Note: ydy... LOTS of MELTING snpk shrunk by the hr... another day that featured MORE CLDS than sun (most sun m/day) however Mar sun angle did its thing by the time of set svl exposed areas had bare grnd, WNDY yet again CHILLS a big factor as it felt like some 10 (times more) degs colder than air tmp, HIGHS 42.3f, dwpt 28.7f @ 1a falling from there to M then L20s by days end, solar rad 899 W/m2, gust w 31 svl times...overnight lows 30.5f @ 716a, dwpt 17.4f @ 750a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –2.8f, dwpt –4.0f... Obs area sn cover arnd 70% and thinned dramatically to an avg of 5” ( 8a ydy 98%/10”) more in absolute shade/less in some shade to bare in areas that get the most sun, plowed piles still sizable, biggest being in shade....
3/17/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 4.0 M Mostly clr ovhd,just a FEW h/clds moving abt from time to time , WINTER type COLD, still wndy, so chills by svl degs if not 10 at times, 26.6f, dwpt 8.5f, solar 45 W/m2, presfs 29.71” wnd wsw 10-15 g/20s... (Note: ydy kind of a rewind to L/Jan...COLD (sta nearly 5 degs below norm) WNDY chills yet again by 10 if not more degs, also another day that featured MORE CLDS than sun, few times looked like it wanted to spit sn but nothing was obs, wnds BUSY morn w-wnw/aftn mostly nw all the while 15+ g/arnd 30 occnl M30s even w/Mar sun angle(abt same as Sept) sta barely made to M30s, HIGHS 36.1f, dwpts 20.3f @ 1201a into the M then Lteens, solar rad 858 W/m2, gusts svl 30+ PGs w and nw 36...overnight lows 26.1f @ 732a, dwpt 8.0f @ 716a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –4.4f, dwpt –10.2f...obs area sn cover shrunk again down to arnd 60% and avgs arnd 4", the other 40% bare of trace amts, plowed/shovel piles esp in the shade hanging tough shadow of what they were but still sizeable...
3/18/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 M 3.5 M SKC “COLD” wndy just not as but enough to put CHILLS in L/sing #s, 16.0f, dwpt –4.7f, solar rad 46 W/m2, presrs 29.88”, wnd wnw/nw arnd 10 g/teens...(Note: ydy a COLD day (BLO norm by some 6 degs) that got colder aft fropa wndy the whole time!!... morn not 1/2 bad MORE SUN than clds/aftn opposite that but did become mostly clr aft frnt... arnd 245p cold fropa shifted wnds from sw/wsw to nw/nnw and gusted arnd 30, presrs then more rapidly, tmps dropped slowly but dews rather quickly, B4 fropa wnd shift and a bit aft, streaks of virga obs however no sn made it to eye level at this sta, as mentioned BUSY wnds the whole day 1st sw/wsw to nw/nnw all the while 15+ g/near 30 so CHILLS a big factor felt more than 10 degs colder than air, HIGHS 40.1f, dwpts teens w/h of 14.3f arnd time of frnt, aft dark sing #s abv then below 0, solar rad 969 W/m2, gusts svl arnd 30 PG nw 32...overnight lows (pretty gd set up for some rad cooling, skc, wnds calmed a bit, some sn cover albeit broken/thin) 14.7f @ 645a, (sta has not been this cold since Feb 3rd when L/tmp was 9.6f @ 352a) dwpt –7.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -10.6f, dwpt –13.2f...Obs area sn cover arnd 50% and avgs 3.5”, shaded plowed/shoveled piles shrinking but still a ways from being gone...
3/19/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 3.0 M SKC, COLD again however warmer than 8a ydy, that’s an improvement I guess, 20.3f, dwpt –3.0f, solar rad 45 W/m2, pres s 29.93”, wnd wnw arnd 10 g/teens, chills feel like either side of 10f... (Note: ydy Sta some 8 degs BLO norm...a MID WINTER day in the beginning of the 2nd 1/2 of Mar...COLD air mass and WNDY, CHILLS a BIG factor!! day HAD Near 100% (from time to time some thin h/clds m/day on filtered it a dite) of the poss sunshine BUT somewhat ineffective (same angle as Sept) as sta tmp NEVER got abv frzng, wnds COLD WX directions w-nw favoring wnw 10-15+ g/M/U20s, morn chills sing #s/aftn teens, HIGHS 31.8f, dwpts sing #s BLO 0 save for 946p when it reached +1.9f, solar rad btwn 10a/5p 600+ w/h of 791 W/m2, gust wnw 30)...overnight lows 19.5f @ 702a, dwpt –5.0f @ 446a)....24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.3f, dwpt +1.7f... Obs area snpk/cover not much change from ydy still abt 50% and lost 1/2”...
3/20/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 2.0 M Mostly clr STILL COLD but a tad warmer than 8a ydy which was a tad warmer than the day B4, things are looking up of course that comes to screeching halt tomorrow given the forecast of Nor’easter # 4...23.8f, dwpt a dry 5.8f, solar rad 47 W/m2, pres just starting rs 29.98”, wnd mostly nw arnd 10 g/near 20, chills by svl degs... (Note: ydy Sta well BLO norm again by some 8 degs... 100% of the poss sunshine sct’d H/clds early/late did not bother the sun much at all, STILL WNDY wnw/nw 10-15 g/U20s chills abt 10 degs colder than air tmps, HIGHS did get abv frzng vs the day B4 did not, 36.7f, dwpts VERY DRY sing #s abv/below 0 w/h of +6.2f, solar rad 812 W/m2, gust wnw 28...overnight lows 22.8f @ 717a, dwpt 4.0f @ 231a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.5f, dwpt +8.8f...Obs area snpk/cover not much change, it softens up m/day for few hrs, only to frz up solid ovrngt...
3/21/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 1.0 M Thin spots in the ovc, wnd is getting busy, chills by svl degs, 34.3f, dwpt 26.9f, solar 32 W/m2, presfs 29.80” wnd mostly NE 10-15 g/U20s... (Note: ydy another blo norm day by 5+ degs, MTD -3.4f...Early mostly clr, however by 11a H/thin cld shield filtered the sun then became thicker/lower so aftn onward mostly cldy if not ovc, ovrngt wnds mostly NW g/20s, daylgt morn lgt/var, aftn turned on shore both sides of e 6-12 g/teens, HIGHS 38.6f, dwpts morn sing #s abv 0, aftn teens, evng 20s w/h of 25.7f,solar rad 794 W/m2, gust nw 24 (1a)... overnight lows 32.9f @ 105a, dwpt 24.0f @ 1233a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +10.0f, dwpt +21.1f...area snpk arnd 1.0” and less than 50% now, however SHADED piles never really softened aft svl ovrngt hard frzes so are still rather large...
3/22/2018 8:00 AM 0.05 0.3 M 0.5 M Ovc, fog –sn, (see note below), 31.8f, dwpt 30.4f, solar rad 21 W/m2, pres been fs now rs 29.66” wnd favoring n 10-15 g/U20s, CHILLS by as much as 10 degs... (Note: ydy ovc thin enough at times to see sun disc BRIEFLY, BUSY wnds mostly ne 10-20 g/U20s to M30s just B4 m/ngt also right arnd m/ngt a few ra drops, HIGHS 39.1f (1154p) dwpts M/U20s w/h of 28.3f arnd same time as h/tmp, solar rad 199 w/m2, gust ne 35...overnight lows 31.8f @ 718a, dwpt 28.0f @ 1203a press 29.64” 1003.7 MB @ 615a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -2.5f, dwpt +3.6f...Sn cover back to 95% a trace to 1” avg 0.5"... strm notes mix ra/sn began just aft 2a became all –sn shortly, however w/tmps abv frzng (including grnd sen) melted on contact till arnd 545a when it acummd on shaded grass (by 630a all grass w/n wnd) elevated surfaces (where sn was measured @ 659a) such as car tops, tables that kind of thing , arnd 415a wnd turned more n/nne that allowed tmps to fall ever so slowly to arnd frzng 32.1f by data from 7a obs (bit more now)... Bottom line strm just didn’t materialize here even tho it’s stdy –sn now, and that’s why they put erasers on pencils.... Might this b winter’s last HURRAH remains to b seen... heading to our campsite in a month and change w/shorts and sunglasses or boots and shovels.
3/23/2018 8:00 AM 0.11 1.0 M 0.5 M Changing sky, 34.3f, dwpt 21.4f, solar 56 W/m2, presrs 29.94” wnd at least now on the lgt/ish side for a change wnw arnd 10 g/teens... (Note: ydy ovc, wndy till e/aftn, w/a variety of wx, fog/mist/ -sn/brief sn/-ra/-dz... accuml sn ended arnd 930a but continued as –sn that melted as tmp went abv frzng by 10a and solar rad came into play, wnds mostly n but times e and/or w of n all the while 15+ g/ U20s/30s occnl U30s till e/aftn calmed to 6-12 n then on shore e-se for a few hrs, by 8p turned s-sw, HIGHS 39.9f, dwpt 34.8f, solar rad 492 W/m2, gust nne 38...overnight lows 32.3f @ 653a(a couple of puddles in the shade have a skim coat of ice) dwpt 20.0f @ 549a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.5f, dwpt –9.0f...Obs area sn cover back to less than 50% the sn covered areas avg 0.5” (absolute shade more like an 1”) and still rather lg man made piles biggest being in the shade... strm totals sn = 1.3”/water (ra/melted) = 0.16
3/24/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 T M Binovc, at times filtered sun others blocked, 36.5f, dwpt 20.3f, solar 119 W/m2, presrs 30.02” wnd nw-n 10+ g/near 20, chills by svl degs... (Note: ydy featured MORE CLDS than sun wnds from the nw till a m/day shift on shore e-se lgt at 1st to 10+ g/Uteens just aft 8p turned s-sw, then back to nw B4 m/ngt, HIGHS 41.4f (it’s that time of the yr...abt the same as buoy #44013 sst), dwpts L/M then U20s (29.1f), gust nw 18...overnight lows 34.2f @ 511a, dwpt 19.0f @ 701a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.2f, dwpt –1.1f...obs area sn cover sct’d trace amts and the man made piles...
3/25/2018 8:00 AM 0.09 0.1 M T M Thin spots in the ovc, OFF/on very LGT shsn occnl sn pellets (ovrngt –ra to – mix then all –sn that for the most part melted on contact however did finally accum on grass, elevated (where it was measured @ 5a = 0.1”) surfaces such as tables, car tops, etc.) 34.5f, dwpt 28.4f, solar rad 32 W/m2, presrr 30.37” wnds n-ne 10+ g/L20s chills yet again by svl degs... (Note: ydy aft wnd turned on shore a raw/damp feel to the air... another day that featured MORE CLDS than sun in fact as day wore on it became ovc, wnds started nw to n then on shore arnd 130p, all the while 10+ g/teens, aftn svl periods of virga was obs then L/aftn short lived –shra/SPRINKLES but not even enough to dampen the grnd, just B4 m/ngt another BRIEF period of –ra/sn that = a trace for both, HIGHS 45.8f just B4 on shore wnds, dwpt 29.9f, solar rad 709 W/m2, gust ese 18)...overnight lows 33.3f @ 411a, dwpt 30.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -2.0f, dwpt cover still sct’d Trace amts and man made piles...
3/26/2018 8:00 AM T T T T M Late rpt due to EARLY appts (long day) ydy svl periods of –shsn/flurries and 1 MINI squall arnd 145p that dropped vsby to under 1 mile and dusted the shaded grass BUT only lasted abt 1 min if that...
3/27/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 T M SKC ovhd (few clds in other direc) chilly, ovrngt sct’d –frost mostly elevated such as cars, roofs of some bldngs, 31.0f, dwpt 21.0f, solar rad 272 W/m2, pres been falling (30.72” 1207a) at this hr still high but stdy @ 30.62”, wnd on the lgt side now anyway, n/nne 5-10 g/Lteens... (Note: ydy not a bad day w/100% of the poss sunshine that was sorta negated here by the COLD persistent on shore wnds, from m/morn on NE then ene 10-15 g/20s, more of a pres system flow vs a convection type LOCAL sea brz which will b here (sta) pretty much from this pt on if land brz wnds lgt enough and even STRONGER if SUN rules (espc this time of yr given the tmp dif btwn land/sea), HIGHS 39.3f, dwpt 27.0f, solar rad 837 W/m2, 11a pres 30.76” (1041.6 MB), gusts L20s PGs both ne and ene svl 24 ...overnight lows 28.3F @ 640a, dwpt 20.0f @ 411a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –1.0f, dwpt –2.0f...STILL some sct’d trace amts may very well b the end of those nxt rpt however man made piles in the shade if history repeats will b there till 2nd wk in Apr..side note ydy in Burl MA till e/aftn SO MUCH warmer feeling away from the BUSY on shore wnds, still from the ocean there but a whole bunch less...
3/28/2018 8:00 AM 0.01 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, cool/ish, grnd is wet so it feels damp, –shra began arnd 5a for abt an hr, enough to cause a few puddles, no frzn p/cip was obs, 37.4f, dwpt 26.7f, solar rad 67 W/m2, presfs 30.06” wnd favoring E calm to lgt ... (Note: ydy cool feeling day w/aftn on shore wnds...morn skc to mostly clr/aftn MORE CLDS than sun, lgt n wnd turned on shore arnd 11a briefly ne to mostly e daylgt hrs 10+ g/M occnl Uteens, aft 7p turned n/nne same spds as morn 5-10, HIGHS 42.7f, dwpt 28.9f, solar rad 812 W/m2, gust e 17...overnight lows 36.0f @ 631a, dwpt 17.0f @ 251a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +6.4f, dwpt +5.7f... only sn remaining are the man made piles largest in the absolute shade...
3/29/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Changing sky sun is filtered times more than others, ovrngt dew on cars only, 39.4f, dwpt 32.0f, solar 118 W/m2, presrs 30.07”, wnd lgt n/nne 4-8... (Note: ydy another day that featured MORE CLDS than sun (most sun e/m aftn) wnds morn lgt/var times se others ssw, took a while at this sta (later than usual) for a LOCAL sea brz to become established (when sun was the strongest) but it did and will do here MORE often than not when wnds are lgt enough espc this time of yr...btwn 130/7p e/ese 10+ g/teens, aft dark more se occnl sse 4-8, just aft on shore wnd began tmp did get to a tad abv 50, HIGHS 50.9f (148p) dwpts U20s-M30s w/h of 34.8f, solar rad 921 W/m2 (1224p), gust ese 18... overnight lows 37.8f @ 614a, dwpt 31.7f @ 734a )...24 hr tmp (8/8a) changes +2.0f, dwpt +5.3f... side note: ydy set up for LOCAL sea brz at this sta albeit a bit later, land brz was just NOT strong enough to negate it !! Yup, Spring time along the coast cools to arnd the ocean tmp while folks inland (like w of rt 128) MUCH warmer unless SB is real busy and penetrates way inland even then still warmer as opposed to near the coast (to our camping friends that are in the WARM climes this sea brz (remember it) note is for u guys, bring warm cloths and fire wood see u all soon)...
3/30/2018 8:00 AM 0.02 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, –hz, grnd is wet, ovrngt fog/mist and a trace of –dz, sta is in the warm sector as warm fropa just aft 3a turned wnds to s-sw tmp jumped 5.3 degs aft wnd shift, now 52.4f, dwpt 51.0f, solar 58 W/m2, pres was falling now more stdy 29.69”(however looking @ line trace this hr trending down ever so slightly) wnds ssw/sw 10+ g/teens... (Note: ydy MORE CLDS than sun (the little sun there was right arnd noon) to ovc e/aftn on, wnds on shore all day/evng, given the cld cover they were LGT e-se 6-12 so it felt a lot better, tmps consistent in M40s however m/day for a couple of hrs U40s, evng featured periods fog/mist, and btwn 630/830p, –shra = 0.02”, high 49.2f (1156a) dwpts 30s till L/aftn into the 40s w/h of 43.5f, solar rad 904 W/m2 (1201p) gust ese 13...overnight lows 43.1f @ 138a, dwpt 41.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +13.0f, dwpt +19.0f...
3/31/2018 8:00 AM 0.09 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 SKC, wndy so chills again by svl degs, cold vs 8a ydy, 39.6f, dwpt 12.0f (nearly 40 degs lower vs 8a ydy) solar 290 W/m2, presRR 30.19” wnd mostly nw 10-15 g/U20s...(Note: ydy clds ruled, periods of early fog/mist arnd noon –shra/dz became stdy ra favoring lgt however a brief period B4 3p of +ra that had an instant ra rate 0.66 (in/hr), ra was pre frnt and briefly aft... cold fropa turned wnd wnw then nw btwn 3/4p (abt 12 hrs aft warm frnt) gusting M20s and tmps/dews started a “SLOW” fall and pres stdy then rs to more quickly aft 5p...HOWEVER even w/the clds/ra it was the warmest day of the month bested the 58.4f that was on the 1st...warm wx wnd directions sw/wsw 10-15 g/L20s (plenty strong enough to negate a local sea brz) till the shift to wnw/nw time of frnt, w/any sun at all sta could have made a run @ 70f, HIGHS 63.6f, dwpt a humid 58.0f, solar rad 409 W/m2, gusts wsw 23/nw 27...overnight lows 38.1f @ 641a, dwpt 12.0f @ 712a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –15.5f, dwpt –39.0f...
4/1/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, WNDY so it feels svl degs cooler, 46.4f, dwpt 32.4f, solar 63 W/m2, pres was FR now more slowly 29.89”, warm wx wnd direc s-sw gusting near 30... (Note: ydy a real nice day w/100% of the poss sunshine, morn nw wnds gusting early U20s however by e/aftn calmed enough to allow a local sea brz to set up btwn 1 and 4p e-se 8-16 g/near 20 dropped the tmps to U40s, aft 4p wnds variable till arnd 645p when turned s-sw and gusted in the M20s H/tmp was reached @ 419p w/a w wnd, HIGHS 56.5f, dwpts morn DRY L/teens, aft wnd turned on shore jumped into and stayed in the 20s w/h of 29.2f, solar rad 845 W/m2, gusts NW 29/ssw 26...overnight lows 40.9f, dwpt 24.0f, both @ 1201a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +6.8f, dwpt +20.4f...Mar ended up below sta avg by 1.5f complete data tomorrow... WISHING all a SAFE/HAPPY EASTER...
4/2/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Ovc(no sn yet)35.8f, dwpt 18.8f, solar 39 W/m2,presrs 30.15" wnd calm...Some sta data for a very STORMY Mar...Avg tmp 36.6f, from norm –1.5f, H/L 63.6f (30th)...14.7f (18th), days w/min 32 or below(BL) 20, max 32 or BL 1, 0f no...water/melted 4.77”, from norm +0.45”, grts 24 hr day 2.07 (2nd), grts 24 hr period 1.14” (13-14), 20 of the 31 days at least a trace, days w/0.01 or more (10), 0.1 (5), 0.5 (3), 1.0” (2) fog (12) hvy (1) hz (6)...snfl 23.3” from norm +15.5”, days w/sn,ice pellets (14), grts 24 hr day 14.5” (13th), grts 24 hr period 14.8” (13-14), trace amts (6), 0.1 or more (8), 0.5 (5), 1” (4), 12” (1) blowing snow (2) 13th, 14th, grts depth 15” (14th)...Pres H/L 30.76”/1041.6 mb (26th) ...29.28”/991.5 mb (2nd), avg wnd spd/Dom direc 12.3 NW, PG (2nd) 66 NE...SKC 4/partly 17/cldy 10, Bright sunshine 215 hrs or abt 58%, HDD 873/CDD 0...Mar 1st month of MET/ASTRO spring however was the snowiest of the season bested Jan 17.8” by 5.5” season to date stands @ 58.6” (may need to add a bit today?) from norm +16.7”... 3 “MAJOR” Nor’easters (ocean fldng h/tides all 3 strms/LOTS of tree, property damage) and a near miss on #4, if u like the wx this was the month there was a variety of it...
4/3/2018 8:00 AM 0.09 0.7 0.07 0.0 0.00 Changing sky, sun is filtered vs bright, (ovrngt –frost on elevated surfaces such as bldng roofs and cars) 35.9F, dwpt 29.8f, solar 258 W/m2, pres was rs now more stdy 30.23”( however looking @ line trace starting trend down) lgt wnd mostly sw 5-10... (Note: ydy Morn ovc wnd calm to lgt (in fact all of the daylgt hrs 0-10) 1st sn obs @ 811a VERY LGT even stopped for a time however by 845a became stdy –sn that was melting on contact on pavement but started to accum on shaded grass, Sn board and elevated surfaces, cars tables and the like, tmp began to drop SLOWLY by 915 was arnd 32.0f and all grass now sn covered as well as trees/shrubs, by 945a coming down at a pretty gd clip –sn occnl sn, accuml sn ended abt 11a and = 0.7” thereaft –sn(some big flakes) to flurries that ended arnd 140p w/no further accum as all melted on contact...brief time it was XMAS card pretty but VERY SHORT lived aft accum ended sn went south REAL QUICK, arnd 2p sun disc briefly visible however sun never really broke through the cld shield till near 430p when it became MORE SUN than clds till set, HIGHS 40.1f, dwpt 31.6f, solar rad 429 W/m2, (Note during the accum sn 129 W/m2) gust nw 16 but that was arnd 1230a...overnight lows 32.8f @ 440a, dwpt 26.0f @ 143a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +0.1f, dwpt +11.0f...
4/4/2018 8:00 AM 0.53 T T 0.0 0.00 Fog of varying density, chilly and damp grnd is soaked (ovrngt fog/mist, periods of –shra) 40.3f, dwpt 39.8f, solar 26 W/m2, presFR 29.64” wnd mostly s 3-6... (Note: ydy morn MORE CLDS than sun/aftn ovc, wnd warm wx direc till L/day when it turned on shore se to ese arnd 10 g/teens, ra of varying intensity began arnd 2p and btwn 325/345p ice pellets mixed w/the ra not a lot but ice pellets none the less bouncing arnd so we rcd a trace for the date, thereaft a cold ra continued, some fog/mist as well, HIGHS B4 pcip 48.4f, dwpts in the 30s w/h of 37.8f, solar rad 861 W/m2, gust ese 19...overnight lows 39.1f, dwpt 38.0f both @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.4f, dwpt +10.0f... the last of the man made piles was done arnd 11a ydy, so did not make it to the 2nd wk of Apr like some yrs do...
4/5/2018 8:00 AM 0.20 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 SKC (waning gibbous not as bright as an hr ago but still visible) “COLD” leftover shaded puddles iced over, “WNDY”, CHILLS are a factor by some 10 degs, 30.3f, dwpt a dry 9.8f, solar 312 W/m2, pres was RR now more slowly 29.88” wnd w/wnw 15-20 g/30s... (Note: ydy kind of a crummy day overall... morn fog/mist and –dz, lgt/var wnds that turned on shore for a couple of hrs B4 warm frnt arnd 139p turned wnd s-sw 10+ g/L20s, put sta in warm sec and allowed tmps to rise to the U50s, all the while ovc w/periods of ra, only to fall aft C/fropa. Note Pres very low btwn 3/4p 29.30”/992.2 MB but began to RR aft C/frnt turned wnds w-nw aft 4P and got strong w/gusts in the 20s then M/U30s, ra ended arnd 6p and slow clrng began, HIGHS 57.0f (aft frnt fell to the L40s by m/ngt) dwpts 30s,40s then 50s w/h of 54.3f, aft fropa dropped rather quickly into the 20s, solar rad 369 W/m2, gust wnw 38...overnight lows 29.6f @ 649a, dwpt 9.0f @ 719a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –10.0f, dwpt –30.0f...2 day totals water = 0.73”, ice pellets = Trace...
4/6/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Some h/clds sct’d abt and svl contrails (last Quarter still visible) COLD yet again but nowhere near as wndy as 8a ydy still chills but not as harsh as 24 hrs ago, 32.9f, dwpt 14.2f, solar 299 W/m2, pres been rs now more stdy 30.16” wnd mostly sw 6-12... (Note: ydy COLD (sta nearly 7 degs below norm, only made it to the L40s for 3 1/2 hrs M/Laftn) WNDY chills a factor all day/evng however did have near 100% of the poss sunshine (some aftn fair wx clds occnl filtered the sun BRIEFLY) BUT it was sorta NEGATED by the cold and absurdly STRONG WNDS, HIGHS 42.3f (304p), dwpt 20.7f but that was @ 2a, 8a onward super dry sing #s abv 0, solar 866 W/m2, gusts constant M30 occnl U30s w/h of 39...overnight lows 29.8f @ 617a, dwpt 7.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +2.9f, dwpt +4.2f...wnd notes WFD/PD radio traffic just a few of rpts of mostly small limbs/branches down arnd town no power outages rptd...
4/7/2018 8:00 AM 0.25 0.6 M 0.0 0.00 Late rpt due to an EARLY rare Sat appt, but traffic both going/coming was so much better vs a workday...
4/8/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Changing sky looks to b for the for the BETTER, looking w-n H/THIN clds some small patches of blue sky come/go to the e sun disc visible more often than not, cold 33.1f (left over shaded puddle has a skim coat of ice) dwpt 16.1f, solar 172 W/m2, pres begining to rs 29.87" wnd n/nne arnd 10 g/teens, chills by svl degs yet again!...(Note: ydy another day of the sta being below the norm by 3+ featured MORE CLDS than sun till M/aftn became opposite of that even some periods of SKC B4 set, COOL and still wndy mostly w 10-15 g/L occnl M20s, so still chills to rpt by svl to near 10 degs at times, HIGHS 46.4f took till 401p to get there, dwpts started in the 30s (H/35.9f 1249a) ended in U/teens, solar rad 897 W/m2, gust wnw 25...overnight lows 31.7f @ 622a, dwpt 15.0f @ 605a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –3.5f, dwpt –13.0f
4/9/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Mostly clr just a few clds moving abt, “COLD” 30.8f, dwpt 11.9f, solar 322 W/m2, pres been rr now more slowly 30.10”, wnds wnw 10+ g/arnd 20, so CHILLS again by svl degs no surprise there.... (Note: ydy cold sta below avg by some 8 degs...early on sky looked promising patches of blue to the w sun disc to the e however CLDS RULED yet again, day avg out MORE CLDS than sun, arnd 830a wnds turned NE 8-16 g/occnl L20s/aftn e-se 6-12...arnd 6p shift to the NW and gusted for a time M20s presrs then more rapidly tmps/dews FS, HIGHS 40.8f, dwpts during on shore flow L20s either side of that teens, solar rad 977 W/m2, gusts ne 21/nw 25...overnight lows 29.1f @ 625a, dwpt 9.0f @ 434a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –2.3f, dwpt –4.2f...
4/10/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Ovc ovhd (looking n a bit thinner/brighter) cold but warmer than 8a ydy also VERY LGT wnd so feels much better altho onshore so kinda damp/ish, 37.8f, dwpt 29.9f, solar 91 W/m2, pres starting to rs 30.20” wnd on shore ese-se 4-8... (Note: ydy another COLD day that was below the sta norm by some 7+ degs... day featured MORE SUN than clds even times when u could call it SKC, but really did not help much as tmps did not get to the 40s till aft 230p BUSY wnds w-nw 10-15 gusting M20s so still rptng chills by svl degs if not more at times, all in all not very spring like however land brz enough to negate a DAY TIME local sea brz which would have felt colder/damper at this sta, however aft 9p wnd did turn lgt on shore both sides of e 6-12 then calm to lgt, HIGHS 45.4f (502p) dwpts sing#s, L/teens then jumped into the 20s (26.0f 1157p) aft wnd shifted on shore, solar rad 891 W/m2, gust wnw 27 that was @ 2a daylgt M20s...overnight lows 35.5f @ 602a, dwpt 26.0f @ 1201a...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +7.0f, dwpt +18.0f...
4/11/2018 8:00 AM T 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Still some fog, however a lot thinner than it was B4 daybrk, rime ice for the most part is already gone (starting arnd 5a freezing fog coated COLD elevated surfaces (sct’d grnd) w/rime ice) COLDER than 8a ydy, 30.8f (been below frzng since 341a) dwpt 29.9f, solar 140 W/m2, pres s 30.20” wnd lgt NW 3-6 ... (Note: ydy Ovc, but just arnd sundown Binovc, another day that had sta tmp well below norm by some 7 degs so that beat goes on...Just a CRUMMY day to go along w/for the most part a CRUMMY Apr, at least so far, lgt(due to the cld cover)on shore wnds e-se 5-10 but just enough to keep sta tmp arnd the sea water tmp (SSTs) @ bouy # 44013 U30s/L40s, few aftn sprinkles not even enough to dampen the grnd so a trace for the day, HIGHS 41.4f, dwpts in the U20s, however aft dark arnd 30 w/h of 30.9f solar rad 474 W/m2, gust ese 11...overnight lows 29.4f @ 630a (grnd sensor 29.0f @ 342a), dwpt 27.0f @ 424a...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –7.0f, dwpt 0.0f...
4/12/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Mostly clr, some –HZ, cool/ish but lot warmer vs 8a ydy, 40.5f, dwpt 31.5f, solar 303 W/m2, presrs 30.12” wnds s-w 5-10... (Note: ydy arnd 830a fog lifted to abv the tree tops stayed for another couple of hrs or so... cold day again below norm by some 8+ degs, that makes 9 of the 11 days below the norm, not chump change here but WELL below at this hr MTD –8.9 for this sta... wnd turned on shore abt 930a lgt at 1st, however it became MORE SUN than clds arnd noon and sea brz got BUSY (MORE SUN (heating) stronger the sea brz at this sta) ese-se 15+ g/ L20s so CHILLS a factor yet again, by M/aftn a changing sky times filtered sun/others just the sun disc but on shore still busy 10-15 g/arnd 20s, arnd 445p looking sw-w virga was obs, aft 5p sta became mostly cldy (some virga ovhd for a time) and wnd calmed considerably to 10+ g/Uteens, arnd 8p shifted to s-sw and also gusted arnd 20, HIGHS 43.8f, dwpts aft 8a L then M30s w/h of 36.0f, solar rad 863 W/m2, gust ese 23...overnight lows 36.8f @ 147a, dwpt 28.0f @ 131a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +9.7f, dwpt +0.1f...
4/13/2018 8:00 AM 0.07 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Changing sky, sun is filtered times more than others, in the warm sec for a NICE change, 56.8f, dwpt 42.5f, solar 352 W/m2, pres was rs now more quickly 29.85” warm wx wnds sw/wsw 10+ g/arnd 20, CHILLS are “NOT” a factor another nice change both of which given the forecast will b short lived... (Note: ydy began Mostly clr but by 1030a lots of clds developed and filtered the sun, wnds lgt enough to allow a LOCAL sea brz to set up just aft 10a, lgt @ 1st ese/se 5-10, however noon and beyond during max heating got BUSY 10-15 g/L20s so that stopped a tmp rise till w/fropa arnd 5p shifted wnds to s/sw and gusted M20s for a time, tmps into the L50s, couple of hrs of m/evng –shra assoc w/fropa = 0.07”, day avg out more clds than sun BUT enough sun for a BUSY sea brz @ this sta. HIGHS 54.4f (531p) dwpts M/U30s to L40s w/h of 43.4f, solar rad 725 W/m2, gusts ese 21/ssw 25...overnight lows 48.9f @ 1201a, dwpt 40.0f @ 1257a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +16.3f, dwpt +11.0f...
4/14/2018 8:00 AM T 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Changing sky, filtered sun comes/goes, 48.0f, dwpt 41.1f, solar 310 W/m2, presRR 30.01”, wnd was mostly n, however arnd 730a turned more ne arnd 10 g/teens given the rapidly rising pres/wnd shift ne looks like Back door frnt passed sta... (Note: ydy warmest day MTD, (sta has not been this warm since Feb 20th, 311p 70.5f) day started w/filtered sun by 9a MORE CLDS than sun shortly thereaft mostly cldy if not ovc at times, warm wx wnd direc but aft 9a on the lgt side, 6-12, so a LOCAL sea brz was a given, but w/the cld cover it took till 130p to turn on shore but it did, and dropped the tmps from the U60s into the 50s in short order, few aftn sprinkles not even enough to dampen the grnd, all in all even w/cld cover/sprinkles the best day of the month so far, guess that shows how CRUMMY the month has been! HIGHS 69.4f, dwpts in the 40s w/h of 44.6f, solar rad 882 W/m2, gusts sw 23 (1a)/ese 16...overnight lows 44.0f @ 140a, dwpt 41.0f @ 207a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes -8.8f. dwpt -1.4f...
4/15/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, winter is BACK!! COLD/WNDY, so CHILLS a factor yet again by near 10 degs, 35.0f and fs, dwpt 25.1f, solar 59 W/m2, pres was rs now more quickly 30.48” wnds ne/ene 15+ g/U20s... (Note: ydy Back door frnt but it was more like a wnd shift line as COLD air was SLOW to arrive. typical CLASSIC New Eng BACK DOOR cold frnts, the minute wnd shifts NE it gets gusty and tmps start dropping immediately/big time and that was not the case this time arnd, in fact tmps went up a tad. That would b the gd news/bad news was tmps did fall in the evng (almost like a secondary frnt btwn 3/4p as wnd backed to GUSTY ne) into the L40s then U30s just aft 10p... day featured MORE CLDS than sun morn/aftn mostly cldy to ovc, wnd turned NE arnd 730a then mostly e by 9a 10+ g/teens, back to mostly ne arnd 4p and gusting 20s, so CHILLS became a factor. HIGHS 50.9f (943a) dwpt L40s w/h of 42.3f, into the 30s arnd 4p, then 20s aft dark, solar rad 820 W/m2, gust ne 27...overnight lows 34.9f @ 756a, dwpt 18.0f @ 456a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –13.0f, dwpt –16.0f..
4/16/2018 8:00 AM 0.34 T T 0.0 0.00 A continuation of ydy NASTY/COLD/WNDY... Ovc/fog/mist –ra occnl ra, ovrngt mostly –ra that was wnd driven, 38.6f, dwpt 37.1f, solar 21 W/m2, presFR 30.20” wnd mostly e 15+ g/L30s... (Note: ydy, was Apr 15th right? just a NASTY, ABSURDLY COLD/WNDY Jan day, prob is it’s M/Apr... few bouts of BRIEF “LGT” frzn p/cip arnd 1030a again couple of times e/aftn, was mostly sn grains and not LONG lasting but frzn none the less so we recd a trace for the day, arnd 6p –ra/dz sta tmp was abv frzg however grnd sensor was briefly @ 32f so there may have been a touch of ice sct’d abt, but again that was short lived as well, off/on –shra/dz continued for the rest of the evng, wnds ne-ene 15+ w/Constant gusts M/U20s occnl L30s, so CHILLS arnd 10 degs (if not more @ times) colder than air tmp... HIGHS 38.3f but that was 1211a falling from there, dwpts L/M then U20s till aft dark into the L30s, W/h of 32.3f, solar rad 197 W/m2, gust ene 33...overnight lows 35.0f, dwpt 32.0f both @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +3.6f, dwpt +12.0f...
4/17/2018 8:00 AM 1.63 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Mostly clr ovhd few clds here/there (looking both sides of nw a pretty solid St/Sc deck), WNDY STILL just a dif direc, 42.9f, dwpt 35.1f, solar 386 W/m2, presrs 20.51” wnd wsw/w 15+ g/20s... (Note: ydy just a MISERABLE day, ra of varying intensity that included svl downpours starting arnd 11a some of which had instant ra rates of 2”+ 1141a 2.72/633p 4.02 (in/hr) as well as a couple of 1”+ bottom line some impressive ra periods, BUSY on shore wnds both sides of e 15-20 g/M30s (till just aft 9p when it shifted to lgt s then sw 6-12) all in all a CRUMMY day for the BOS marathon but KUDOS to those folks that ran it, HIGHS 51.5f (801p) w/a sse wnd, tmps morn U30s/aftn L/M40s when wnd e-ne, M/U40s wnd ese-se, dwpts 30s into the 40s w/h of 50.4f abt same time as days H/tmp, solar rad 190 (449p) gusts 30+ w/h of 35 ese...overnight lows 42.1f @ 712a, dwpt 34.8f @ 732a, pres 29.45”/997.3 MB @ 531a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.3f, dwpt –2.0f... total strm water 1.97”...couple of low lying streets/intersections needed to to b blocked off for an hr or so as catch basins unable to keep up w/the downpours so they flooded this is nothing new for these areas same/old, same/old during +ra.....
4/18/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Late rpt due to early appts.
4/19/2018 8:00 AM 0.04 T T 0.0 0.00 Ovc, –ra began arnd 710a, at the onset had a brief time when sn pellets (graupel) mixed in, 38.7f, dwpt 33.8f, solar 20 W/m2, presrs 29.76” wnds wsw/sw 6-12... (Note: ydy another day that sta was below the norm by near 4 degs... day featured a mix sun/clds most sun morn/aftn most clds, all the while BUSY wnds mostly w 10-15 gusting 20s so the CHILL beat goes on by svl degs, HIGHS 52.4f, dwpts 20s, period L/aftn arnd 30 w/h of 30.4f, solar rad 1034 W/m2 @ 1239p, gust wsw 26...overnight lows 38.7f @ 758a, dwpt 28.0f @ 101a)... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +0.7f, dwpt +5.0f... Apr has been nothing short of COLD only the 1st and the 4th were abv, the rest below if not well below norm, as of this hr sta MTD –6.6f w/less than 2 wks left if no BIG time warm up looks like sta will b BLO norm as was Mar...we’ll see...
4/20/2018 8:00 AM 0.20 T T 0.0 0.00 Been a changing sky past couple of hrs btwn partly/mostly cldy now partly, the COLD and WND goes on and of course CHILLS by svl degs, 38.5f, dwpt 27.0f, solar 421 W/m2, pres was rr now more slowly 29.95” wnd w-nw 10-15 g/L20s... (Note: ydy Dreary cold day that was BELOW sta avg by 8+ degs yet again. (getting ridiculous now, Maine camp site nxt Fri) Day featured ovc conditions (till 5p when sun disc visible and some filtered sun at times as well) –ra that mixed w BIG WET sn flakes, some ice pellets for abt 5 mins beginning arnd 815a and = a trace, stdy –ra continued till abt 10a and = 0.18”, –shra/sprinkles again arnd 230p was off/on and ended by 430p and = 0.02”, if any gd news daylgt wnds lgt/var if not calm @ times so chills not a factor, that’s a novelty not only this this Apr but this yr! however aft dark wnd decided on wnw/nw 10+ g/at times arnd 20s...HIGHS 44.2f (632p) dwpts U20s into the 30s w/h of 37.5f, gust nw 21...overnight lows 35.3f @ 555a, dwpt 26.7f @ 739a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –0.2f, dwpt – water for the episode 0.24”/trace of sn/ice...
4/21/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 SKC, cool/ish and wndy just not as, chills by a few to svl degs, 42.5f, dwpt 27.5f, solar 401 W/m2, presrs 30.31” wnd mostly nw 10+ g/teens... (Note: ydy Another day that sta tmp below avg by 4+ degs but going in the right direc as the day B4 was 8+ Improvement I guess...Day avg out MORE CLDS than sun and very wndy w-n favoring nw 15+ g/arnd 30, so CHILLS still a factor by svl degs, HIGHS (tmps did get into the L50s for a few hrs M/L aftn) 52.2f, dwpts 20s w/h of 28.2f, solar rad 1123 W/m2 btwn 12/1p, gust wnw 30...overnight lows 37.6f @ 548a, dwpt 25.0f @ 516a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.0f, dwpt +0.5f...This sta this hr MTD is well below avg tmp by 6.7 degs safe to say Apr will end up below the norm here...
4/22/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Grt start to the day SKC bit chilly but lgt/ish wnds, 47.1f, dwpt 19.2f, solar 404 W/m2, presrs 30.35” wnd wnw/nw arnd 10 g/teens... (Note: ydy from this sta perspective best day of Apr to date (even tho days avg tmp was a tad below the norm by less than a deg here but blo none the less) 2nd warmest only to the 13th 69.4f but that day was mostly cldy and an aftn sea brz kicked in and dropped tmps back into the 50s...ydy however had near 100% of the poss sunshine just some sct’d fair wx Q that did not bother the sun much at all, land brz wnds 10-15 g/L20s plenty strong enough to negate a local sea brz, ALL WAS GOOD! HIGHS 58.9f (417p) dwpts mostly 20s however for a few hrs in the evng very dry teens only to get back in the 20s but a brief LGT on shore wnd B4 m/ngt so h/of 32.5f during that time, solar rad btwn 1130a/330p 900+ w/max of 928 W/m2, gust nw 24...overnight lows 40.0f @ 506a, dwpt 18.0f @ 1241a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +4.6f, dwpt –8.3f...
4/23/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Late rpt due to another EARLY appt...
4/24/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Another grt start to the day, sct’d mostly high clds moving abt, a couple of contrails as well, 47.8f, dwpt 34.9f, solar 414 W/m2, pres was rs now more stdy 30.41”, wnd s-sw arnd 10 g/teens... (Note: ydy just a fine day w/100% of the poss sunshine but lgt wnds allowed a local sea brz to set up early arnd 930a, lgt at 1st however noon time on 10-15 g/arnd 20, just aft 7p a shift to s-sw abt the same spds, HIGHS 55.4f (1147a), dwpts during sea brz hrs U20s/L30s w/h of 32.7f , B4/aft SB L/M20s, solar rad 916 W/m2, pres 30.51” (1033.1MB), gusts ese 21/ssw 21...overnight lows 43.0f @ 623a, dwpt 22.0f @ 1201a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +0.2f, dwpt +15.0f...
4/25/2018 8:00 AM 0.04 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Thin spots in the ovc, sprinkles began arnd 6a now –ra, grnd is wet and beginning to see puddles develop, 46.8f, dwpt 44.6f, solar was 105 @ 746 now 65 W/m2, presfs 30.13” wnd on shore ene/ne 4-8... (Note: ydy not a 1/2 bad day warm wx wnd direc plenty strong enough to negate a local sea brz that allowed tmps to get into the U60s and makes it the 2nd warmest day of the month to date (1 deg short of the 69.4 on the 13th) in what has been a VERY cold Apr, day featured MORE SUN than clds morn/aftn opposite that for sta rcd goes as partly cldy, BUSY wnds s-sw gusting near 30, HIGHS 68.4f, dwpt 20s/30s then arnd 40 w/h of 40.1f, solar rad 932 W/m2, gust ssw 29...overnight lows 46.0f @ 533a, dwpt 35.0f @ 1201a)....24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes –1.0f, dwpt +10.0f...even tho we have warmed some over the last couple of days sta WILL end up below the Apr avg by just how much??, as of this hr MTD –4.8f only 3 days sta been 60f or better /2 65f or better, 60.1/68.4/69.4... and those were spread out over the course of month not like 3 together or anything like that...
4/26/2018 8:00 AM 1.06 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Overnight fog of varying density, aft 4a mostly -ra, however a brief period of ra, and is still on going as very –ra/sprinkles, 52.5f, dwpt 52.0f, solar 18 W/m2, pres low but starting to r VERY SLOWLY 29.58”, wnd near calm... (Note: ydy just a CRUMMY day overall that had periods of ra fog/mist and –dz, tho there was a stretch btwn 10a 1p when ra stopped only to begin again mostly on the lgt side and off/on (even just DZ at times) but given the wnds looked a lot worse than it was when it was precipitating, however arnd 4p onward stdy ra of varying intensity that had some periods btwn 4/6p of +ra (downpours), arnd 450p instant ra rate 1.66 (in/hr) thereaft more of a –shra till m/ngt... wnds on shore all day/evng, lgt in the morn but got busy m/day e – se 10-15 g/L20s, but calmed considerably aft 5p, HIGHS 54.8f (919p) dwpts M/U 40s w/a few m/evng hrs L50s w/h of 52.9f, solar rad 308 W/m2 arnd 1p, gust svl ese 22...overnight lows 47.2f, dwpt 47.0f both @ 1201a, pres 29.56”/1001.2 MB @ 543a)...24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +5.7f, dwpt +7.4f...w/ydys 8a 0.04" puts strm total water @ 1.10" as of this hr...
4/27/2018 8:00 AM 0.02 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Changing sky, 53.0f, dwpt 42.1f, solar 401 W/m2, presrs 29.92”, near calm...NOTE: Shortly we will b heading to sea brz city which is our campsite in the grt state of Maine will b there till late June so rpts from this sta will b mostly Multi day w/an occnl daily when home for a couple of days for appt... We were more than happy to share our sta data and info, notes w/anybody that cared to read them esp our camping friends from away(warm climes) see u guys this wknd... anyway wishing all a SAFE/HAPPY end to spring and beginning of Summer... My Best Tommy MA-SF-2...
4/28/2018 8:00 AM 0.84 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Rode home to pick up an unexpected pkg that was not supposed to arrive till nxt wk, heading back within the hr... side note: for Apr sta ended up below avg by 3.2 degs that makes 3 of the 4 completed months below at this sta however Feb was a whopping +7.0f. As is the case nature will balance out over the course of time...
7/3/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Sun is on the filtered side due to HZ however waning gibbous is visible, feeling humid/steamy vs 8a ydy, 78.5f, dwpt 70.4f, solar 419 W/m2, pres been rs now more stdy 30.14” warm wx wnd directions 8-16... (Note: ydy not bad during daylgt hrs (vs inland a ways) on shore flow ALL DAY, Sta had 1 of the 3 Hs, HZ, dwpts not all that bad mostly M60s and given the sea brz ene-se arnd 10 g/ M occnl Uteens tmps in the L/M 70s ... HIGHS aft wnd turned (arnd 8p) to warm wx direc s-sw, 80.8f (916p) dwpt 69.6f abt same time as h/tmp, solar rad 844 W/m2, gust ese 17...overnight lows 71.6f @ 514a, dwpt 67.4f @ 1201a... 24 hr (8/8a) tmp changes +7.0f, dwpt +5.0f...
7/5/2018 8:00 AM 0.00 0.0 0.00 0.0 0.00 Hello all, this will b the LAST rpt from this sta as my wife of nearly 50 yrs passed away, have an HQ son and it will b very hard alone the both of us made it work but now just there will b a new BOS sn obs this winter...Good By and God bless...

Start Date End Date & Time Duration in Days Precipitation Snow Depth Snow Depth SWE Notes
9/22/2017 10/03/2017 11:45 AM 12 3.91 M M Home for a few hrs for an appt heading back shortly season is winding down couple wks left...a side note cmpsite wx sta had a L/tmp of 39f just aft sun up on the 1st...
10/4/2017 10/17/2017 11:00 AM 14 0.41 0.0 M We made up our campsite for the yr and a gd, if not grt, fall camping season it was, albeit a bit on the warm/ish side however for the most part it did cool down aft sunset so gd sleeping wx no need for A/C, but did turn on heat (see note) a few times this month (Note: this morn before we left and Fri morn the 13th site wx sta hit 33f right arnd sunrise, bit of rad cooling, this is 3 times (39 on 1st) got into the 30s @ camp this Oct). So we are here till L/Apr of 2018 when we start it all over again. that said, will begin our daily rpts, 8a Wed 10/18 (hopefully everyday) however a few will b late due to early appts... When we got home checked ovrngt sta L/tmp 39.0f @ 639a coldest since 5/9 when it got to 40.0f @ 632a, last time sta was in the 30s and colder than this morn 4/8 @ 619a 38.2f...the L/tmp for that month (Apr) 33.1f on the 2nd @ 549a... What’s winter have in store for us this yr...w/a little luck a continuation of the Nor’easters that we have had over the last svl months BUT in WINTER... What FOOL would want that... Ah guess that would b ME...
4/29/2018 5/23/2018 10:00 AM 25 1.92 M M Left our campsite this morn arnd 4a for an EARLY appt in Burl Ma, then home to pay some bills heading back shortly...Been a cold camping season TD, LOCAL sea brz almost everyday and chilly aft dark in fact site wx sta has had svl ovrngt tmps in the 30s w/a L of 35f have yet to turn on A/C however furnace MANY times, WISHING ALL a SAFE/HAPPY Memorial Day wknd...
5/24/2018 6/05/2018 12:45 PM 13 0.85 M M Came home this morn for a few hrs heading right back shortly, hard to believe it is already into the 1st wk of June, camping thing is winding down...
6/6/2018 6/19/2018 10:20 AM 14 0.58 M M Just home for some early appts, heading back soon however this spring camping thing is winding down b home in a wk or so maybe LESS depending on the crowds as schools are getting out for the summer up there as well as everywhere else, will enjoy what ever time is left wx looks to b gd...side note: ydy aftn/evng at our Maine campsite tstms in the area and ra periods of varying wx sta rcd 1.02” and a h/tmp of 92f...
6/20/2018 6/29/2018 2:00 PM 10 2.08 0.0 0.00 We are home now till L/Aug, left Maine this morn as the crowds started pouring in for 4th of July wk... we had typical spring wx at our campsite, almost every day a LOCAL sea brz, the lay of the land dictates only wnds n-w are a true land brz all others are either a sea brz or indirect SB it was also VERY dry w/little or no ra in May way blo avg (so the Maine Mall did not get a lot of $ from us in May) however June is close to avg most of which fell in two 1”+ ra strms, ydy it poured wx sta rcd 1.33”... anyway will begin our daily rpts ASAP (sooner rather than later) have a lot of work to do cleaning out the camper/fridge, service the hot water heater, furnace and A/C... back just in time for a HEAT wave BUT the wnd field might b just lgt enough that this sta may have daily local sea brzs HOPING!!!
6/30/2018 7/02/2018 11:30 AM 3 0.00 0.0 0.00 Camper all set, that said will start our daily rpts tomorrow. Just an FYI for folks that have MAPLE trees, mostly Norway/Silver... needed to prune/raise the Norway maple that is over the camper, saw a LOT of yellow spots on the leaves. Thinking back to the days in the tree business, it looks like the beginning of BLACK SPOT/TAR fungus, if right the yellow spots will get bigger and by L/Aug, E/Sept will turn pitch black, leaves will dry out and start dropping B4 they have a chance to turn. It’s just a leaf thing, trees will b fine, however the ONLY way to eradicate it (as it air born spreads in the wnd) once the leaves fall to grnd ALL need to b burnt or buried, neither of which can do, there are svl more maple trees in the area that I have not ckd yet but if the same? BIG PROB!! Bottom line this might b a long lasting issue here, hope I’m wrong, time will tell...

Observation Date Observation Time Notes Largest Stone Size Average Stone Size Smallest Stone Size Stone Consistency Duration Minutes Durration Accuracy Damage Timing More Rain than Hail Hail Started Largest Hail Started Angle of Impact Number of Stones on Pad Distance Between Stones on Pad Depth of Stones on Ground